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Survivor: Lake Gaston

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Survivor: Lake Gaston
Year: 2018
ORG/LSG Format: Meet-up
Type: Non-Anonymous
Players: 16
Moderator(s): xRECKONERx, Grimmjow, Flameaxe, DeathNote, BipolarChemist
LSG List Mod: N/A
Winner(s): pickemgenius
Runner-Up(s): hiplop, Cephrir


Survivor: Lake Gaston was a 16 player **real life** Survivor game run by xRECKONERx, Grimmjow, Flameaxe, Deathnote, and BipolarChemist. It ran from January 12 through January 17, 2018.

This game was the second ever "SurvivorMeet", an IRL meetup of players from the site. Upon arriving at a cabin in Lake Gaston (located on the VA/NC border), players were sorted into pre-assigned tribes based on their historical performance in Large Social Games. In order to ensure players had a great experience, the Redemption Island twist was used, wherein the first few players voted out would go into a limbo phase and have a chance to rejoin the game. At merge, there was a challenge to return to the game, where one person voted out got to come back.

The only rewards/items in the game were three idols. One of them was found by hiplop in a drawer, buried underneath bean bags. Another was discovered by BROseidon in an outdoor storage bin. The third was also found by hiplop, hidden in one of the AC vents in the house.

At the conclusion of FTC, pickemgenius managed to defeat hiplop and Cephrir in a 4-3-1 vote. The jury attempted to get Cephrir to take ownership of ending up in the finals, but Cephrir deferred to hiplop in his speech. Meanwhile, most of the jury felt like hiplop played too chaotic while pickemgenius was more laid back. In the end, people respected pickemgenius's calm and collected game, as well as his loyalty to his friends.


Player First Tribe Second Tribe Merge Finish
InflatablePie Brunswick 16th place
Xalxe Halifax 15th place
PrivateI Halifax Brunswick 14th place
xofelf Brunswick Halifax 13th place
Haschel Cedricson Halifax Brunswick 12th place
Elias the thief Brunswick Brunswick Merge 11th place
Gammagooey Brunswick Halifax Merge 10th place
Untrod Tripod Brunswick Halifax Merge 9th place
CuddlyCaucasian Halifax Halifax Merge 8th place
Thestatusquo Brunswick Halifax Merge 7th place
Mina Brunswick Halifax Merge 6th place
Radja Halifax Brunswick Merge 5th place
BROseidon Halifax Halifax Merge 4th place
Cephrir Halifax Brunswick Merge 3rd place
hiplop Halifax Brunswick Merge 2nd place
pickemgenius Brunswick Halifax Merge 1st place

Voting History

Survivor: Lake Gaston Voting History
First Tribes Second Tribes
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5
Eliminated: InflatablePie Xalxe PrivateI xofelf Shea Haschel
Vote: 5-2-1 7-1 6-1 4-2 3-3 3-1
pickemgenius Pie xof Donnie
hiplop Xalxe Monty Arlen Haschel
Cephrir Xalxe Monty Haschel Haschel
BROseidon Xalxe xof Shea
Radja Xalxe Monty Arlen Arlen
Mina Pie Monty Haschel Haschel
Thestatusquo Pie xof UT
CuddlyCaucasian Xalxe xof Shea
Untrod Tripod Shea xof Shea
Gammagooey PEG xof Shea
Elias the thief Pie Monty Haschel N/A
Haschel Cedricson Xalxe Monty Arlen N/A
xofelf Pie CuddlyCaucasian
PrivateI Xalxe Arlen
Xalxe Monty
InflatablePie Shea

Survivor: Lake Gaston Voting History
Merge Tribe
Episode #: 6 7 8 9 10 Finale
Eliminated: Arlen Gammagooey Untrod Tripod CuddlyCaucasian Thestatusquo Mina Radja BROseidon Cephrir hiplop pickemgenius
Votes: 8-2-1 9*-1 6-3 3*-2-2-1 4-2 5-2 3-2-1* 3-2 3-1 1 to win 3 to win 4 to win
pickemgenius Arlen Cephrir Mina CuddlyCaucasian CuddlyCaucasian Mina Mina Radja BRO SOLE SURVIVOR
hiplop Arlen Cephrir Untrod Tripod BRO Thestatusquo Thestatusquo Mina Radja BRO 2ND PLACE
Cephrir Arlen Gammagooey Untrod Tripod BRO CuddlyCaucasian Thestatusquo BRO BRO BRO 3RD PLACE
BROseidon Arlen Cephrir Untrod Tripod Radja CuddlyCaucasian Thestatusquo Mina Radja hiplop BROseidon
Radja Arlen Cephrir Untrod Tripod Thestatusquo Thestatusquo Thestatusquo hiplop BRO Radja
Mina Thestatusquo Cephrir Untrod Tripod BRO CuddlyCaucasian Thestatusquo BRO Mina
Thestatusquo Cephrir Cephrir Mina CuddlyCaucasian N/A Mina Thestatusquo
CuddlyCaucasian Arlen Cephrir Untrod Tripod Thestatusquo N/A CuddlyCaucasian
Untrod Tripod Arlen Cephrir Mina Untrod Tripod
Gammagooey Arlen Cephrir Gammagooey
Arlen Thestatusquo Arlen


Episode 1: There Were, Like, Strategic Things Discussed

Episode 2: I Don't Want to Vote and Be Wrong

Episode 3: Sheer, Utter Dread in My Eyes