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Survivor - 'Scum Island

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Survivor - 'Scum Island
Year: 2008
ORG/LSG Format: MafiaScum-Hosted
Type: Non-Anonymous
Players: 21
Moderator(s): KaleiÐoscøpe
LSG List Mod: N/A
Winner(s): Kmd4390
Runner-Up(s): mykonian

Survivor - 'Scum Island

Survivor - 'Scum Island is a game related to the TV game of "Survivor". Players start out in tribes and compete in challenges for immunity. The losing game goes to Tribal Council and will vote one of their members out of the game. Halfway, the tribes merge and the jury phase starts. The remaining players will then compete for individual immunity to try to survive Tribal Councils. Players voted out will end up on the jury. When only two players are alive, the players on the jury will vote for who they want to win of the two remaining players.


On the red tribe (Corsica): Pickemgenius, ting =), Moospiker, Pimhel, Drench, farside22, JDodge, Kmd4390, FlameAxe

On the blue tribe (Sicilia): Stark, ZazieR, ZONEACE, Sensfan, Scotmany12, RandomGem, skitzer, Vamparific, mykonian


The two tribes play the Reward Challenge and Sicilia immediatly shows they have the upper hand concerning activity. In the Immunity Challenge, however, both tribes fail to actually achieve anything and both end up on going to Tribal Council.

During the first Tribal Council, it's immediatly shown that eyes turn to the inactives. Pimhel and Scotmany12 are swiped out of the tribes quickly.

For the second Immunity Challenge, the tribes have to maneuver through a maze. A challenge that got enlengthed because of a tie, still ends up in a tie and results in both tribes going to tribal council. Drench is blamed for the loss of the challenge and gets unanimously voted off. Vamparific gets voted out when he admits having played badly.

After this, chaos starts. The tribes get thrown together and Shadowlurker, Blackberry and animorpherv1 enter the game. The old tribes were asked to rank their members from top to bottom to represent their usefullness. farside22 and Sensfan came on top and became the leaders of the new tribes, Napels and Venice. Both get to hear that they received individual immunity for the next Tribal Council and have the power to give another individual immunity. However, that player will end up on the other tribe this way. farside22 picks Stark, and Sensfan picks Blackberry.

Tribal Council starts with all players able to vote. Chaos starts, and ZazieR gets the boot for trying to stir things up.

The next reward challenge starts and the rankings get into play again. There is a price on everyones head, which can give you a heads up in the next Immunity Challenge. However, what is more important: A boost or a trustworthy ally? farside22 and Blackberry (Napels) claim Kmd4390, animorpherv1, ting =), FlameAxe, RandomGem and Shadowlurker, while Sensfan and Stark (Venice) claim mykonian, Moospiker, Pickemgenius, ZONEACE, skitzer and JDodge. Venice wins the challenge.

The next immunity challenge is an advance game of RAF. Venice, having the upper hand with their boost, manage to flake during this challenge and send themselves to Tribal Council. With alliances not settled yet, skitzer gets voted out with only 3 votes against him.

Immunity Challenge 5: acitivity is needed to win. Everyone needs to pull the ropes, and when the time is up, Venice acquires immunity, which sends Napels to Tribal Council for a tough decision. FlameAxe gets booted for not having his heart into the game.

One players on each tribe acquired a bonus and the other tribe has to guess who it is, according to popularity. Venice wins immunity when Blackberry is exposed to having the bonus, who loses it now. Randomgem gets the boot for revealing he wanted to quit.

Mastermind is the game we play to decide who wins the next immunity. Venice again shows how well they work together when they figure out the outcome quickly. Napels is well prepared for another boot and Shadowlurker gets unanimously voted out.

Coins were bid for the next immunity challenge. Stark literally losing it for his tribe causes a difficult tribal council for the tight Venice. Moospiker gets the boot for not being around during the last immunity challenge.

Jury Phase

The tribe merges and the remaining players fight for the finals. Tribe Italia consists of farside22, Blackberry, Kmd4390, animorpherv1, ting =), Sensfan, Stark, mykonian, Pickemgenius, ZONEACE and JDodge.

Individual Immunity is up for grabs. Players were asked to rank everyone and the player on the bottom received immunity. Everyone was allowed to switch their chest with someone, and that way, a player will end up with Immunity. After mass swapping, farside22 managed to have the chest with immunity and is safe for the next tribal council.

The first tribal council after the merge is there. Sensfan and JDodge end up in a tievoting and both plead their cases. JDodge calls Sensfan a backstabber, while Sensfan accusses JDodge of breaking deals. The tie gets broken with Sensfan voted out, who ends up being the first jury member after forgetting to play his hidden immunity idol the first time.

After this, a massive in-thread accusement comes from JDodge against farside22, which makes the next Immunity Challenge important for all. The remaining competitors try to gather MS members to gain immunity. farside22 manages to save herself from Tribal Council by gathering the most members. Meanwhile, JDodge gathers around the members in the game to vote off someone from farside22's alliance. Blackberry gets the boot and is the second member of the jury.

The heat continues between farside22 and JDodge, when the players are asked to pair themselves for immunity. After securing that someone in risk of voting off doesn't receive immunity, mykonian ends up grabbing immunity. In the voting is shown that alliances are not solid, as JDodge's previous vote alongs now bond against him to prevent a gamewinning threat to advance further in the game. He becomes the third member of the jury.

Timeticking bombs are handed to the players. They have to secure themselves by throwing the bomb to other players to prevent to blow up themselves. ting =) creates a fake bomb and throws it around with Kmd4390 and farside22, eliminating ZONEACE and secures himself this round by blowing up the bombs in other players faces. In the voting, ZONEACE gets the boot for being on the outs. He becomes the fourth member of the jury.

Players have to swim for immunity. ting =) shows he's good at these kind of challenges and ends up with security. In the voting, farside22 and animorpherv1 end up in a tie. farside22 is accussed of being a threat of winning this game, while animorpherv1 is being accussed of being a liar. In the revote, honesty is more respected by the remaining players when animorpherv1 gets the boot. He comes the fifth member of the jury.

The remaining players go to the auction to buy useful items for the next couple of rounds. farside22 managaes to buy herself immunity this round. During the next TC, ting =) gets the boot after having a much too solid alliance with farside22. He becomes the sixth member of the jury.

The players have to steal coins for immunity. Pickemgenius manages to get the most coins and receives immunity. farside22 manages to save herself once more with revealing a tiebreaker necklace when in a tie, which immediatly sends Stark to the jury. He becomes the seventh member of the jury.

Outbidding is the key of survival this game. farside22, Kmd4390 and mykonian conspire against Pickemgenius this game to prevent him from getting immunity. After the results are out, Pickemgenius gets booted by the three remaining players. He becomes the eigth member of the jury.

At a spectacular last immunity challenge, which is a full forced course, the remaining players fight for immunity. Mykonian manages to get on top and wins it, leaving him with the decision: booting farside22 or Kmd4390. Quickly realising how much of a threat farside22 is to win, she is eliminated from the game. She became the ninth member of the jury.

The jury is now given the chance to reveal their emotions to the finalists. And heavy they were. Both were accused of undeserving and backstabbing. In the end, Kmd4390 manages to receive the cheque of 1.000.000 dollars and the fame that goes with it.

Voting and boot order: