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Survivor: Village

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Survivor: Village [1]
Year: 2023
ORG/LSG Format: Off-Site Forum
Type: Anonymous
Players: 28
Moderator(s): Malkon05, ambic, Silverclaw
LSG List Mod: PrivateI
Winner(s): stoive
Runner-Up(s): DK, marcistar
This was a Complex Resident Evil-themed game.


Survivor: Village was the largest Anonymous Survivor game that the site had hosted since 2010. All three finalist players had never been a finalist in a prior Large Social Game. Excella (stoive) received 6 votes and arguably became the site's first returnee winner in an Anonymous Survivor game. 1st runner-up Billie (DK) received 3 votes from the jury.

Main Twists

Outcast Tribes

At the start of each premerge phase, the players voted out were not eliminated from the game. Instead, they were founding members of a new Outcast tribe. In the first two iterations, each outcasted player dragged 1 other player that they had just been on the same tribe with to join the Outcast tribe. After the second tribe swap, the outcasted players dragged two other players.

 {33b} This game features a preplanned outcast twist. What this means is that at planned points in this game Agents you vote out aren't necessarily going to immediately be out of the game. Those points will be announced before tribal results occur, but after voting ends.

{33c} After votes are read, the Agent who would normally be eliminated at the end of the Council of Four Houses, will instead be placed on a new Outcast Tribe. This Agent will have 24 hours, while still in communication with their old tribe (and the public area), to determine another Agent, from their old tribe, to join them on the Outcast Tribe. They can use whatever rhetoric they wish to determine who they want to bring, and will do so via their Discard Thread in their confessional. If a decision is not made in the 24 hours given, the decision will be randomized amongst the other Agents.

{33d} Once announced, the Agent, their chosen Agent, and the other Outcast Agents from the other tribes will be announced and immediately placed in a tribe together. All other tribes will remain intact as they are. Communication between the Outcast Tribe Agents will become limited to only those on the Outcast Tribe (and public area). Communication with their former Agents, must immediately cease.

{33e} All other prior rules will pertain to the Outcast Tribe as a normal Tribe.

{33f} If anyone is individually immune, they will not be eligible to be dragged during an Outcast Round.

{33g} For round 9 (the round this is posted), the outcast Agent will instead pick two Agents to join them on the new outcast tribe rather than one. All other rules in 33 a-f are amended to adjust to this for Round 9 only. After Round 9 has concluded, rule 33g will be considered null.

Multiple Eliminations per Round

Several premerge rounds had double eliminations. Additionally, the first round of merge had the two players with the most votes get eliminated and join the jury.


The firearm twist morphed after each swap if it was still in a player's possession. Firearms expired at Final 6. Each iteration had specific rules for resolving situations where multiple weapons were played. The player with the most weapons played on them would have the effect resolved. Typically, if there was a tie between two players in who had the most firearms played on them, both would take effect. A larger tie would result in no effect. All weapons played would be used up regardless of whether they had an effect.

  • Gun (First tribe): Negates a single vote cast against the player it was used on
  • Shotgun (1st swap tribe): Negates two votes cast against the player it was used on
  • Rifle (2nd swap tribe): Blocks a vote cast by the player it was used on
  • Grenade Launcher (Merge): Used against two players and blocks the votes cast by both


Player Tribe 1 Tribe 1.5 Tribe 2 Tribe 2.5 Tribe 3 Tribe 3.5 Merge Final Position
Ada Wong
Beneviento Duke Prejury 1st voted out
28th Place
Dimitrescu Prejury 1st voted out
28th Place
Barry Burton
Beneviento Duke Prejury 2nd voted out
26th Place
Rebecca Chambers
Beneviento Prejury 2nd voted out
26th Place
Claire Redfield
Heisenberg Duke Cassandra Prejury Medevac
25th Place
Jill Valentine
Beneviento Cassandra Angie Prejury Medevac
24th Place
Alexander Ashford
Moreau Duke Cassandra Prejury 3rd voted out
22nd Place
Mark Wilkins
Heisenberg Duke Bela Prejury 3rd voted out
22nd Place
Beneviento Bela Prejury 4th voted out
20th Place
Sherry Birkin
Beneviento Cassandra Angie Prejury 4th voted out
20th Place
Albert Whiskers
Heisenberg Daniela Blue Umbrella Villagers Prejury 5th voted out
18th Place
Heisenberg Bela Blue Umbrella Prejury 5th voted out
18th Place
flow trap
Heisenberg Cassandra BSAA Prejury 6th voted out
16th Place
Save The Dragons
Dimitrescu Daniela Angie Blue Umbrella Prejury 7th voted out
15th Place
Leon Kennedy
Moreau Daniela Blue Umbrella Prejury 8th voted out
14th Place
Ramon Salazar
Heisenberg Cassandra BSAA Miranda Juror 1st Juror
12th Place
Joe Baker
Moreau Cassandra BSAA Miranda Juror 2nd Juror
12th Place
Dimitrescu Bela BSAA Miranda Juror 3rd Juror
11th Place
Carlos Oliviera
Moreau Cassandra Blue Umbrella Miranda Juror 4th Juror
10th Place
Angela Miller
B Balki B
Moreau Duke Bela Angie BSAA Villagers Miranda Juror 5th Juror
9th Place
Katherine Warren
Dimitrescu Daniela BSAA Miranda Juror 6th Juror
8th Place
Elza Walker
Dimitrescu Daniela BSAA Villagers Miranda Juror 7th Juror
7th Place
Matt Addison
Dimitrescu Bela BSAA Miranda Juror 8th Juror
6th Place
Steve Burnside
Beneviento Bela Blue Umbrella Villagers Miranda Juror 9th Juror
5th Place
Jessica Sherawat
Moreau Daniela Blue Umbrella Miranda Juror 10th Juror
4th Place
Sheva Alomar
Moreau Bela Angie Blue Umbrella Miranda Finalist 2nd Runner-up
3rd Place
Billie Wesker
Heisenberg Daniela Blue Umbrella Villagers Miranda Finalist 1st Runner-up
2nd Place
Excella Gionne
Dimitrescu Daniela Angie BSAA Villagers Miranda Finalist Sole Survivor
1st Place



a First twist occurred, Claire, Barry & Alexander voted out moved to tribe DUKE. 3 more taken with them
b 1 vote each on Barry and Alexander each were shot down
c 1 vote on Morpheus shot down
d Ada vote not recieved, Self voted
e Penalty votes on Jill and Sherry after rule breaches during Jigsaw Challenge
f Jill self voted, by choice
g Two votes on Excella shot down
h Jill and Claire evacuated from game
i Mark self voted to end game.
j Angela lost vote due to Garden Event
k Mask Play cancels and extends vote to next day
l Billie Vote not recieved, Self Voted
m Elza medevac'd from game
n Steve gives immunity to Excella

Starting Tribe & Swap Tribe


Second Swap Tribe & Merge






As nominated by Malkon05.

Round Beneviento MVP Beneviento LVP Dimitrescu MVP Dimitrescu LVP Heisenberg MVP Heisenberg LVP Moreau MVP Moreau LVP Duke MVP Duke LVP
1 Jill Barry Excella Matt Ramon Alice Jessica Alexander
2 Sherry Jill Matt Elza Ramon N/A Joe Sheva Mark Ada
3 Steve Sherry Katherine Dog Albert Alice Carlos N/A Angela Mark

Round Angie MVP Angie LVP Bela MVP Bela LVP Cassandra MVP Cassandra LVP Daniela MVP Daniela LVP
4 Steve H.U.N.K. Joe Claire Billie Elza
5&6 Excella Sherry Steve Dog Alice Joe Leon & Jessica Katherine
7 Excella Sherry H.U.N.K. Steve Ramon & Carlos Joe Jessica Albert

Round BSAA MVP BSAA LVP Blue Umbrella MVP Blue Umbrella LVP Villagers MVP Villagers LVP
8 Joe Dog Carlos Sheva
9 Alice & Matt Katherine Leon Jessica Angela Steve
10 Katherine Alice Carlos Leon Excella & Billie N/A
11 Matt Dog Leon Sheva Excella Steve
12 Joe Matt All N/A Angela & Billie Steve

13 Excella Joe & Katherine
14 Carlos & Jessica Excella
15 Elza & Excella Billie
16 Katherine & Sheva Elza
17 Excella Billie
18&19 Billie Steve
20 Excella Sheva
21 Jessica N/A


Created by Silverclaw.