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Large Social Games (also known as Original Reality Games/ORGs, or LSGs) are games with 12 or more players, with social and challenge components. Primarily, these games are forum versions of reality game shows like Survivor, Big Brother, The Mole, The Genius, etc. But, games don't have to be based on reality competition shows. They do have to have either challenges or player interactions impacting how a player is eliminated from the game, or how one wins in the end. MafiaScum most often uses "LSG" terminology because it feels like it encompasses ideas that aren't based on reality shows too. ORG is a more commonly used acronym for similar games elsewhere on the internet.

LSGs are run through the Large Social Game Queue in Mish Mash. Most commonly, these are Survivor games, but they can take other forms.

The List Moderators for Large Social Games are xofelf, PrivateI, Cephrir, Haschel Cedricson, and VashtaNeurotic.