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Large Social Game Glossary

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Designer: Silverclaw (formerly animorpherv1)

Assisted by: Ariel xofelf Pine het VashtaNeurotic skelda

Original: Shadoweh


Before we get into the Glossary itself, let's do a quick overview of how we're going to define the terms in the glossary. The terms will be listed alphabetically, for ease of searching, and will look something like this:

  • Term (Official/Lingo) - Definition
    • A sentence including the term
      • Any common abbreviations

This page will cover common Survivor and Big Brother terms (as well as twist names unfamiliar to who don't know MS nomenclature), as that's most of what the site plays.



  • Advantage (Official) - A benefit to at least one player, typically in the form of a single-use item. Generally does not work if the player is eliminated.
    • I got an advantage from the challenge.
  • Advantagegeddon (Lingo) - A large number of advantages being played at the same time that typically only results in one or two potential targets/
    • I don't want to cause advantagegeddon accidentally.
  • Alliance (Official) - A group of players who have chosen to work together.
    • I want to form an alliance with you.
  • Ally (Lingo) - A player who is part of an alliance. If you wish to denote multiple players, use allies.
    • I'm really happy that we're allies.
  • Anonymous (Lingo) - A form of Large Social Game on Mafiscum where people play under aliases, often on other forums.
    • The next anonymous game is going to be Survivor: Minecraft.
      • Anon(s), Alias


  • Backdoor (Lingo) - When a player is nominated after Power of Veto is used with the express interest of eliminating them. Some players don't consider a Backdoor "proper" unless they also didn't play in the Power of Veto Competition.
    • I didn't get nominated, but I'm worried about a potential backdoor. I hope I get picked for veto.
  • Backstab (Lingo) - When a player wishes to vote out an ally of theirs.
    • I don't want to work with them anymore. Should I backstab them or just play nice?
      • Stab
  • Bandwagon (Lingo) - A group of votes on a player. For example, if A, B, and C are all voting for D, then D's wagon is comprised of A, B, and C
    • I don't see any bandwagons happening this tribal council
      • Wagon
  • Blindside (Lingo) - To keep a player entirely in the dark when removing a player from the game.
    • They only way I vote him out is to blindside him
  • Boot (Lingo) - Occasionally used to denote the player who is being voted out.
    • They'd make for a great merge boot.
  • Buyback (Official) - A competition for eliminated players to get back into the game, sometimes done iteratively as each player is eliminated, and sometimes as a larger competition with all eligible voted-out contestants. Generally used in Big Brother.
    • I don't want her to win the buyback.


  • Challenge (Official) - A task that is done by the players for Reward and/or Immunity.
    • I'm worried about what'll happen if we lose the next challenge.
  • Challenge Beast (Lingo) - A player who is good at challenges. Known as "Comp Beast" in Big Brother.
    • They just won three challenges in a row! They're such a challenge beast.
  • Confessional (Lingo) - A place for players to place their thoughts, vote, and submit challenges.
    • My confessional is a jumbled mess of thoughts.
  • Complex Personality (Lingo) - A piece of Edgic used when a player has substantial impact and shows both strength and weakness.
    • Achieveing a Complex Personality rating is no easy feat.
      • CP, CPP (Complex Personality Positive), CPN (Complex Personality Negative)
  • Competition (Official) - Used in Big Brother in place of Challenge.
    • The Head of Household Competition is soon, and I need to win it.'
      • Comp


  • Double Elimination (Official) - When two or more players will be eliminated from the game in quick succession.
    • This is a double elimination round.
  • Double Vote (Lingo) - An advantage earned by a player that allows them to cast two votes.
    • I think I'll use my double vote this tribal council to secure the vote.


  • Edge of Extinction (Official) - A controversial twist in the TV Show Survivor where eliminated players go to complete in (at least) one big re-entry challenge. This is not intended to be mixed up with Redemption Island.
    • If I want to get back in the game, I have to win the Edge of Extinction challenge.
      • EoE
  • Edgic (Lingo) - A portmanteau of the words Editing and Logic, typically referring to a player's narrative impact and visibility in any given round. It's also used to determine what will happen on a season of Survivor.
    • The Edgic of this game was very interesting!
  • Eviction (Official) - The moment in Big Brother when a player will be removed from the game.
    • This eviction is going to be really close.
  • Exile (Official) - When a still remaining player has no tribe. They generally get an advantage to make up for this.
    • I'd rather not be in Exile. I miss talking to my old tribe.


  • Final (X) (Lingo) - Used to denote the last of something. When a number is placed behind it, this term denotes when that many people are left in the game. The last Tribal Council is called the Final Tribal Council, and the last Immunity challenge is called the Final Immunity Challenge
    • I'd like to go to the Final 2 with you.
      • F2, F3, FTC, FIC
  • Firemaking (Official) - A challenge used to help decide the Final 3 in the case of a tie at the Tribal Council of Final 4.
    • If we vote together, we can skip firemaking.
  • Flip (Lingo) - To vote out players who you were recently working with, or to go from voting with one group to another.
    • By staying with this alliance, I think I lose. I should flip.


  • Gamebot (Lingo) - A player who plays the game purely strategically. Often used with negative connotations.
    • I don't feel any emotion from them at all. What a gamebot.
  • Gimmick (Lingo) - A player who is messaging in an atypical form.
    • Posting in images is a gimmick I get very frustrated by.
  • Goat (Lingo) - A player who is generally seen as having no chance to win.
    • If I go to end with this goat, I'm almost guaranteed to win.
  • Goat Syndrome (Lingo) - When a game with 8 or more players remaining has at least half the game being goats or thinking they are goats.
    • This game has a bad case of Goat Syndrome
      • GS


  • Head of Household (Official) - A player in Big Brother who decides which 2 players may be evicted.
    • I can't believe I'm head of household!
      • HoH
  • Hidden Immunity Idol (Official) - An advantage a player has that will make give him immunity at a Tribal Council.
    • Do you know who has the Hidden Immunity Idol?
      • HII, Idol


  • Immunity (Official) - Any number of players or tribes that may not be voted off for a limited period of time.
    • The only way to be safe is to have immunity.
  • Immunity Run (Lingo) - A player or tribe who wins many Immunity Challenges back to back.
    • Being on an Immunity Run can be a nice change of pace.


  • Jury (Official) - A group of recently eliminated players that decides who wins the game.
    • The Jury will decide your fate.


  • Kingmaker (Lingo) - A term used when a player wins the Final Immunity Challenge and gets to decide who wins the game.
    • Am I just playing kingmaker here?


  • Large Social Game (Lingo) - A term used on Mafiascum to denote games with at least 13 players that rely heavily on interacting with other players.
    • Many people on Mafiascum play Large Social Games.
      • LSG
  • Legacy Advantage (Official) - An advantage that, if its possessor is eliminated, must be passed on to another player who is still part of the game. This type of advantage generally grants immunity and activates at a specific time in-game.
    • Who should my Legacy Advantage go to?
  • Legendary Box (Lingo) - An item from Survivor: Seafoam Islands that gave an immunity idol every round, but had the item had to change hands every round.
  • Live Challenge (Lingo) - A challenge done that requires active participation from multiple people at the same time. A live challenge that can be done solo is typically called Semi-Live
    • Live challenges are quite rare.


  • Majority (Lingo) - Occasionally used to denote a group of people who are more than half the players on a tribe.
    • If you join us, we'll have a majority.
  • Medevac (Lingo) - A player who has quit the game.
    • I really hope the player who just Medevacced from the game is alright.
  • Merge (Official) - The point in a game of Survivor where all players are in one tribe for the rest of the game.
    • I'm so happy to make merge!
  • Middle of the Road (Lingo) - A piece of Edgic used when a player has moderate impact, positive or negative.
    • I like how they're being very middle of the road.
      • MOR, MORP (Middle of the Road Positive), MORN (Middle of the Road Negative)


  • Nomination (Official) - The process of putting two players up for eviction in Big Brother.
    • I'd rather not be HoH. Then I don't have to put anyone up for nomination.
  • Non-Anonymous (Lingo) - A form of Large Social Game on Mafiascum where people play under their main accounts.
    • It's been a long time since I've played in a Non-Anonymous game.
      • Non-Anon
  • Nullifier (Lingo) - An advantage that stops other advantages from working.
    • Getting a Hidden Immunity Idol nullifier was a nice reward.


  • Online Reality Game (Lingo) - Denotes a reality show like Survivor or Big Brother that is played online. Typically used for games off Mafiascum.
    • This is my first Online Reality Game. I'm so excited!
      • ORG
  • Over The Top (Lingo) - A piece of Edgic used when a player has the largest impact, positive or negative, and draws attention.
    • I don't see why they aren't Over The Top. Did you see their confessional?!
      • OTT, OTTN (Over The Top Negative), OTTP (Over The Top Positive)
  • Overplay (Lingo) - Playing in a way where you draw a lot of attention to your actions.
    • I may be overplaying here. Should I tone down?


  • Pagong (Lingo) - A controversial strategy in Survivor where a larger tribal alliance votes out all of a smaller one. Originates from the first season of Survivor, where the Tagi tribe stuck together post-merge and eliminated the Pagong tribe. Often used in a broader sense to mean sticking to previous tribal alliances post-swap/post-merge.
    • I'm worried about a potential pagong.
  • Pawn (Lingo) - A player in Big Brother who is nominated for eviction but is not intended to be eliminated. Occasionally used in Survivor to denote a false target whose name will be given to the actual target.
    • I'm only putting you up for eviction because I need a pawn.
  • Power of Veto (Official) - An advantage in Big Brother that allows a player to remove one of the Head of Household's nominees while also being immune to eviction.
    • Are you going to use the Power of Veto?
      • PoV, Veto



  • Redemption Island (Official) - A controversial twist in Survivor where eliminated players must duel other eliminated players for a chance to re-enter the game. This is not intended to be confused with Edge of Extinction.
    • Welcome to Redemption Island. Your first opponent will be with you shortly.
      • RI
  • Returnee (Official) - A player who was eliminated from the game who is now playing again. They occasionally get advantages to offset the lost time.
    • I'm the returnee! I'm so excited.
  • Revote (Lingo) - What happens when two or more players have the most votes in a Tribal Council in Survivor. All non-tied players then vote again.
    • We have a tie. It's time to revote - but you can only vote for Silverclaw or Shadoweh.
  • Reward (Official) - See: Advantage
    • I just got a reward!
  • [Go to] Rocks (Lingo) - If a revote has occurred and there is still a tie, all non-tied or immune players will draw rocks, and the player who drew the odd coloured rock will be eliminated.
    • I don't want to go to rocks if we tie again.


  • Sheep (Lingo) - A player who is following another player and is typically under the radar.
    • I think that person is sheeping me.
  • Shield (Lingo) - A player that another player is using to attract votes or attention onto, often as a decoy.
    • I'm fine acting as a shield for now.
  • Shipwreck (Lingo) - A term used on Mafiascum to denote when all remaining players are put in a temporary Merge. First used in Survivor: Sky Pillar.
    • I'm personally quite the fan of Shipwrecks.
      • Fake-Merge
  • Spectator (Lingo) - A person who is not playing in the game, but is watching
    • I made this video special for the spectators!
      • Specs, Watchers, Viewers
  • Swap (Official) - A moment in Survivor where tribes are reassigned.
    • I think that we'll be swapping soon.
  • Swing Vote (Lingo) - A player who is likely to be deciding the vote on any given round, typically when most minds are already decided.


  • Threat (Lingo) - Used to denote someone who is either really good at challenges (eg. challenge threat), a player who has a lot of social leverage (eg. social threat), could disrupt your game, or is likely to get a lot of Jury votes (eg. jury threat)
    • I'd like to vote them out because they're a threat to me.
  • Throwaway Vote (Lingo) - A vote cast on someone who is unlikely to be eliminated.
    • I'm going to cast a throwaway vote to make them nervous.
  • Travelling Tribe (Lingo) - When players are put into a tribe but no Tribal Council occurs, often as a means to help players get to know each other. First used on Game of Thrones Survivor.
    • This looks like we're in a travelling tribe.
  • Tribe (Official) - A group of players in Survivor who compete in challenges together and vote each other off.
    • I should be in a good spot on this tribe.'
  • Tribal Council (Official) - The moment in Survivor where you vote a player off from your tribe, eliminating them from the game.
    • I'm always worried about being voted off at Tribal Council.
  • Twist (Official) - A change from the game's original format.
    • I wasn't expecting that twist.


  • Ulonging (Lingo) - When a tribe enters the merge after constantly losing Immunity challenges.
    • The other tribe is getting Ulonged, ouch.
  • Under The Radar (Lingo) - A piece of Edgic used when a player has the less impact, positive or negative,
    • She didn't participate in much of the planning, so they looked very Under The Radar
      • UTR, UTRN (Under The Radar Negative), UTRP (Under The Radar Positive)
  • Underplay (Lingo) - Playing passively; not taking action.
    • I'd really love it if my allies stopped underplaying.


  • Vote (Official) - The act of choosing a player you wish to remove from the game. The player with the most votes is eliminated.
    • Who do I want to vote at TC?
  • Vote Split (Lingo) - The act of taking a large number of players and having them vote 2 or more targets. Often done as an evasive maneuver against Hidden Immunity Idols.
    • I think the best play is to make a vote split.