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Prefer to be a 3rd Party Player. J 3rdParty SerialKiller opt16.gif

Joined on 09/02/2010. Tends to fail horribly as Scum. And as Town. Did well as a third party role though. Epically Fails as a Mason.

Chrono - Derived from Ancient greek χρόνος (khronos), which translates as 'Time'

Pie - A delicious food item, available in both sweet and savoury forms.

Literal Intention of User: Time (for) Pie

Appears scummy in every game, both as town and scum.

Abhors Vanilla Townie Roles. Particularly in Heavy Mechanics Games.

Loves Information. With a Scumflip can (and has in the past) identify the entire remaining scumteam in games.

Tends to use Purple when commenting on pages.

Note: Contrary to the original intentions of this user, the term Chronopie does not evoke thoughts of a housewife leaning out over the railing of the front porch of a colonial townhouse, ringing a bell and shouting "Time for pie!" to all the hard workers in the fields; as a matter of fact, something quite different. Coupled with the hieroglyph-esque theme of the user's avatar, the more prevalent supposition of the meaning of this user's name is that of a slice of (delicious) pie with chronological manipulation powers (time-travel, for those of you whose dictionaries are out of reach); yea, even hearkening back to the time of the carvers of said hieroglyphics. The aforementioned piece of 'Chronopie' hops back and forth in time at will; causing havoc in some continuums, and evoking squeals of delight from sweet-toothed children in others. Content with the subsequent chaos and uproar, it then chrono-travels at the last second, causing wonder and bewilderment in all parties it has 'encountered.'

Thus explained, suffice it to say that the actual image called to mind by this user's name is not even close to what was intended.

-This is Awesome. I should dig out the old avis again. Chrono

Steam: Chronopie

League of Legends: Chronopie (30) / Greyscale Aeon (10)

Skype: Chronopie

Battleforge: Chronopie

If you see a Chronopie, it's probably me.

Kiwi from Auckland, NZ

Moderated Games

Open 269: Multirole Mafia. Town win.

Open 301: Friends and Enemies and Enemies. Town Win.

Comments from other users

My God, you play a lot of Mafia. Where do you find the time? -- NS This comment is a leftover from when I used to play in upwards of 8 games at a time. I've since scaled back.