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This has no formatting or anything yet. I'm just listing stuff.

Games I've played in:

Christmas Time Mafia (Vanilla Townie, sliced Night 5: Win)

Last Will Mafia (Town Neighbor, died Night Three: Win)

Pick Your Power III: A Brave New World (Mafia Even Night Vig, lynched Day 1: Loss)

Rapture Mafia (Big Daddy [Doctor], lynched Day 6: Loss)

Riddle Me This! Mafia (Vanilla Townie, shot Night 1: Win)

Mafia 964- Another Story (Vanilla Townie, replaced out Day 1: Loss)

Guitar Hero Mafia (Vanilla Townie, died Night 5: Loss)

Guitar Hero Mafia II (Mafia Role Cop, alive when game was frozen)

Scorehero Mafia: World Tour (Mafia Roleblocker, replaced out: Loss)


Games I've Modded:

Scorehero Mafia: On Tour (Town Wins)

Mini 1012: Mafia In Soraville (Mafia Wins)

Newbie 1049 (Town Wins)