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The Content Portal:
Over the years the MafiaWiki has built up a sizeable collection of content related to either the Game of Mafia or the MafiaScum Forum's community. To keep things organised and easy to locate we have split this content up into various sections, each of these sections having its own designated portal containing further sub-portals branching out into categories. On this page you will find the most important portals (also known as the "Featured portals"), each featured portal will provide you with the means to find the information you seek.

At present, there exist 7 portals. Of these, 3 are featured portals.

Setups Portal
Each game of Mafia is unique, and not only as a result of the players involved; Power Roles often are handed out randomly, each role having unique abilities that can effect a game's state in varying ways. Moderators of games have long experimented with these roles, trying to create unique experiences without disadvantaging any Faction. Combinations of these roles are called "Setups". In this portal you'll be able to find many of these, allowing you to borrow them for your own games or be inspired for the creation of more. Watch out however! Not all setups may be balanced or enjoyable.
Roles Portal
Most games of Mafia include randomly assigned abilities called Power Roles. You can get protective roles (possibility to block the scum factional-kill), communication-enhancing roles (the Neighbouriser is a role which lets you create a private thread to communicate in with a player of choice), and many more. By adding roles to mafia it gains an additional aspect of play, and depending on the roles present the results can be influential to a game's outcome. You'll find a large collection of roles here sorted by type, feel free to utilise them in your own games, or go ahead and create your own!
Theory Portal
Mafia is a game of cunning, intellect, and deception. Each game a new challenge for each individual present. It helps to have an understanding of certain concepts to equip yourself against these challenges. In this portal you will find pages containing such useful information: Improve your ability to analyse and reason by studying some of the Logical Fallacies here, or learn how to spot and use a Gambit. Perhaps you may wish to browse what some deem common tells for various things such as alignment and Role. Regardless of how skilled and experienced you are at this game a firm foundation of the theory behind it can only help to improve the quality of your play.
Articles Portal
Mafia being as diverse as it has lead to many different approaches to the game. For instance, when aligned with the Town and attempting to hunt Scum certain players may analyse people's tone, where as others will resort to analysis of other's logic seeking possible contradictions. Even as scum play differs, some tend to lie low and others will actively be trying to manipulate all to do their bidding. The articles portal contains a variety of different views on the game written by users of our forum. Read them to learn new ways of approaching familiar situations, or simply to improve your play in certain aspects. If you seek to improve your play this is the place to be.
Moderation Portal
Without our Game-Moderators it wouldn't be possible for anyone to play Mafia on our forums. A moderator is somebody who runs a game of Mafia, he is the one responsible for the Setup, Role distribution, the resolution of Night Actions, the creation of Vote-counts, and optionally the Flavour of a game. All players are dependant on the moderators, and we are very thankful of those that invest time and effort into the smooth operation of our games. If you wish to moderate a game you may find information useful for you in this portal: standardised rule-sets for games, formats for various posts, role-PM's, etc. can all be located here.
Mish-Mash Portal
Mafia isn't the only game us Scummers play! There is a multitude of others games available to play on our forums. We call these Mish-Mash due to the huge variety available, and our users are consantly thinking up new creations to enjoy. Play a forum adaptation of Survivor, a social-game where you play to outwit and outlast your opponents. Perhaps indulge yourself in the endlessly entertaining Telephone Pictionary, also known by some as "Eat poop you cat!". Or for those seeking an intellectual challenge we have even got a chess-plugin installed on our forum. This portal contains information on all of this and more.
Scummies Portal
Each year a committee consisting of volunteers undertakes the daunting task of holding our forum's very on adaptation of the Grammies; we call them the Scummies. Here we award players for outstanding performance in games, for memorable moments, for being a great contributor to the site, or for tremendous creativity. This portal will provide you with the means to locate past Scummy ceremonies, as well as providing you with an overview of all awards handed out on specific years. The Scummies are an important part of our site's culture, if you wish to contribute to them yourself please volunteer!
Scummers Portal
Our forum wouldn't be the place it is today without all our community. Each of our users (also known as a Scummer) is given a page on the MafiaWiki, free to do anything with as they will. Many place information about themselves here, or their achievements or the site. This portal shall eventually contain all scummers, and information regarding the various groups on the site. Information regarding our forum's is also located here. Don't understand some reference we make? Chances are you may find out what we're on about here... well,... only if the Tigers don't get to the information first.