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Survivor: Risk vs. Reward

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Survivor: Risk vs. Reward [1]
Year: 2022 Best Social Game Award
ORG/LSG Format: Off-Site Forum
Type: Anonymous
Players: 20
Moderator(s): Thestatusquo, D3f3nd3r, Skelda
LSG List Mod: Cephrir
Winner(s): Mist7676
Runner-Up(s): emrysmoonchild, Ethel
Standard classification.


Player Original Tribe Swap Tribe 2nd Swap Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
Chris Cheney
Cheery Dog
Safety 1st Voted Out
20th Place
Jar Jar Binks
Safety 2nd Voted Out
19th Place
Risk 3rd Voted Out
18th Place
Percy Jackson
Safety 3rd Voted Out
18th Place
Tony Hawk
Risk Ambition 4th Voted Out
16th Place
Risk Avarice 5th Voted Out
15th Place
flow trap
Safety Greed 6th Voted Out
14th Place
Risk Ambition Stability 7th Voted Out
13th Place
Lady Lambdadelta
Safety Ambition Security 8th Voted Out
12th Place
Marie Antoinette
Safety Avarice Stability 8th Voted Out
11th Place
Maria Pita
Safety Avarice Stability Actualize 1st Juror
10th Place
Clara Oswald
Risk Avarice Security Actualize 2nd Juror
9th Place
Detective Gumshoe
Risk Ambition Security Actualize 3rd Juror
8th Place
Safety Ambition Stability Actualize 4th Juror
7th Place
Gideon Nav
Safety Greed Stability Actualize 5th Juror
6th Place
Risk Greed Security Actualize 6th Juror
5th Place
Michel Lotito
Safety Ambition Security Actualize 7th Juror
4th Place
Wendy Darling
Risk Avarice Security Actualize 2nd Runner-up
3rd Place
Amelia Earhart
Risk Greed Stability Actualize Runner-up
2nd Place
Janet Yellen
Risk Greed Stability Actualize Sole Survivor
1st Place







Production summaries for Episodes 1-4 provided by coolcatjune.

Episode 1: The Journey Begins

Ten players find themselves drafted into groups of risk and reward. Some players are not happy with the group they find themselves in but introductions are made and alliances begin. There are some early group chats between Clara, Steve, and Amelia on Risk. Furiosa and Clara bond early but Furiosa wants to keep their relationship secret. Janet Yellen’s character choice is not pleasant for everyone, mainly Furiosa and Steve. Risk wins the Scavenger Hunt by 2 items, and Chris Cheney is sent home for lack of activity. Michel Lotito receives interesting tree-mail since he found the most items from the scavenger hunt. In exchange for throwing the challenge, he will receive a reward of some sort!

Episode 2

Risk has an amazing performance at the challenge! Will the Hanabi 4 (Amelia, Tony, Kiku, Gandalf) become a real alliance? Unfortunately this means Safety is at their second tribal. The votes are 7-1 with Jar Jar Binks going home.

Notable mentions: Members of Risk are starting to catch on that Clara might be overplaying. Furiosa and Steve are bonding over sharing information about what Clara is doing. I should also mention Michel Lolito won a selfless idol! He can play it on anyone but himself.

Episode 3

Survivors are getting antsy for a swap, especially after it’s revealed there won’t be tribal immunity this round.

For Safety:

Some key alliances are shaping up. Lolito, Maria Pita, Sif, Gideon, and Marie are on “People without Hats” alliance. Due to a slip up of information, Sif, HTS, Maria, and Lolito have formed a side alliance that becomes somewhat real. HTS is seemingly unaware of the larger alliance and believes this side alliance is the real deal. HTS's position on the tribe is improving with many people wanting to keep them around. Michel Lolito wins immunity and further cements a power position. Gideon and Michel share a nice personal moment that may be the start of a truly longstanding alliance. Only time will tell. There’s some discussion that the votes should be split for chaos reasons. Marie and Percy voted Gebura for a 5-2 vote to send Percy home. Gebura is aware that Marie voted for him and tensions between these two players continue to rise.

For Risk:

Risk goes to their first tribal council where Janet Yellen is immune. While there’s some discussion, it seems like an easy decision for most people to vote out Kiku due to lack of activity. Amelia, Tony, Kiku, Gandalf do have the Hanabi 4 and although Kiku pleads with them to keep him, he is not convincing enough. Kiku goes after Furiosa, a well connected player but one that most people feel they cannot trust. Gandalf mentioned feeling wary of Clara due to her withholding information. Current alliances: Furiosa/Gandalf/Wendy, FaCTS (Furiosa/Clara/Tony/Steve), Clever Girls (Furiosa/Clara/Wendy/Amelia). Gandalf and Furiosa are each other's closest allies.The votes are 9-1 Kiku with Kiku voting Furiosa.

Oh but what’s this? Because Gebura received some intriguing tree mail. As players are about to go into a swap, Gebura can choose to be swapped with a player of their choice or they can go to exile island for a round and join the first tribe that loses a member. Gebura chooses exile.

Notable Mentions

Furiosa has switched besties 3 times now. Not a girl's girl though.

Players in the danger zone

  • Gebura
  • Marie
  • Janet Yellen
  • Gumshoe

Can they turn it around with the upcoming swap???

On the Up & Up:

  • Gandalf, HTS, Wendy


Things are not looking good from the exterior for old Safety tribe members. Every tribe is 3:2. 
Gebura’s reward on Exile is the ability to message one player from each of the 3 tribes. She chooses to message Janet Yellen, Gumshoe, and Clara.

First impressions

  • Amelia doesn’t love who she swapped into, since she didn’t swap with either Steve, Wendy, or Gandalf.
Furiosa believes that Risk players will stick together to avoid a Safety majority.
  • Gebura and Gideon both believe that Janet is at the top of the old Risk tribe.
  • Steve is happy that he is paired with Clara and indifferent about being with Wendy. Thinks Maria Pita and Marie might be a duo. However, Maria Pita is not thrilled to be swapped with Marie.
  • Michel shares that he has the selfless idol with HTS.
  • Furiosa and Sif have formed an initially strong connection. Furiosa is thinking about a four person alliance with Gideon, Sif, and Amelia, booting Janet.

The challenge

Ambition is sent to Tribal Council after a 3 minute higher average than Greed and Avarice.

The votes

The votes shake out to 3-2 between HtS and Tony Hawk. Michel Lolito plays the selfless idol for HTS and Tony Hawk goes home. Gebura has joined the Ambition tribe.


Wendy was commended by some jurors for displaying good game awareness and bringing a fresh perspective and "forc[ing] the meta to change around [her]." Other jurors questioned her impact and agency, as well as jury management. Wendy was also criticized her for missing participating in an immunity challenge. Wendy received 1 vote in the end, from a juror who indicated being proud of her play.

Amelia was commended by some jurors for revealing a moving emotional journey in her opening speech and for her superior social game. Other jurors question her strategic achievements and how she decided who she was going to the end with. Amelia received 2 votes from jurors who admired her heart-on-her sleeve style and the growth as a player she displayed during the game.

Janet was commended by some jurors for dominant post-merge gameplay. Other jurors criticized her jury management and "one-note" gameplay with challenge performance and weaker pre-merge play. Janet received 4 votes, all of which expressed that Janet's style of play seemed to embody the game's theme the best of the finalists.

Spectator Awards

  • Most Engaging Confessional: Furiosa
  • Fan Favorite: Hunt-the-Strong
    • 2nd place: Gebura
  • Most Unlucky: Gandalf & Hunt-the-Strong
  • Most Cutthroat: Furiosa
  • Most Wholesome: Amelia
  • Best Game Played Not in the Finale: Furiosa
  • Best Dynamic Duo: Michel Lotito & Hunt-the-Strong