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Hello! You've found the wiki page of Pine. I've updated it for the first time in like six years.

Thoughts on my meta

-First, I don't lie about my meta. Ever. Why would I? It's too easily disproven, which would be grossly counter-productive. -I don't believe in bussing. It's hardly ever helpful. Yeah, sure, it can get you beaucoup Towncred, but it can also backfire. Besides, every scum death increases the number of mislynches you have to achieve, and that just makes your job harder in the long run. I'm not averse to a little distancing, and I won't hesitate to dump dead weight if one of my buddies becomes a sinking ship, but it's usually not a good idea. -I like to think I don't have a "scum game" or a "town game". The best meta is one which isn't distinguishable. To wit, as scum, my philosophy is to go out of my way to do everything I'd do as Town. If Town does something Towny, I'll call them on it. If a buddy does something scummy, I'll call that out too. -I buddy and pocket as both alignments. If I get a solid TR on you, or get you to TR me, I'll exploit it. Town can do these things too.