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The Other Forum Games Portal:
MafiaScum has a bustling Other Forum Games subforum, focusing on non-mafia games. Mish Mash is a common umbrella term that describes these other games due to the wide variety available. Users are constantly thinking up new creations to enjoy! We also have a subsection dedicated to larger-scale ORGs/Large Social Games such as Survivor and Big Brother. These LSGs have 12 or more players and focus on outlasting other competitors through social interactions and completing challenges. Read further to learn more!

There are currently 76 Mish Mash pages and 34 Large Social Games pages on the MafiaWiki.

General Mish Mash (Other Forum) Games:

Casual Mish Mash Games

Casual games have no set list of players and tend to be very informal. They can range from as simple to pasting what's on your device's clipboard to solving challenging puzzles and mysteries. These are less likely to have an accompanying wiki article, but are well-documented in the Mish Mash Rules & Games List.

Category:Casual Mish Mash Games

Business Casual Mish Mash Games

Business Casual games do have a strict queue or list of players and vary in complexity. The currently active Business Casual games get documented in the Mish Mash Rules & Games List. These games can be competitive, cooperative or both, and can include other social deduction games and Mafia Mutations. Most articles in the Mish Mash hub of the wiki pertain to Business Casual games.

Some of the most common Business Casual games fall into these categories:

Category:Telephone Pictionary

Board Game Adaptations (Mish Mash)

Category:Mish Mash Game Show Adaptations

All Mish Mash Games

Category:Mish Mash

For information on all the game types under the Whole Sort of General Mish Mash umbrella, explore the category above! To participate in a Mish Mash game, check out the individual threads in the Whole Sort of General Mish Mash forum.

Large Social Games

Large Social Games by Type

Category:Completed Survivor Games

Survivor is the most popular Large Social Game/ORG on MafiaScum. Formats can vary between one-night live games and larger games that take a few months. To date, the MafiaScum community has hosted four in-person Survivor games in the United States.

The other most common Large Social Games/ORGs run on MafiaScum include Big Brother, The Challenge, Endurance, The Genius and The Mole.

Category:Completed Big Brother Games

Category:Completed Other Large Social Games

All Large Social Games

Category:Large Social Games

This hub of the wiki covers different format types for ORGs/Large Social Games, and has various sub-categories of completed game records. To sign up to play a Large Social Game, check out the ORGs and Large Social Games subforum to see what's in signups or contact a List Mod to get on the new signup contact list.



What is the difference between an Anonymous and a non-Anonymous Large Social Game?

In an Anonymous game, the cast plays under aliases. There are additional rules put in place for players, mods and spectators to follow to help retain anonymity for the cast. Players typically are not allowed to hint at their own or other's possible identities, and may not state/imply whether they're in an ongoing game to other users. MafiaScum specializes in Anonymous ORGs/Large Social Games.

Category:Completed Anonymous Large Social Games

In a Non-Anonymous game, the cast plays under their normal MafiaScum usernames. Non-anonymous games on MafiaScum are more likely to be in a live or meet-up format.

Category:Completed Non-Anonymous Large Social Games

For other terminology, see the Large Social Game Glossary.

How can I assist with contributing to these sections of the wiki?

In general, keep an eye out for information on the forum that might be helpful to also have on the wiki. If you see information that may be outdated, you are welcome to update this yourself. Using the Requesting Assistance templates can help with getting attention from a volunteer wiki contributor if that's needed.

One great way to help is to create and improve upon existing records of completed games. For Large Social Games, see here for some guidance.