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Survivor: South Bend

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Survivor: South Bend
Year: 2023
ORG/LSG Format: Meet-up
Type: Non-Anonymous
Players: 17
Moderator(s): Mist7676, Save The Dragons
LSG List Mod: N/A
Winner(s): PrivateI
Runner-Up(s): Elias_the_thief, Haschel Cedricson
Thestatusquo contributed greatly to organizing the meet, but was a player in the Survivor game.

Survivor: South Bend was a real life, swap-heavy game that required its players to adapt to constantly changing social dynamics. It ran from June 16th to June 18th in 2023. PrivateI won over runner-ups Haschel Cedricson and Elias_the_thief in a 4-2-2 vote.

The game was divided into three days of gameplay. At the beginning of Day 1, players competed in a "Get to Know You" type challenge. The winner of the challenge gained Safety Without Power for the first round. The rest of the players divided themselves into self-chosen duos. The duos would be used throughout Day 1 for Reward Challenges. Every round included a Reward Challenge, a tribe swap, and an Immunity Challenge. Winners of each Reward Challenge typically drafted the tribes ensuring players were not on the same tribe as their duo partner. On Day 1 there were 4 tribe swaps. At the end of the day, the 4 eliminated players competed for 2 returnee spots.

On Day 2, the two returnees drafted a tribe for themselves. The unpicked players became their own tribe making 3 tribes of 5 players each. After 1 round, the tribes were randomly decided and the phase of stable tribes began. Players would stay in these tribes until the merge. There were 4 tribal councils on this day as well as the final returnee competition. 6 eliminated players competed for the last 2 returnee spots in the game. Following the returnee competition, the tribes merged and the final 12 players competed for Individual Immunity for the first time.

On Day 3, players competed for Individual Immunity and every player voted out on this day became a member of the Jury. The jury comprised of 8 players with a Final 3.

In addition to frequent swaps, the overarching twist of the season was an End of the Rainbow Shop. At Tribal Councils, players were presented with a variety of items they could purchase using coins won from Reward Challenges. Some examples of items were: Bank Your Vote (Save your vote from this tribal council to be used in the future), Extra Vote, Single Vote Negator, Impressions (Force a player to speak in a different voice or risk losing their vote), Chaos Injectors (various twists that change the game for a round).


Player First Tribe Second Tribe Third Tribe Fourth Tribe Fifth Tribe Sixth Tribe Merge Events Finish
Malkon05 Erasmus Griffon 2nd voted out 17th place
TheStatusQuo Griffon Erasmus Griffon Griffon 4th voted out 16th place
Deasvail Spared Griffon Spared Griffon Erasmus 5th voted out 15th place
kdowns Erasmus Satori Griffon Griffon Satori Erasmus 7th voted out 14th place
McMenno Erasmus Erasmus Griffon Satori Erasmus 3rd voted out
Returned to game
13th place
Mina Griffon Griffon Erasmus Griffon Erasmus Griffon Pride! 9th voted out 12th place
Pickemgenius Griffon Griffon Erasmus Griffon Erasmus Griffon Pride! 10th voted out 11th place
1st jury member
Skelda Erasmus Mishawaka Griffon Erasmus Satori Erasmus Pride! 11th voted out 10th place
2nd jury member
Mallowgeno Griffon Erasmus Erasmus Erasmus Erasmus Griffon Pride! 12th voted out 9th place
3rd jury member
Deathnote Griffon Satori Erasmus Erasmus Griffon Griffon Pride! 13th voted out 8th place
4rd jury member
Cephrir Erasmus Satori Erasmus Erasmus Erasmus Griffon Pride! 14th voted out 7th place
5th jury member
VashtaNeurotic Erasmus Mishawaka Erasmus Griffon Griffon Erasmus Pride! 15th voted out 6th place
6th jury member
Lady Lambdadelta Griffon Mishawaka Erasmus Erasmus Satori Erasmus Pride! 16th voted out 5th place
7th jury member
het Erasmus Erasmus Erasmus Erasmus Griffon Erasmus Pride! 17th voted out 4th place
8th jury member
Haschel Cedricson Griffon Griffon Griffon Pride! 1st voted out
Returned to Game
8th voted out
Returned to game
Runner Up
2nd place
Elias_the_thief Erasmus Griffon Griffon Erasmus Griffon Erasmus Pride! Runner Up 2nd place
PrivateI Griffon Mishawaka Griffon Griffon Satori Griffon Pride! 6th voted out
Returned to game
Sole Survivor
1st place

Round Summaries

Day 1

Round 1

The game started with a total of 17 players. The first challenge was a Reward Challenge with the goal of allowing everyone to meet each other. The first challenge was called People Scavenger Hunt. Before the game started Players were sent a survey where they identify different traits about themselves (Have they visited Big Bend National Park? Have they ever been hypnotized? Do they have more than 5 tattoos?). There exists a perfect set of answers where each player is correctly matched with a trait they identified with. Players will be given 10 minutes to try and find as many correct answers as they can. Answers will be written on paper and need to be submitted on a designated table (to determine order). Scoring will be based on number of correct answers with ties broken by order submitted. Deasvail won this challenge granting himself a Safety Without Power for a round and becoming Spared. Players then divided themselves up into duos only being told that they should pick a player they want to compete in Reward Challenges with for the rest of the day. The duos were:

Skelda and Lady Lambdadelta Pickemgenius and Kdowns Cephrir and Deathnote VashtaNeurotic and PrivateI McMenno and Mallowgeno Elias_the_thief and Mina het and TheStatusQuo Malkon05 and Haschel Cedricson

Each duos scores were then added together and the winning duo got to draft the tribes. Skelda and Lady Lambdadelta were the highest scoring duo and drafted the tribes. Each duo needed to be separated during the tribe draft.

On Erasmus, wearing Blue: Skelda McMenno Kdowns Elias_the_thief het VashtaNeurotic Cephrir Malkon05

On Griffon, wearing Red: Lady Lambdadelta Mallowgeno Pickemgenius Mina TheStatusQuo PrivateI Deathnote Haschel Cedricson

Following the Reward Challenge, players immediately played in the Immunity Challenge Spot the Difference Each tribe will get up to 3 minutes to walk into a room and observe the space and take any notes. Once the tribe calls "STOP" they must all close their eyes and be escorted out of the room. After 3 minutes, the production team will come in and change 5 items in the room. This could be turning an object a different orientation, changing a painting on a wall, or completely removing something from the room. Then, the players will have 2 minutes to enter the room, quickly note anything that changed, and come up with a list of 5 items that changed. The list needs to be specific (i.e. just saying "lamp" is not satisfactory, you must say "lamp was turned off" or some variation). The tribe that gets the most items correct will win. If there is a tie, the tribe that spent the least time observing the room will win.

The challenge was very close with both tribes getting 3 out of 5 items correct. Erasmus wins immunity using only 7 guesses. Griffon used 8 guesses with the last guess coming in the last second costing them immunity. On the Griffon tribe, players had roughly 15 minutes to discuss a vote. When heading to the backyard to scramble, Haschel tries to form a quick alliance with PEG. PEG, Monty, Mina, and LLD meet up to discuss the vote where PEG leaks Haschel's quick alliance to the group which quickly snowballs into a Haschel vote. When Haschel gets wind of this he tries to spur up a vote on LLD claiming she could be a very dangerous player coming up. Others agree she could turn out to be a strong force in the game but with a Redemption Mechanic guaranteed to be in play, don't want to take the shot to get her out just yet.

At Tribal Council the End of the Rainbow Shop is revealed to the players in the voting booth. Using coins, players can purchase items and advantages to help them in the game. At this point, no one has enough money to purchase anything but discussion of the items starts to shake up the game. The Tribal Council ends with a unanimous vote to remove Haschel from the game.

Round 2

Players are told to get back into their initial duos for a Reward Challenge. With Malkon losing his duo partner, Haschel, DV and Malkon become a new duo. This next challenge is Tug of War Bracket. Duos will randomly be assigned opponents in a 2v2 tug of war battle. Once a team loses, they are immediately eliminated. Winners will compete against other winners. The last duo standing wins and gets to draft the tribes! Cephrir and Deathnote win this challenge and get to pick another duo to join them. They pick PEG and Kdowns and become the new Satori tribe wearing Yellow. In 2nd place, Shea and Het pick Menno and Mallow and become the new Erasmus tribe. In 3rd place, LLD and Ceph pick Monty and Menno and become the new Mishawaka tribe, wearing Orange. Lastly Malkon, DV, Arlen, and Mina make up the last tribe, Griffon.

The challenge is revealed to be a Wits and Wagers Tribes are given 20 total coins. Players will be given trivia questions based of MS Survivor and Site history. Each tribe will put up a player to bet for their tribe. each player must bet twice, with ten total rounds: the trivia answers will be ordered from least to greatest; any similar answers will be placed on top of each other. Players will then be given the opportunity to bet up to 10 coins on any of the answers splitting how they see fit. with 5 answers, the center answer will pay 1:1. the second answers (around the center) pay 3:1. the outliers pay 5:1. with 3 or 4 answers, the center answers pay 1:1 and the outside answers pay 3:1. with 2 answers, only the winning answer pays 3:1. the player who has the closest answer will also receive 5 chips. Additionally, it is revealed to the players that they are not competing against each other, but against the first eliminated player, Haschel. Haschel is known for being excellent at Trivia so the tribes are worried about their chances. If Haschel scores more points against a tribe, that tribe will go to Tribal Council. Only one Tribal Council will be held where all players will vote together, meaning if multiple tribes lose to Haschel, they all go to Tribal Council together. If all tribes beat Haschel, the lowest performing tribe will go to Tribal Council.

During the challenge, tribes are separated and cannot watch the challenge progress. During the challenge, Haschel was performing poorly, boosting morale among the players. However, on question 7, the second to last question, Haschel makes a leap placing himself above every tribe. It all comes down to the last question. While in last, the Griffon tribe realizes they are most likely going to tribal no matter what. While Malkon is sent to answer the final question, Arlen, Mina, and DV discuss voting him out if they find themselves alone at Tribal Council. The last question comes down to just a few chips, but tribes manage to regain their leads, just beating out Haschel, all except the Griffon tribe. At Tribal Council, there is not much room for the 4 players to hide. Malkon makes a pitch during Tribal Council to take out Mina outlining how threatening she can be. However, the decision made during the challenge sticks with Malkon being voted out in a 3-1 vote where his vote actually ends up on Arlen.

Round 3

Players reconvene in the living room for a digital challenge of Bracketeering. A Jackbox game where players answer prompts then have their answers go head to head in a public vote. The winners receive gold coins and the chance to redraw the tribes. Arlen wins meaning he and Mina decide the new tribe make up. DV, once again having no duo parter, is spared and is safe for the round.

On Griffon: Arlen Thestatusquo Kdowns McMenno PrivateI Deathnote Skelda

On Erasmus: Mina Het PEG Mallowgeno VashtaNeutrotic Cephrir LLD

Following an indoor challenge, the next challenge is an intense outdoor race to find flags in Capture The Flag. 1 player from each tribe will be tasked with hiding 5 flags around the outside of the house. They cannot dig but can hide under things and cannot be off the property line. Once they have finished hiding everything, they must be isolated (to prevent them from sharing where the opposite tribe's flags are). Players must drop off flags as they find them. The tribe that finds all their opponents flags fastest wins immunity. Kdowns and Mallowgeno are sent to hide flags for their tribes. Once the players go on searching, within the first 10 minutes, no flags are found. Vash finds the first flag at the 12 minute mark at a spot close to the starting line. Erasmus keeps the lead for the challenge with another flag found by Vash and the challenge ends 3 - 2 with Erasmus winning immunity The locations of the rest of the flags are discovered to confirm the hiders followed the rules.

During tribal, discussions around LLD's influence start cropping up despite LLD not being on the tribe. Already, players are worried about the alliances she could have and want to start picking them off if they can't go after her herself.

--to be continued--

Day 2

Day 3