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Survivor: Lights Camera Action

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Survivor: Lights Camera Action [1]
Year: 2023
ORG/LSG Format: Off-Site Forum
Type: Anonymous
Players: 21
Moderator(s): VashtaNeurotic, BipolarChemist, Gypyx, PrivateI
LSG List Mod: Cephrir
Winner(s): Snakes
Runner-Up(s): Searl, Balki B
Complex classification.

Survivor: Lights, Camera, Action was a complex, Anonymous Survivor game that took place between October 20, 2023 and December 13, 2023. Snakes, portraying Sidney Prescott, won the game against runner-ups Searl (Po) and Balki B (Napoleon Dynamite) in a 5-3-0 vote. Major twists of the game included a known premerge returnee twist and the implementation of twists through a Plot Twist Raffle.


Someone has promised us an article on this soon!


Someone has promised us an article on this soon!

Round Summaries

E0. #finalsevenrighthere

In Round 0, the 21 cast members were not yet sorted into tribes. Instead, they were provided access to 3 out of 9 total trailers, giving them access to 7-player group chats and to privately communicate with 12 other cast members. Different strategies were employed to handle this modified shipwreck twist. Overall, many players expressed wanting to stay under the radar or put in lower effort socially due to the twist. Trailer J had the most active public discussion hub, and Trailer D was noted for having active PMs.

Rapunzel and Groot stood out as being big social butterflies. Jim and Sidney appeared to make a positive impression on the cast without standing out as much. Some of the quietest players at this stage included Elle, Gromit, King Ghidorah, Po, Paprika and Rosemary. Most everyone else not mentioned made a more mixed impression on their castmates.

After 24 hours had passed, the Executive Producers announced the Pick Your Poison challenge that would determine how players would be sorted into tribes. Each tribe would have a different way of handling eliminations. The Drama tribe would have standard Tribal Councils. The Wild West Tribe would hold a sheriff election to become the sole decider of who to eliminate. The Post Apocalyptic tribe would compete in a Power Struggle with the winner becoming the sole decider of who is eliminated. Players had 3 options of challenges to compete in during the round to get their first choice of tribe. The cast could discuss with each other what challenges and tribes they would be interested in.

12 players opted for the language-based flash game over the puzzles or arcade game, meaning that 6th-12th place in that game got last pick for which tribe they'd be on. The first player to be sorted into each tribe (Elle, Po, and Paprika) also earned an Amulet advantage. One amulet could be exchanged for an extra vote, but multiple amulets were more powerful.

Miscellaneous Shenanigans

  • Napoleon is a driving force behind Trailer J's active public discussion and gets quoted in the ep title for it.
  • Po blatantly copy-pasting PMs as a joke is received controversially.
  • Jo March is the sole player providing negative SPV of Rapunzel and predicts she will be a villain.
  • Scott Pilgrim HATES Jo's letter-writing style. He has put off a couple of people by quoting his movie.
  • Paprika and especially Alberto stand out as confessionalists that are critically analyzing their opponents.
  • Frank G is sad that he can't be Mrs. Groot. (yes, there are two Franks.)

The First Swap

Ignoring Gromit's preferences (since Gromit had a submission issue), the first choices for tribes were split 10-5-5 in favour of Wild West. Some players' interest in WW seemed to be based on who might be there with them, not just the elim. mechanics.

  • Drama [Standard tribe]: Mike, Jo, Worm, King G, & Paprika got their first pick. The first three of them managed this even though they got between 2nd and 4th to last in the challenge. Scott P. and Marty M's 5th and 6th place finishes in the Semantris language game were not enough to get them onto their first choice of Wild West, and so they too joined Drama. The majority of players from Trailers F/G/J all ended up at Drama; Mike was in all of these, so isn't meeting anyone new, and everyone else know at least three people going in. Mike & Worm may be in a good spot short-term here.
  • Post-Apocalyptic [Power Struggle tribe]: Rapunzel wanted Wild West and Gromit had no choice, but everyone else (Frank N., Groot, Judge Doom, Po, and Rosemary) got their first pick here. Rosemary comes in only knowing Po, but this may be a good fresh start since she was inactive in the trailer phase. Most other tribe members come in knowing 3-4 people already. Rapunzel and Groot are a strong pair here.
  • Wild West [Elect-a-Sheriff tribe]: Everyone here got their first tribe choice. The tribe is composed of Alberto, Birdie J, Elle, Frank G, Jim H, Napoleon, and Sidney. Frank G., however, came in feeling swap screwed. He was avoiding the Drama tribe because most of his connections were primarily interested in WW &/or PA. He ended up at WW only having shared a trailer with quiet Elle, as well as being the only person that a couple of tribemates were first meeting. 5 members of this tribe came from Trailer B (Jim's also not). Sidney may be a low key strong pair with Jim here. Alberto also seems in a good spot.

E1: Cute little puppy dog

While all players settled into their tribes, it was time to compete for individual immunity. All tribes would be having an elimination this round. For PA, the individual immunity challenge was combined with the power struggle. The immunity winners of the Music & Lyrics challenge were King G. for Drama, Elle for Wild West, and Frank N. for Post-Apocalyptic.


Overall, there's not much drama here. Mike, Jo and Worm seem to be at the top of the social pecking order and loosely be planning to work together. They all seem fairly bored, and multiple of them seemed interested in a side thing with King G. Jo spices things up by complaining about basically all of her tribemates in confessional. Paprika is very absent, to the point of missing the challenge and voting. This is disappointing to her closest connection here in Marty, who may now be on the bottom.


The main social development appears to be that Rosemary has gotten in good with the Groot/Rapunzel power couple. Frank N. chooses to eliminate Gromit, seemingly as a consensus lower activity boot.

Wild West

This is where all the action's happening. Napoleon made waves by his manner of organizing a 4-person majority alliance with Birdie/Alberto/Sidney, while simultaneously talking to Jim about working with Sidney. While the others in the group of 4 seemed to think that Napoleon had good intentions to work with them, they were concerned that he might be a liability to work with due to his lack of subtlety, or sufficient checkins before taking action.

Frank impressed his tribemates with his PMing, but to an extent, many of them also found this threatening. He became frustrated by Napoleon seeming to ice him and Elle out, and his complaints of this seemed to contribute to players' uncertainty of working with Napoleon. A group of Alberto/Jim/Frank emerged too, though Alberto confesses feeling closest to Jim on this tribe, and maintains being somewhat wary of Frank. Though Alberto's preferred boot is Elle, he confesses he'd consider eliminating Birdie if it meant keeping the more colorful Napoleon.

Elle seemed in potential danger due to having been fairly quiet in the trailers, but won herself immunity. Despite her slower start, Elle increased her activity level as well as revealed her amulet to Frank and Jim to cement a budding connection with them. Elle was told that Birdie was upset that Elle wasn't a target option. Birdie seemed to prefer a Frank boot, but didn't seem convinced she should spend much social capital to get this outcome. Frank was told that Napoleon was pushing him. Napoleon was criticized in confessionals for being quieter during TC - but this was due to him being busy finding the idol! Ultimately though, Frank was almost unanimously voted sheriff (Napoleon voted for himself) and voted to eliminate Napoleon, who left with the idol.

Plot Twist Raffle #1

At the same time as the votes/elimination choices were occurring, players had the opportunity to vote in the Plot Twist raffle. The most popular and winning option was the Meet Cute twist, which involved every player getting to pick someone on another tribe. If two people pick the same person, they'll get a permanent thread to communicate. Anyone not chosen by someone else will get to exchange a love letter with a player on another tribe.

The less popular options received four raffle votes each (compared to thirteen). They were: (1) I Think He Can Hear You, Ray - the best/worst performing tribe members at the next immunity challenge would win walkie talkies to use to communicate with players on another tribe; (2) Bounty Hunters - all players would choose a partner and bounty; if the bounty was eliminated at exactly during the 5th elimination round, then they would win private communication with another player for the rest of the game.

E2: Don't trust anyone

Immunity Challenge

Individual members of tribes worked on organizing cut up pieces of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie scene into the correct order. Drama was sent to tribal due to having the worst cumulative score - half of them didn't get the correct order and thus maxed out their time. Wild West got the best cumulative score due to everyone getting the correct order, but Po & Rosemary from Post-Apocalyptic put out the best times.

Plot Twist: Meet Cute

The only successful Meet Cutes were Rapunzel/Sidney, Doom/Worm, and Birdie/Mike. Sidney had wanted to keep their connection a secret, but Rapunzel immediately shared it with Groot and Rosemary. While they redoubled their efforts to confirm with each other the extent they wanted to keep other information private, all the consequences of this decision remain to be seen.

Doom shared with Worm the amulet speculation that he learned from Po, and Worm complained of an afk tribe. Birdie provided Mike quite a bit of advice about the tribal council.

Anyone who was not chosen by another player got the opportunity to send a letter to a player of their choice. King G sent a joke to Rapunzel with it during this round. Groot and Frank seem the most bothered by not having their love returned. Rapunzel is by far the most popular.

Player Is Choosing Is Chosen By Result
Scott Pilgrim Rapunzel Elle Woods -
Jo March Rapunzel Jim Hawkins -
Worm Judge Doom Judge Doom Meet-cute: Worm/Judge Doom
King Ghidorah Rapunzel - Letter
Marty McFly Judge Doom - Letter
Mike W Birdie J Birdie J Meet-cute: Mike/Birdie
Elle Scott Po -
Jim Jo - Letter
Alberto Groot Rosemary -
Sidney Rapunzel Rapunzel Meet-cute: Sidney/Rapunzel
Birdie J Mike Mike, Frank N. Furter Meet-cute: Mike/Birdie
Rapunzel Sidney Sidney, Scott, Frank G, King G, Jo Meet-cute: Sidney/Rapunzel
Frank N. Furter Birdie - Letter
Groot Worm Alberto -
Judge Doom Worm Worm, Marty Meet-cute: Worm/Judge Doom
Rosemary Alberto - Letter
Po Elle - Letter

Drama's TC

After last round's vote out on someone who didn't show up to TC, it was time to really test relationships. This Drama cast seemed not to overly trust each other or have much overlap on their opinions on one another. Some people arguably started overplaying and things got messy.

Marty seemed more concerned with getting into a solid majority and less concerned with who was in it. Jo learned that people seemed to have fairly differing preferences, though many players seemed reluctant to push anything too hard. King G emerged as a potential compromise boot option and was being pushed by Worm. Mike and Scott were interested in targeting each other, but the votes weren't necessarily there to take either out immediately. King G tried to find common ground with Worm. King G. went from being afraid to give names privately, to voting Mike publicly at one point.

Worm and Marty helped put together a potential voting bloc 4-some of Jo/Mike/Worm/Marty. Following Worm making the group chat and then almost immediately leaking it to Scott Pilgrim for leverage, things started to get messy. Scott was panicked about how to survive this vote and a future one. Jo wanted Scott out before King if this was to be a bloc because she didn't want him and Worm getting too close. When Worm pushed back on this, Jo was able to take advantage of the situation to gain momentum against Worm. Marty also disliked Worm seeming to protect Scott and helped push the Worm vote.

Worm mentioned being unnerved by how quiet it was in his meet cute thread. Mike was unhappy with the shift. Mike leaked the Worm vote and then joined Worm in voting for Jo. Worm claimed to have received an extra vote advantage from Groot. Scott felt strongarmed into voting Worm, not trusting anyone enough to go to rocks, and wasn't thrilled with what Worm was offering as an ally. Worm was voted out 4-2.

E3: It's so quiet


The Casting Begins challenge was a cooperative take on Guess Who. Jo, Birdie J, and Groot stepped up as their tribes' respective cluegivers. Wild West performed well after practicing together and auditioning different cluegivers. They got 3/3 correct with 7 clues/questions. Elle was absent as a guesser due to unexpected illness and made a public apology to the tribe. Post-Apocalyptic played conservatively and got 3/3 with 18 clues/questions. Judge Doom expressed some frustration at not feeling listened to as a guesser. Drama lost the challenge because they got 1/3 correct, utilizing just 4 clues and questions. Mike appeared to be the primary player discouraging further clarification among the guesser team.

Plot Twists

Players voted on one of the three plot twists to take place in Round 4.

  • Doppelgangers (10 raffle entries) - Players challenge/accept 1 on 1 matches and then compete in an individual challenge. Winners of the challenge are immune and can PM each other. Losers go to a joint TC.
  • Split Timelines (6 raffle entries) - The challenge and tribal council are simultaneous. All tribes have a "normal" TC. However, only the player with the worst challenge result among the three players voted out will get eliminated.
  • Money Never Sleeps (3 raffle entries) - Players are randomly split into 2 groups to compete in a creative challenge. Each group elects a leader. The losing leader elects two players to join them in the boardroom. The judge will eliminate the worst performing/least persuasive player, basing the elimination on reasoning pertaining to the challenge.

Winning Tribe Social Updates

On Wild West, Elle loses some social standing due to relative inactivity. She's characterized by Alberto as someone who may be most effective when her back is against the wall. Frank G. is reluctant to tell Sidney that his preferred vote would be Birdie J, and both of them confess to finding this interaction awkward. Frank G. confesses to finding it off-putting that Alberto wants to send shorter messages due to not being at tribal. Alberto remains in a strong position overall though. Birdie J seems to lose some social standing with Sidney (from WW) & Rapunzel (from PA) based on interactions Birdie had with Sidney about the Meet Cute plot twist. Jim confesses that he feels like he's flying effectively under the radar and disguising how close he is to everyone, and this appears to be an accurate perception.

On Post-Apocalyptic, players continue to confess that they are bored. Rosemary confesses that Po/Groot/Rosemary/Rapunzel are a 4-some. Rosemary tells us she trusts Po the most, but that she may want to eliminate him anyway due to being a challenge threat. Comically, Po jokes in confessional that he expects this from her. Meanwhile, Groot lets us know that Rosemary drunkenly offered him a f2, which Groot tells Rapunzel about. We learn from Judge Doom that his perception is that he and Rapunzel are the only ones actively communicating on the tribe.

Drama Tribe

Scott is an active confessionalist and lets us know that he had tough conversations with Marty and Jo after the TC, aiming to get to a point where they can more genuinely work together effectively on this tribe and beyond. Jo's left a little wary of Scott for the future, but is focused on eliminating Mike. King Ghidorah seems to be seen as trustworthy by tribemates; Marty has also improved his social position considerably from the start of last round. These 4 discuss which plot twist is most beneficial to them as a group.

The TC itself is quiet and both Mike and Scott are paranoid about it. Mike seems to remain on the outs due to having leaked the Worm vote and voting in the minority. Mike attempts to bring in Marty and Jo for a King Ghidorah vote. Jo eventually lets Mike know that Mike is being voted out. While Birdie J (Mike's meet cute partner) suggests faking an idol, she opts not to reveal the solution to the idol hunt or pass along her half idol she earned from being the second one to solve the idol hunt. Mike is eliminated 4-1.

E4: Scotty doesn't know

Challenge/Plot Twist

The most popular twist - Doppelgangers - won the raffle. As such, players began challenging each other and then competed in the "F is for Fake" 1v1 challenge (in which Vash underestimated people's knowledge of Pokemon). Players generally aimed to avoid challenging someone on their own tribe. The Drama tribe and the Wild West tribes discussed the possibility of all throwing the challenge; Elle proposed it for Wild West. Rapunzel also suggested to her meet-cute Sidney a possible coordinated PA/WW group throw.

However, only Drama really threw, thereby sending Rapunzel/Sidney/Frank N./Rosemary to the winners. Po defeated Elle, Jim defeated Alberto, Birdie J defeated Judge Doom, and Groot defeated Frank G. This left a 4-3-1 split on the Losers, though Elle has an amulet. The Winners were split 6-2 (Post-Apocalyptic majority over Wild West).


Happy Halloween! This was a hectic 24-hour tribal. With 3 of Drama getting DNF and Marty getting a suspiciously low score, the fact that Drama obviously did a coordinated throw became a hot topic for the entire game (even on Dagoba - where the voted out players are in discussion.) Team Drama began to feel out whether they could bring in Judge Doom to vote out Wild West, or if it might be more optimal to off the meet-cute of Worm, Judge Doom.

While the point of the coordinated Drama throw originally seemed to be to pick off another tribe, Jo and Marty from Drama seemed to catch on to the optics being bad and begin to consider other options more quickly. They connected with Frank G. and planned to work with Wild West. Their preferred target on Drama was King G, and Frank G. was on board with this. Meanwhile, Elle and Judge Doom seemed to hit it off. Scott was unpopular due to not fessing up about the throw, and was Elle and Doom's preferred target.

Perhaps partly due to Jo going AWOL toward the end of tribal for personal reasons, and due to Elle's willingness to play her item, she got her way in a blindside: Scott Pilgrim was voted out 5-2-2. King G & Scott had voted for Elle, and Jo/Marty voted for King G. This tribal may have created cracks within the former Wild West, with Frank G. being frustrated that Marty/Jo were left out, and with Alberto confessing that Frank G. seemed too quiet.

E5: Much love

Tribe Swap & "Handcuff" Twist

Each tribe ended up with 1 former Drama and 2 of each of the former WW/Post-Apoc. Many of the most most significant connections other than these former tribal lines seem to come from the Losers tribe, and the Losers have a majority on both Hallmark and Criterion. If these Losers connections are stable, it might spell trouble for Rosemary, Frank N., Rapunzel, and/or Jim.


Also during this round, Marty and Jim found two linked items hidden in the forum. This caused them to be hand-cuffed - they are not currently allowed to vote each other (unless the other is the only eligible person to vote) and may now privately communicate at any time.

Challenge & Rewards

Tribes competed by having individual tribe members work on identifying movie posters quickly and accurately. Players were told that challenge performance would lead to item rewards. However, they weren't advised that the worst-performing tribe members would win rewards. Sidney got an idol, Groot got an item that banks premerge votes to use later, and King Ghidorah got Safety without Power. Ghidorah shared his immediately to his whole tribe out of guilt for poor performance, but Groot and Sidney were more secretive.

Criterion Collection loses the challenge primarily due to Sidney's and Frank N's performances. Some players speculate Sidney may have thrown the challenge to protect Jim.


  • According to Frank G., Frank G. and Groot may be in the middle of the tribe. Groot has formed a group chat with Frank and Birdie.
  • Jo thinks Birdie might be the most useful ally for midgame of current tribe and seems to find Frank G. somewhat insincere. However, Frank G. seems the most invested non-Drama person in working with Jo and Birdie currently actively dislikes Jo. Due to Mike not mentioning that he swapped to voting for Jo during the Worm boot, Birdie is suspicious of Jo's retelling of what happened at Drama.
  • Po's amulet advantage may be a reason he gets targeted at a 5-person tribal, because it would be very powerful at 4. He sent a letter to Rosemary trying to help her with finding items.


  • Elle/Judge Doom come in as a visible strong pair from the Losers. Elle/Jim and Rapunzel/Doom were working together on their former tribes, but don't seem unbreakable. King G and Rapunzel are friendly due to King G's letter and challenge throw to keep her, but this connection is untested.
  • Elle comes in putting a lot of effort into giving information to Rapunzel and shows her excitement to have swapped off WW where she felt on the outs. However, Rapunzel and her meetcute Sidney discuss that they are wary of the Elle/Doom pair and particularly Elle.
  • King Ghidorah and Jim are just meeting, and King G is most comfortable targeting Jim.


  • Frank G. sent a letter to Sidney asking her to try to work with Marty, building upon groundwork from the Losers TC. This seems to make a difference to Alberto and to her. In turn, she asks for Frank G. to try to work with Birdie.
  • Alberto prioritizes connecting with Rosemary this round, aiming to organize a 4-some with Rapunzel and Sidney. Alberto seems to recognize Sidney's and Rapunzel's closeness despite Sidney downplaying it, and ranks Rosemary above Sidney in terms of trust. Alberto also makes a good impression on Marty.
  • Rosemary is concerned that she isn't in a position to spend social capital to protect Frank N. She sees Sidney and Alberto, and Marty to a lesser extent, as being useful allies to her going forward.
  • Marty uses his letter to write to Jo, sharing the handcuff connection to Jim, information about the Frank-Sidney letter, and advising of intent to work with Alberto and by extension Wild West. He asks Jo to respond if she sees this as being problematic for her survival-and she doesn't respond.
  • Frank N. is inactive for personal reasons and ends up as somewhat of a default boot. With 3 hours left, Rosemary lets him know of the situation. Frank N. doesn't seem to understand her perspective, and exchanges letters with Groot to complain about it and get advice. He is voted out 4-1, casting a vote for Alberto.

E6: He's lost a panda


Tribe members had to pair up to work on defusing bombs and modules. Criterion were the most successful at this. Disney struggled the most as a group and had to go to TC.

Winning Tribes

Jim seems to be on the bottom on Hallmark. However, there's also some talk about Elle being a bit inconsistent with her game investment, and Elle herself even mentions feeling "2 beats behind" the others. Alberto seems to be everyone's #1 on Criterion. People are speculating about who might work together in a merge situation.

Disney Tribal Council

Jo's preferred target was Groot. Frank's was Po. Birdie's was Jo, with a caveat of more strongly not wanting Po to still have the amulet at 4. Groot's preference seemed to be Birdie. Per Jo, Birdie pitched a Frank G/Birdie/Jo voting bloc, and Jo wanted to swing it toward Groot over Po.

Groot pitched to Po that Groot would like to bank his vote, but that Po could try linking up with Jo and using Po's amulet to vote out Birdie (or Frank if they preferred.) Po was bothered that Groot didn't want to vote to help Po, and took this to mean that Groot didn't value him much. Although Groot claimed he'd later share a vote with Po to make up for it, Po ultimately viewed this as convenient for Groot short-term at Po's expense. Po decided that he may have the most leverage to get Groot voted out, and attempted to get Jo and Birdie on board with this.

Meanwhile, Frank was complaining that his tribemates were clowns just telling him what they thought he wanted to hear, rather than being honest. Groot floated a Jo vote to Birdie and Frank G. Birdie was put off by being out of the loop on what Groot's advantage was, and worked on getting Po to play the amulet. Frank learned about the Groot vote a bit later but decides to go along with it. Groot was blindsided 5-0.

E7: Hard Lessons

This was intended to be a non-elimination round with 3 phases. However, Frank G. medevaced due to personal circumstances, after starting a bit of drama with leaking information during the shipwreck phase.

Plot Twist Vote / Shipwreck

Voted out players at Dagoba also had the opportunity to participate in this raffle. Non-Dagoba players were shipwrecked while making plot twist votes.

The winning twist (with 10 entries) allowed voted out players to communicate with everyone, but non-Dagoba players to only communicate with voted out players. Everyone in the game competed in an individual challenge, and the top 2 performers would get to choose someone to return to the game.

One losing twist (with 7 entries) had the same communication restrictions as the winning twist. Only non-Dagoba players would compete in a challenge and the top performer would nominate a returnee. Dagoba would hold a TC to vote someone back in.

The other losing Democracy twist (3 entries) kept communication severed between Dagoga and non-Dagoba. Instead of a challenge, each group would have a TC to vote a player back in.

Challenge to Nominate Returnees

Po utilized graph theory to finish the challenge first. He selected Scott to return, due to finding him to be a predictable potential new ally and someone who had other enemies. Scott confesses that he lied to some people about having an advantage, but that he plans to fess up next round.

Jim placed second in the challenge. After some initial reservations, he selected Napoleon to return, in part due to Napoleon's promise to give an idol to the person that picks him.

All other Dagoba players became officially eliminated as prejurors, with their placement based on when they were originally voted out.

Tribe Draft

In addition to being immune for a round and getting an avatar glowup, our returnees had the opportunity to draft the two new premerge tribes. Rather than follow the snake draft format, Napoleon and Scott Pilgrim worked together to make their draft picks. Due to Scott having more information from having been in the game longer, Napoleon let Scott lead the conversation. Scott advocated that the pair try to meet some people that they hadn't before merge, and also to separate pairs. Scott also wanted King Ghidorah and Po on his tribe due to wanting to work with them.

Napoleon accepted Scott's advice about trying to focus on forming new connections and also promised to keep Scott's secrets. He embraced the choice the mods provided of the Horror vs Musicals tribe, choosing Musical, and entertained by publicly posting to ask for dance auditions.

E8. Good luck suckers


These were the tribes that Napoleon and Scott picked out.



In Hal's Labyrinth, tribes worked together to solve a maze of movie posters, determining chronological order by release. Despite Birdie's effort to prepare the Horror tribe by providing a list of many movies that would meet the criteria to be included in the challenge, the Musicals tribe finished just over 2 minutes quicker and won immunity.

Deal with the Devil Auction

Also prior to the Tribal Council, players had the opportunity to privately submit bids on 3 items. To bid, players selected modifiers to the item (e.g. item doesn't activate until merge). Each modifier had a point value. The highest-bidding player (TB fastest submission time) would win the item. The modifiers would be based on what the second-place player for that item selected.

  • The Cursed Video Tape Idol
  • The Burglar's Glove (steal votes from 2 players at the same TC)
  • Necronomicon (includes ability to inspect another player's inventory, a hint to the merge idol, and an opportunity to preview an upcoming challenge).


  • Jo won the Cursed Video Tape Idol based on Jim's modifier selections.
  • Scott won the Burglar's Glove based on Sidney's modifier selections.
  • Rosemary won the Necronomicon based on Napoleon's modifier selections.
  • Due to modifiers, Rosemary and Scott were publicly revealed to have won items.

Plot Twist Raffle #4 Players also voted in the 4th plot twist raffle.

  • Back to Basics (7 entries) - Both tribes would attend TC and would compete for individual immunity. At the TC, only idols could be played.
  • Morton's Fork (3 entries) - Players would be shipwrecked and given the option to compete in Challenge A or Challenge B for individual immunity. Participants in Challenge A would attend 1 TC and Challenge B participants would go to another. If 3 or fewer people were doing one challenge, the other tribal would have the top two vote-getters be eliminated.
  • Hybrid Hunger Games (6 entries) - Based on the past LSG of the same name, players would be paired up based on preference lists provided along with their raffle vote. Two pairs would be in elimination contention: (1) worst-performing pair and (2) a pair chosen by the best-performing pair. After a second competition, two of these players would be eliminated.


Jo acknowledged in confessional that she is the only one from her prior two tribes here, and thinks she may be able to convince people to keep her as a shield. Sidney complained about a lack of messages, causing her to question her closeness with allies Jim & Rosemary.


Pre-TC, King Ghidorah sought a majority alliance that would leave out Marty & Birdie. When TC started, Rapunzel felt that she wasn't in an alliance, and became paranoid that she was the target due to not hearing names. She voted Scott in protest despite him being immune. Birdie claimed to have the Ovaltine idol, though she only had a half idol from it, which was in conflict with Napoleon's (true) claim of having that idol and giving it to the person who brought him back.

The main potential targets in discussion ended up being Elle, Birdie and Marty. Marty pushed Elle's name due to not liking her short response ("That's really true") to him starting to discuss who they can work with and/or vote. King G. seemed content to vote Marty for revenge. Late in the TC, Po pushed Birdie's name. The vote ended up being a 3-3-1 split between Birdie/Marty/Elle. Birdie played her half-idol, canceling 2 votes against her, sending Marty home.

Player Voted for
Birdie J Marty
Elle Marty
King Ghidorah Marty
Po Birdie J
Rapunzel Birdie J
Scott Birdie J
Marty Elle

E9: DDOS Attack


The (most popular) Back to Basics twist won the raffle, so the tribes competed for individual immunity prior to the TC. The challenge was supposed to be Word Sleuths: a mystery word search followed by an unscramble. However, the site went down during Judge Doom's attempt, and the challenge got replaced with a rhythm game set to a Barbie movie song. Neither Jo nor Birdie J attempted the challenge. Judge Doom edged out Rosemary for the win on Musicals. King Ghidorah won for Horror due to Rapunzel accidentally replacing her submission with a worse one.


  • Musicals: With former Wild West being pretty well-integrated with one another and with Rosemary, and with Judge Doom having immunity, Jo was left as an easy target this round. It was mostly a question of whether it was worth rocking the boat to keep Jo as a shield for merge. Due to its modifiers, Jo's idol couldn't be used yet, but she voted for Napoleon publicly to help with activating it later. Jo opted to pass the idol to Rosemary despite Rosemary publicly voting for Jo (to help activate her necronomicon item). Jo was voted out 6-1.
  • Horror: Birdie J was still left on the bottom after the chaos of the previous round. She pitched a Scott vote to Rapunzel and others, but they opted to stick with the loose majority that Scott had envisioned when creating the tribe. Birdie was voted out 5-1.

E10: Get well soon (Merge)


In Collaborative Storytelling, each player was assigned two partners such that there were 11 groups of 2. Each pair was to take turns writing one sentence for their sci-fi story. The three judges who would determine the "best sci-fi story" were the head admin of MafiaScum, BPC's husband, and Vash's roommate; players were provided info on the judges' likes and dislikes in advance. This influenced some of the stories to be about dinosaurs.

Jim and Scott won immunity because their story received the best average score. Rosemary also won immunity because her two stories had the best average of non-immune players. Due to Rapunzel being absent for health reasons, a spectator played for her.


Unfortunately, Rapunzel was the consensus vote due to being absent. Several players expressed being sad about this turn of events publicly or privately. Sidney considered playing her idol, or floating Po/Doom as other vote options. Rapunzel became the first member of the jury.

Also, Rosemary found the merge idol and at least a few players are aware she has two.

E11: The Sides Narrative

Plot Twist Raffle In this raffle, each twist got a default entry and then players had 2 tickets to use, and could use both on the same twist. In response to the raffle, Rosemary used her necronomicon item to learn the next potential challenges.

  • Eye of Sauron (1 default entry) - This was the only twist where any items could be played. At F9/F8, players would have 3 total TC votes to use and could cast any amount of those votes at each TC.
  • Sibling Rivalry (7 entries): Big Brother style F9. In a HoH comp, the two winners would each nominate an elimination candidate. Then, all players would participate in a PoV comp; the veto winner could remove one candidate from the block. If a target is taken off the block, the HoH who nominated them must name a replacement nominee (who is NOT the veto winner). Then everyone who is not a HoH or on the block votes between the 2 elim candidates.
  • High Noon (13 entries): First, everyone attends TC with public vote results. Then, that player challenges someone who voted for them to a duel. The loser of the duel gets eliminated.


In this Indiana Jones-inspired challenge, players competed to solve riddles about artifacts and then solve a puzzle. Alberto won immunity using a brute force strategy (naming as many artifacts as possible) rather than focusing on the actual riddles.

Rosemary, Jim and Napoleon opted to compete for reward instead of immunity. Napoleon won using a strategy involving extensive prep work. He won a Swan item that would passively provide immunity to rock draws, and could be used up to progress a revote to a rock draw with immunity.


Former Horror (Scott, Po, King G & Elle) + Doom and the majority alliance on Musicals (Napoleon, Jim, Sidney, Alberto, Rosemary) were apparent groups here, giving perception of a 5-5 split. Talk of getting people to flip seemed based on these lines. However, there was an apparent power imbalance due to the Musicals group having stronger known items, including Sidney's rumored vote steal (that is, unbeknownst to anyone, the 4th idol on that side.)

While Judge Doom was a potentially easier consensus boot, Scott was a target for the Musicals side due to his public gloves item that could steal votes in a future round. Alberto and Jim were able to use Doom's name coming up early on to help bond with him and Elle, who Alberto had worked with during the "Losers" TC. They formed a group of 4.

While the Horror side was looking to pull in Napoleon and possibly target 1 of the item holders (Jim/Sidney/Rosemary), Napoleon leaked this and then had the leak be leaked. Thus, the vote seemed to be between the two returnees, who were viewed as trying to play the middle and cause some chaos. Elle and Doom sided with their new allies, and so Scott was voted out 7-3. Rosemary played her stronger idol on herself, and passed the one she originally got from Jo to Po.

E12: Unfinished Business

For the current round, The High Noon plot twist was selected and the challenge was announced as Cribbage. Additionally, players were given a preview of the Final 6 plot twist raffle. One option would involve the three most recently eliminated players having decision-making power.


The TC phase happened first. As a reminder, votes would be public and the person with the most votes would challenge someone that voted them to 1v1 cribbage.

Rosemary suggested the TC be handled in public and challenged Judge Doom, who publicly accepted. Meanwhile, Rosemary and Napoleon had a heart to heart about the prior round. Elle invited people to peactice the challenge with her. Napoleon confessed to specs about lying to everyone about how the swan item works. While King Ghidorah prepped for a revenge tour, some players on the opposite side began confessing to wanting to work with him in the future.

Po impulsively volunteered for the cribbage game to take care of "unfinished business." He wanted people to expect him to challenge Doom for revenge but actually intended to take on 1 of Sidney, Alberto or Jim. While he later redacted this request, those 3 had discussed privately with their alliance that they would like Po to be eliminated by Cribbage but didn't want to all stack votes on him.

Several pairs ended up cross-voting: Jim/Po, Rosemary/Doom, Elle/Alberto, and Ghidorah/Napoleon. Sidney also voted Po, meaning Jim and Sidney were the only 2 choices. Jim and Po were happy to face off. Jim viewed his chances of winning Survivor: LCA as being helped considerably by eliminating Po in particular. Po temporarily handed off the cursed idol he'd received from Rosemary to King G.


Po won 2 out of 2 cribbage games against Jim Hawkins, causing Jim to become the 3rd juror.

E13: Lions and Hyenas (F8)

Challenge Players competed in a trivia quiz about the video clips that the hosts had been posting in the Arthouse subforum throughout the game. Judge Doom won with an impressive score of 19/20.


Judge Doom confessed to viewing the game in pairs: Doom/Elle, Po/King, Alberto/Sidney, with Rosemary and Napoleon on the bottom due to their messaging habits and having burnt bridges respectively. Doom opted to target Rosemary this round. Po confessed that he was unwilling to protect her despite their camaraderie due to her having passed him the cursed idol during F10, which would've made him unable to vote in a revote. Elle mentioned being interested in making a play this round to some castmates. Napoleon tried to target Elle.

Alberto proposed to Sidney (his new #1) that they work as a 4 with Elle and Doom. Sidney was wary about being on the bottom of that due to just having learned of the group chat Alberto+Jim had had with them. Alberto confessed that he felt more loyalty in the merge to Doom/Elle than Rosemary based on the F10 round and their respective messaging, as well as wanting to work with King.

However, things were complicated by items. Sidney felt that she benefited from Rosemary's loyalty, and set up a conditional idol play. She would idol Rosemary so long as King G wasn't being idoled and the gloves (that Scott left the game with) weren't used. However, Po had agreed early on in the round to use the cursed idol on King G, despite the consequences: cancelling votes with this idol would limit Po's votes and challenge participation in subsequent rounds. He confessed that this was a move made with more heart than strategy. At the last minute, Sidney canceled the conditional. Past deadline, Sidney tried to switch to idoling Rosemary, though with how the votes shook out, it would have resulted in Sidney being a possible elimination had she done so.

Because of Po's idol play on King, the 3 votes cast against King by Rosemary, Sidney and Napoleon were changed by the item to be against themselves. This changed a 5-3 vote on paper to being a 6-1-1, and Rosemary became the 4th member of the jury.

E14: Tentative Truce (F7)

Plot Twist Raffle

Players participated in the raffle for the final plot twist to be implemented at final 6.

  • It was all a dream (5 entries: Alberto/Doom/default) - All items are destroyed. F6 players will be list randed and the person on the list below the immunity winner will also be immune.
  • Method Acting (5 entries: Napoleon/King G/default) - Players get assigned a post restriction for all posts, challenge submissions and PMs. In the challenge, players are assigned a secondary objective; completing it earns them an extra vote to be used at F6 or F5.
  • Night of the Living Dead (3 entries: Sidney/default) - The 3 most recently eliminated players participate in the challenge; if they win, they may give away immunity. They vote in the F6 TC but are not eligible to be voted for.


In Face/Off, players competed to fill-in-the-blanks to solve 2 phrases pertaining to famous movie performers. They needed to ask yes/no questions in order to do so. Alberto was extremely efficient at identifying the movie for the first phrase, which not only allowed him to earn immunity, but reportedly time to purchase a house IRL.


Po, who would be voteless for this round and the next due to his item play last round, convinced Ghidorah to pass him the Safety Without Power item. He played it. Afterward, Po confessed that actually using the item may have been a mistake in terms of his FTC argument since he lost social agency over the round.

Meanwhile, Napoleon kept leaving Po messages to keep him in the loop. Napoleon proposed a F4 alliance between players he deemed trustworthy: Ghidorah, Sidney, Napoleon. Ghidorah reluctantly accepted the offer to try to survive the round, but leaked it to his ally Elle. Elle leaked this elsewhere and expressed openness to voting Ghidorah or even Doom.

Due to Rapunzel's lie, most players believed Sidney to have a vote steal item (rather than an idol) and presumed she would have a lot of control over how this vote went. Sidney decided she wanted to weaken the Doom/Alberto/Elle group. Her preferred vote was Doom, but Napoleon and Alberto preferred Elle first. Doom and Alberto seemed to play this round more UTR as they used social leverage in the prior round. Ghidorah was sad to be part of the unanimous vote against Elle, with Elle voting against him.

E15: Mount Doom (F6)

Plot Twist: It was all a dream

The twist destroyed Sidney's idol and Napoleon's swan. Also, there would be two immunity winners based on the randomized list. This meant that Po could still win immunity if King G did, despite Po not being able to participate in the challenge due to having played the cursed idol.


In "Sell me this pen," players needed to come up with sales pitches for 6 items. These items included a $500 dinner with cardboard cutout Danny Devito and a $5,000 walk through Mordor (safety not guaranteed). Napoleon had the highest average scores in all three scoring criteria: Persuasiveness, Believability and Creativity, and won the challenge. Alberto gained immunity based on the random list from the twist, but this was fitting because he earned second place in the challenge.


Final 6 with 2 immune and 1 non-voter was reported to be a relatively quiet round. Doom pitched to Napoleon a F3 with Ghidorah. Napoleon, however, preferred his F4 pitched the prior round, and wanted to eliminate Doom. Sidney was aware of Doom pushing her as a threat and preferred him on the jury. Alberto saw the merits of eliminating Po while Po didn't have immunity, but was happy to keep Sidney as a shield or potential competitor. Ghidorah confessed that he was ignoring Doom and hoping he hadn't become the target. As such, Doom voted against Po and was voted out 4-1.

E16: Bottles of Resentment


In Every Frame a Painting, players competed to locate film screenshots within videos. The mod team determined that the tiebreak ruling needed to be updated mid-challenge for fairness, and an additional, challenging screenshot needed to be found for the new tiebreaker. Ultimately, King Ghidorah edged out Po to win immunity.


While Sidney and Alberto initially expected and hoped Napoleon to side with them to vote out Po, Napoleon voted for Alberto very early in the round. Napoleon confessed to spectators that his intended Final 3 would be with Po and Ghidorah. Meanwhile, Po made an offer to Sidney regarding the Final 4: they would vote together no matter what, in order to at a minimum guarantee they get a shot at firemaking. Though wary of trusting Po, Sidney seemed to tentatively accept the deal to hopefully better her chances of reaching FTC. Po expressed concern he may be competing for the same jury votes as King G. However, Po was unable to explore targeting him in this round due to King being immune. Alberto was voted out 4-1.

E17: The Deal (F4)


In Race Against the Clock, the competitors progressively revealed a variety of tasks to complete in the hour. These included answering questions about game events, movie trivia, flash games, etc. Sidney narrowly defeated Po and won immunity, and she referenced a 200-page document she had made as having made a difference.


At tribal, King G and Po were of the mutual understanding that they should be trying to eliminate one another because they would be competing for votes. Before the immunity result was announced, Po and Sidney had finalized their agreement that they would vote together. However, with Sidney actually winning immunity, she admitted that she was still fully considering her options. Po was angered by this, but they eventually came to an understanding when she still decided to save him and eliminate King Ghidorah. Napoleon argued in favor of eliminating King. Ultimately, King Ghidorah was eliminated 3-1, meaning there was no fire-making challenge. The three finalists, originally all from Trailer B, would now work on their opening speeches.

E18: Consider the Potted Plant (FTC)

Opening Speeches:

Overall, all three finalists had speeches that seemed better than par. Po's was humble and walked through the main points on his resume, but may have overly focused on his weaknesses, including when discussing the cursed idol play. Napoleon spoke of his redemption arc and active social strategy throughout the merge, but may have overstated his control of vote outcomes. Sidney discussed how she overcame adversity in the early merge, made key moves in the midmerge and navigated to the end. She may have overblown points made about being seen as the game's "biggest threat" and on threat level management.

Questioning Phase:

In response to Jim's question about what he learned after being voted out, Napoleon gave specifics of lessons learned from each juror; this response was complimented by multiple jurors. Jurors such as Scott, Doom and Alberto refuted points that Napoleon had made in his speech and other questions, prompting Sidney to tell Napoleon she was sorry the jury was "going in" on him. Privately, Napoleon was criticized by the jury for making overly political and overconfident statements, as well as his manner of contesting points that Sidney was making in her thread.

Scott and King G asked Sidney to refute the perception of her as a passive player. Sidney seemed to argue that she had the most control of the Final 7 boot and shared control with her allies in other votes. Privately, Sidney complained that some jurors seemed self-interested or concerned with their own boot rounds rather than wanting her to fully defend her game. Napoleon criticized Sidney for an answer to Jim when she listed moves in several rounds she chose not to make in order to manage her threat level, leading to a private jury discussion about this concept. She detailed that her biggest adversity to overcome was Rapunzel's boot. 2 jurors asked Sidney to critique the other finalists' gameplay.

Overall, Po brought a joyful tone and thoughtful effort to his FTC answers that impressed the jury. Scott asked Po to defend his strategic game, and Po responded by highlighting his strategy to weaken Musical and connect with Rosemary/Napoleon so they would protect him from within. Po refuted King G's critique of his lack of agency due to the cursed idol by explaining that relationships formed prior got him included in the King/Napoleon/Sid F4 deal. Po characterized the jurors as GoT characters in response to Doom asking him to show his knowledge of the jury, in light of Po's admittedly weaker social game. In answers to Jim, Po explained his deals-focused social strategy and outlined his challenge performances. Po was able to explain to jurors his nonparticipation in 2 challenges was merely due to the cursed idol.

Closing Speeches:

All three finalists characterized themselves as active, deserving winners. Sidney pitched herself as an adaptable player, with a very high effort social game and the highest effort final immunity performance. She was the final girl, bloodied by the loss of allies along the way, and worthy of being the Sole Survivor. Napoleon opened by acknowledging awareness of the critiques from the jury and that he wasn't currently winning the game, but that his game remains one of "relentless effort." He told of the parable of the potted plant to continue to illustrate his point about threat management and passivity, and concluded by asking the jury to vote for someone "who took the game into their own hands, made thoughtful strategies, and acted assertively to execute them." Po pitched his game as bold, proactive and strategic, playing from the bottom throughout the merge. He again was open about his mistakes, but pitched that he was ultimately able to overcome them and his time zone.


  • Each finalist needed to cast a tiebreaker vote. Napoleon's was for Sidney, Sidney's was for Po, and Po's was for Napoleon.
  • Rapunzel and Judge Doom had gone into FTC with a clear preference for Sidney, and both cast votes for her.
  • Scott Pilgrim was favoring Po prior to FTC and ultimately cast his vote for Po, out of respect for his loyalty among other factors.
  • Rosemary and Alberto had expressed being undecided coming into Final Tribal Council. Based on respect for their FTC performance and making it to the end as a threat, these two enthusiastically casted their votes for Po and Sidney respectively.
  • Elle, Jim and King Ghidorah expressed having a particularly tough time making a final decision. Elle had entered FTC favoring Sidney and did ultimately vote for her. King Ghidorah expressed that he was voting for Po because he thought Po would receive fewer votes, but respected Sidney's game about equally. Jim cast his vote for Sidney for her refined game play.
  • As such, Sidney Prescott was crowned the Sole Survivor in a 5-3-0 vote over fellow finalists Po and Napoleon Dynamite.

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