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Survivor: Bahamas

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Survivor: Bahamas
Year: 2014
ORG/LSG Format: MafiaScum-Hosted
Type: Non-Anonymous
Players: 18
Moderator(s): D3f3nder, Snakes
LSG List Mod: N/A
Winner(s): Klick
Runner-Up(s): Mist7676, CuddlyCaucasian

Survivor: Bahamas was a non-anonymous Survivor game modded by D3f3nder and Snakes. The game ran from October 19, 2013, until January 10, 2014.

The winner was Klick, who defeated Mist7676 and CuddlyCaucasian in a jury vote of 6-1-0.


Player Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
Banakai Metazoa 1st Voted Out

18th Place

Flameaxe Taino 2nd Voted Out

17th Place

JDGA Metazoa 3rd Voted Out

16th Place

Crazy Taino 4th Voted Out

15th Place

DoctorPepper Taino 5th Voted Out

14th Place

pickemgenius Metazoa 6th Voted Out

13th Place

kdowns Taino 7th Voted Out

12th Place

Lord Mhork Metazoa 8th Voted Out

11th Place

Nicholas1024 Taino Merged Tribe 9th Voted Out

10th Place

1st Jury Member

TheBadOne Taino Merged Tribe 10th Voted Out

9th Place

2nd Jury Member

Xalxe Taino Merged Tribe 11th Voted Out

8th Place

3rd Jury Member

mykonian Taino Merged Tribe 12th Voted Out

7th Place

4th Jury Member

xofelf Metazoa Merged Tribe 13th Voted Out

6th Place

5th Jury Member

Nyalite Taino Merged Tribe 14th Voted Out

5th Place

6th Jury Member

chesskid3 Metazoa Merged Tribe 15th Voted Out

4th Place

7th Jury Member

CuddlyCaucasian Metazoa Merged Tribe 2nd Runner-Up
Mist7676 Metazoa Merged Tribe 1st Runner-Up
Klick Metazoa Merged Tribe Sole Survivor