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Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom

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Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom [1]
Year: 2011
ORG/LSG Format: Off-Site Forum
Type: Anonymous
Players: 30
Moderator(s): KaleiÐoscøpe
LSG List Mod: N/A
Winner(s): Betch
Runner-Up(s): Blackberry

Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom was the first anonymous Survivor game run on MafiaScum. KaleiÐoscøpe was the mod, and the game ran from October 26, 2010 until January 14, 2011. The game was played on this forum.

The game features the largest merge and jury of any Survivor game in MafiaScum history, 15 and 13 respectively (and held the record for largest cast, 30, until Survivor: The Real Theme Was Inside Us All Along had 32 players in 2019). In the end, Goomba, played by Betch, defeated Diddy Kong in a 7-5 jury vote.

One special twist this game was the Arena. In the rounds after the first and second Tribal Councils, each tribe was forced to vote two of its members to the Arena, where they would face against each other in a challenge. The loser of each challenge would be eliminated, while the winner would receive a special opportunity. After the first battle, Waluigi, Cheep Cheep, and Thwomp were given the choice to switch tribes, although only Cheep Cheep took the offer, swapping from Chromakey to the Fire Flowers. After the second Arena Battle, Luigi and Waluigi became Captains of new tribes, while Bob-Omb was sent to Exile, where he received an idol that would save him if he received a majority of votes at his tribe's first Tribal Council. The Arena twist was played again at the Final Four, where Peach and Cheep Cheep were sent to battle each other.

The other major twist was that of the secret groups. All players were part of a group of five that spread across each of the three original tribes. The secret groups were given a series of conditions that could result in one, some, or all of them receiving Immunity Idols:

1) If you are the final secret group intact in the game with all 5 members remaining BEFORE we get to the final 15, all five of you will receive hidden immunity idols.

2) If we get to the final 15 and there are still two or more secret groups fully intact, the five hidden immunity idols opportunity is lost. However, if you are the final secret group intact with all five members remaining BEFORE we get to the final 10, you will receive TWO hidden immunity idols between the five of you. It will be up to you who holds on to them.

3) Don't think you can pull that off? Or do you not want that many idols floating around? Fine. If you are the first secret group to be completely destroyed with the exception of one person, you will get a hidden immunity idol, and only you will get one. In simpler terms, be the final member of your secret group standing (and be the first person to be in this position), you'll get a hidden immunity idol.

4) If the five of you manage to get to the final 9 with all five of you still remaining in this game, the other four people remaining in the final 9 with you will be eliminated on the spot, and you will become the final 5.

5) I'll have sympathy on you in the event that you have an inactive cunt in your group. If FOUR of you manage to stay intact until the final 13, you will receive one idol amongst the three of you, and you must decide who will hold on to it. Furthermore, if you reach the final five with three of you still standing, the other two players in the final five will be instantly eliminated, and you will become the final 3.

Secret Group 1 Mario Wario Peach Bowser Yoshi
Secret Group 2 Luigi Waluigi Daisy Donkey Kong Diddy Kong
Secret Group 3 Koopa Magikoopa Dry Bones Hammer Bro Bowser, Jr.
Secret Group 4 Toad Toadette Rosalina Petey Piranha Birdo
Secret Group 5 Bob-Omb Bullet Bill Chain Chomp Thwomp Whomp
Secret Group 6 Shy Guy Goomba Boo Blooper Cheep Cheep

Ultimately, Secret Group 2 met the first condition, and each of them received an Immunity Idol. Unfortunately for them, the idols only lasted as long as their group remained intact, so as soon as Daisy was eliminated at the next Tribal Council, all the other idols vanished.


Player First Tribe Second Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
Hammer Bro
Fire Flowers 1st Voted Off
Blue Shells Quit
Shy Guy
Blue Shells Lost Arena Challenge
Chromakey Lost Arena Challenge
Fire Flowers Lost Arena Challenge
Fire Flowers 2nd Voted Off
Chain Chomp
Blue Shells Lost Arena Challenge
Chromakey Lost Arena Challenge
Fire Flowers Lost Arena Challenge
Blue Shells Red Menace 3rd Voted Off
Blue Shells Red Menace 4th Voted Off
Blue Shells Red Menace 5th Voted Off
Chromakey Purple Tribe1 6th Voted Off
Bowser, Jr.
Chromakey Red Menace 7th Voted Off
Chromakey Red Menace 8th Voted Off
Blue Shells Purple Tribe1 Rainbow Road 9th Voted Off
1st Jury Member
Donkey Kong
Chromakey Purple Tribe1 10th Voted Off
2nd Jury Member
Blue Shells Purple Tribe1 11th Voted Off
3rd Jury Member
Fire Flowers Purple Tribe1 12th Voted Off
4th Jury Member
Haschel Cedricson
Blue Shells Purple Tribe1 13th Voted Off
5th Jury Member
Bullet Bill
Chromakey Red Menace 14th Voted Off
6th Jury Member
Chromakey Purple Tribe1 15th Voted Off
7th Jury Member
Blue Shells Red Menace 16th Voted Off
8th Jury Member
Fire Flowers Purple Tribe1 17th Voted Off
9th Jury Member
Dry Bones
Chromakey Red Menace 18th Voted Off
10th Jury Member
Petey Piranha
Fire Flowers Red Menace 19th Voted Off
11th Jury Member
Fire Flowers Purple Tribe1 Lost Arena Challenge
12th Jury Member
Cheep Cheep
Chromakey Red Menace 20th Voted Off
13th Jury Member
Diddy Kong
Fire Flowers Purple Tribe1 Runner-Up
Fire Flowers Red Menace Sole Survivor

1The full name of the Purple Tribe was "The Extra Strength Purple Minty Flavoured Completely Natural Family Favourite Tomby Doomy Purple Coinshell Chromextravaganza: Tribe Edition 2: Electric Boogaloo: The Comeback Tour: Featuring The Fab Five: Rejoined Again: The Return: The Finale Alpha Action Go Time Lift-Off Decide-icidal Hungry Man's Raw Extreme Power Ultimate Smackdown Upgrade (Now in Beta!)"