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Survivor: Pantheon

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Survivor: Pantheon [1]
Year: 2021
ORG/LSG Format: Off-Site Forum
Type: Anonymous
Players: 21
Moderator(s): VashtaNeurotic, CreativeMod1, PrivateI
LSG List Mod: Cephrir
Winner(s): Mist7676, Noraa
Runner-Up(s): Aronis
Complex classification.

This game has been classified as Complex.

Survivor: Pantheon is an anonymous Large Social Game which took place between June 22nd, 2021 and Aug 21, 2021. All blame can be forwarded to VashtaNeurotic, Creativemod1, and PrivateI.
The hydra Maat and Hathor ( Mist7676 and Noraa ) defeated the son of god Jesus himself ( Aronis ) in a 5-4 vote.

Forum link: MS thread link here

Bullshit Categories

Divine Interventions: Dis bullshit was a known list of horrible events the moderators would inflict on the players. Bullshit included playing The Apprentice instead of Survivor and the last three eliminated players returning for a round with votes. The mods also gave out Tokens that could increase the chances of an event or veto two events, and seemed surprised the players used them to veto their bullshit.

  • Pyramus and Thisbe: "This round you will only be allowed to talk to people on the OTHER tribes in the game. Including during Tribal Council."
    This forced players to hide from 12 people instead of just 6 and Chaos got eliminated when he couldn't talk to his tribe.
  • Lent: "In this round, if the players/tribe going to Tribal Council choose, they can NOT cast a vote, in exchange for an extra vote which can be cast until the Final Eight Tribal Council."
    This was great for the Hitorigami players since they couldn't stop going to tribal. This resulted in 11 votes in the Final 8 unfairly bullying Deimos.
  • The Prophet's Hadith: "tl;dr everyone picks a person. If two people pick each other they get a Steal-A-Vote good until Final 7 Tribal Council. If there are any unmatched picks on a person no one gets an item. For example, if Tom picks Carrie, Carrie picks Tom, and Reynold picks Tom, Carrie would receive a Steal-A-Vote, no one else involved would."
    This bullshit had 9 clarifications on what happens if you steal a stolen vote or a double-voter's vote. Because this happened in the 3 tribes of 5 stage multiple people failed to get steal-a-votes because allies didn't know they were being picked, or because Bilious is a bully to Deimos.
  • The Moirai: "Cast a Moirai vote. This vote will take effect at the Final 9 Tribal Council if you are alive, in addition to your F9 vote."
    This bullshit was invented to bully Jael because being mean to xofelf is fun. Because everyone knew Jael had 5 votes on them already people treated them like a dead person walking. This backfired when Jael played a bullshit idol and Cerberus went home with 13 votes.
  • Tower of Babel: "For the next Challenge Phase you must communicate using a language assigned to you by the mods and google translate." This didn't do anything but it was very funny.
  • The Year of Two Winters: "This next tribal the mods will create a list of the players, and you will only be able to talk to the players immediately above and below you on the list."
    Jael used a Token to increase the odds of this twist when they thought they were being eliminated, and then got voted out because Jael couldn't talk to anyone.

Player Controlled Swaps: Every swap was determined by player actions, whether they were aware of it or not.

  • Greed Swap: Challenge 4 was a Google form offering an idol clue if you were one of the 9 people who 'took the most rubies' but warning taking fewer rubies would award a tribe immunity. What players didn't realize is with 18 people in the game, this was a 9/9 swap with the 9 greediest people going to tribal on one side. Fili and Kili were unjustly punished for streaming their pulls to youtube by not submitting their ungreedy answer fast enough, getting no idol clue and still going to the Greed tribe.
  • Draft Swap: After Challenge 6, a special What Were You Thinking round was held. Players publicly picked one of 3 tribes to join with pick order determined by challenge score. If your score was low you could also be bumped.
  • Provider/Receiver Swap: This wasn't discovered until postgame, but Challenge 8 asked players to pair up to give runes and receive the instructions. The next swap put all Providers on one side and Receivers on the other, with sit-outs going to the smaller tribe. The mods cruelly wanted players to pick their closest allies on tribe to pair up with and be torn from, which worked pretty much as intended.


Player Tribe 1 Tribe 2 Tribe 3 Tribe 4 Tribe 5 Position
Hitorigami 1st vote
21st Place
flow trap
Hitorigami 2nd vote
20th Place
Hitorigami 3rd vote
19th Place
Titans Taotie 4th vote
18th Place
The Radiance
Jotunn Taotie 5th vote
17th Place
Fili and Kili
CaptainMeme and entreri
Hitorigami Taotie 6th vote
16th Place
Titans White Tiger Rusalka 7th vote
15th Place
Cheery Dog
Hitorigami Taotie Valkyrie 8th vote
14th Place
Jotunn White Tiger Valkyrie Vanara 9th vote
13th Place
Jotunn White Tiger Rusalka Vanara 10th vote
12th Place
Courage White Tiger Valkyrie Rakshasa Camelot 11th vote
11th Place, 1st Juror
Hitorigami White Tiger Duende Vanara Camelot 12th vote
10th Place, 2nd Juror
Save The Dragons
Titans Taotie Duende Rakshasa Camelot 13th vote
9th Place, 3rd Juror
Phobos and Deimos
Sirius9121 and Shadoweh
Titans Taotie Duende Vanara Camelot 14th vote
8th Place, 4th Juror, 1st Flop
Jotunn White Tiger Duende Rakshasa Camelot 15th vote
7th Place, 5th Juror
Titans White Tiger Rusalka Rakshasa Camelot 16th vote
6th Place, 6th Juror
Titans White Tiger Duende Rakshasa Camelot 17th vote
5th Place, 7th Juror
Hitorigami Taotie Valkyrie Vanara Camelot 18th vote
4th Place, 8th Juror
Titans Taotie Rusalka Vanara Camelot 19th vote
3rd Place, Final Juror
Jotunn White Tiger Rusalka Rakshasa Camelot Runner Up
Matt and Hathor
Mist7676 and Noraa
Jotunn Taotie Valkyrie Rakshasa Camelot Sole Survivors


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