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Survivor: Animal Crossing

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Survivor: Animal Crossing [1]
Year: 2024
ORG/LSG Format: Off-Site Forum
Type: Anonymous
Players: 21
Moderator(s): Haschel Cedricson, Save The Dragons, PhantomMuzzles
LSG List Mod: xofelf
Winner(s): em
Runner-Up(s): VashtaNeurotic, stoive
This game was classified as an Advanced game.


Survivor: Animal Crossing was an Anonymous Survivor game that ran between January and March 2024. The cast included former winners of MafiaScum LSGs, brand new players, and some players from other ORG communities such as ORGYuniverse and Clubs that Suck. The game featured two premerge swaps before the merge. In the end, the Final 3 all came from different starting tribes. New player em (as Bluebear) defeated fellow finalists VashtaNeurotic (as Velma) and stoive (as Rooney) in a 4-3-1 vote.

For a more in-depth and episodic recap, refer to Roald's "Previously on Survivor" segments:


Someone has promised us an article on this soon!


Someone has promised us an article on this soon!

Main Twists

Money Rock Island Idol Hunt

I'm sure that by now you've seen the locked subforum at the bottom of the index that takes you to Money Rock Island. Rumor has it that it could contain not one, but THREE hidden immunity idols! That's one for each tribe!

To get to Money Rock Island you will need a password. We can tell you that the password is a six-digit number. Good luck guessing!

What, that wasn't enough of a hint? 999,999 possibilities is too many? Ugh, okay, fine. I'll give you some more hints.

Hidden in this forum are SIX words. If you go to you will find a puzzle, and that puzzle will give you one of the six digits. You'll still have to brute-force the order, but it will be much, much easier. Feel free to hunt for hidden words as a group or collaborate on puzzles. Or don't! It's all up to you.

Again, there are six of these. Replace "HIDDENWORD" in the above link with the actual hidden word that you find.

At Final Tribal Council, Velma (VashtaNeurotic) provided the full explanation for how to solve the idol hunt:

Golden Tools

Periodically throughout the game, Golden Tools were introduced & announced publicly by Tom Nook with an explanation of the cost to obtain it and its power.

  • The FIRST person to successfully pay the Golden Tool cost would get it.
  • Tools could not be transferred to another player.
  • Golden Tools would be publicly destroyed when their holder was eliminated.
  • There was a limit of one player per tool.
    • If a player has a tool and wins another, they could swap, allowing another player the opportunity to win the discarded tool.
  • Claims/swaps of tools would be publicly announced, but the identity of the holder would remain secret.

Golden Watering Can

  • Cost: At the start of the first immunity challenge, a link to a jigsaw puzzle will be posted. The quickest person to solve the puzzle and post a finished screenshot in their confessional will receive this tool. This puzzle MUST be completed before your tribe completes the immunity challenge to be valid.
  • Power: As a passive effect the holder of the Golden Watering Can cannot be eliminated from the game unless they have a plurality of organic votes cast against them. Secondly, the Golden Watering Can may be used as a Duel Idol. Upon being used this way it instantly loses its passive effect. If, after playing this idol, the person who has the idol played on them has the most votes cast against them, then instead of being eliminated outright they will go into a fire-making challenge against the player with the next most votes.

Golden Net

  • Cost: At TWO Tribal Councils you must choose to give up your vote. Nobody will be told who didn't vote, but when votes are being read players will be told that there is a different vote count than normal.
  • Power: This net helps you catch Shard Fireflies. Each Shard Firefly cancels 1 vote against the person it's played on. The player with the Golden Net will gain one Shard Firefly upon winning the tool, and one additional Shard Firefly at each Tribal Council they attend. While the Golden Net may not be transferred, the Shard Fireflies MAY be transferred.

Golden Fishing Rod

  • Cost: Randomize your vote at TWO tribal councils. A wheel will be spun that contains every player at the TC except for you, and you will vote for that person. You will be told who the wheel lands on for you. It will not be revealed your vote was randomized, or indeed that any votes were randomized.
  • Power: The Golden Fishing Rod can be used to send players on a fishing trip. While on that trip, they will not be allowed to vote, be voted for, or talk to players for the last 12 hours of Tribal Council.

Golden Shovel

  • Cost: The Golden Shovel will let you hand out a lot of disadvantages, so it's only fair that to get it you will have to take some yourself. Below are three disadvantages you may take for yourself up to four times. You get one point per disadvantage you take, up to a maximum of 12. Whoever has the most points will claim the Golden Shovel. If you do not win you will still be required to take any disadvantages you agree to. Nobody will know who took what disadvantage. (1) Give up the ability to have an idol played on you for the next rounds of the game (maximum 4 rounds) (2) Starting at the merge round, you must cast your vote prior to the conclusion of the immunity challenge, or else will sacrifice your ability to vote. (maximum 4 rounds). (3) Starting at the merge, you must give up your chance to win individual immunity (maximum 4 rounds).
  • Power: The Golden Shovel gives its owner the power to play disadvantages on other players. At the start of each round the owner may spin a Disadvantage Wheel. Once spun, the owner will be told what disadvantage has been selected and they will then choose a player to play that disadvantage on. If a player fails to complete a disadvantage there will be a punishment (usually a self-vote).

Golden Slingshot

  • Cost: To claim the Golden Slingshot you must add penalty votes against yourself into the urn. When you go up to vote you will still get your original vote but you may also add extra votes against yourself. The first person to successfully cast 3 votes against themselves, and survive, will receive the Golden Slingshot after the conclusion of Tribal Council.
  • Power: The Golden Slingshot gives its owner the power to cast an additional vote for each Tribal Council they attend. The vote, however, must be cast before the conclusion of the immunity challenge.

Golden Wand

  • Cost: A challenge will be posted. Participation is optional, and secret. The challenge will be one of the "More Logic Puzzle" types linked on THIS PAGE. Whoever wins the challenge will receive the Golden Wand at the conclusion of the first Merge Tribal Council. However, this is not without risk. If you attempt the challenge and do not win the Golden Wand, then you will become ineligible to have the Golden Immunity Necklace handed to you after the votes are cast. You may still win immunity the regular way, and you may be handed the necklace during the first 12 hours of TC like normal. This will last for the rest of the game.
  • Power: The Golden Wand has the ability to mimic each of the previous tools once. The player that claims the Golden Wand may choose one other treasure's ability at the start of each round (so, immediately after Tribal Council). Each ability may only be used one time.

Golden Immunity Necklace

This game isn't going to feature the standard immunity necklace that you are all used to. Instead, this game will have the Golden Immunity Necklace!

What's golden about it? Well, a normal immunity necklace you can give away to other people, and then people have to react to that. With a Golden Immunity Necklace, you can give it away at the same time you cast your vote!

If you think people are unanimously voting out your best buddy? Just give them the necklace and it will be like a surprise immunity idol for them! Think the vote is on you instead? Just don't do anything; you're immune! Winning merge challenges will definitely give you more power than a merge win has ever granted before.

Obviously there is a risk to this; if you give the necklace away then you might get voted out instead. Players are allowed to vote for the player who won immunity in hopes that they give the necklace away.

If this is confusing, honestly the best way to think about it is to pretend that there is NO individual immunity at all, but there will be a person that you 100% know is playing an idol that round. If they don't specify anything to the mods then it will be autoplayed on themselves, but they can play it on other people if they want.

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