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General Information

The Scummies and Mashies is an annual event run by volunteers on MafiaScum which awards Scummers of exceptional talent, luck, or misfortune. They were started in 2003 by a user named Macros; the nominees were nominated and discussed in this thread, then the awards were officially announced and given out awards by cuban smoker in April 2004. On this page you can find an archive of all Scummies and Mashies run up until now.

Wiki Editors Information

There are two templates used for the pages containing all information about a year's Scummies ceremony. They are the Template:ScummiesOverview for the general overview of the event and Template:ScummiesWinners for a table including all the awards as well as winners. These templates must be used when updating or adding new pages to this category.

Also don't forget to add winners of the best Town and Scum awards to the respective categories. Winner's of the "Best Team" awards handed out prior to the 2016 Scummies don't count.