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Beanbagboy is a scummer that joined the forum originally on the 16th of April, 2007, but due to a crash, he had to reregister on the 20th of April.


Newbie 356: Lynched Day 3, Mafia. Moderator: Spectrumvoid

Thoughts: I did a great job of acting townie, but my downfall was my NKs. I killed a claimed doc, proving many others innocent and I got unlucky with a cop. (Coincedentally, it was Coppélia.)

Newbie 350, AKA Who wears Short Shorts?: Survived, Mafia. Moderator: MeMe

Thoughts: A townie voted for another townie, I jumped on the bandwagon and so did my partner, Lianshi. Simple. Effective.

Mini 443: Ongoing, TownOrAtLeastThat'sWhatHeWantsYouToThink. Moderated by Ectomancer.

Thoughts: Game now, I'm attached to this Mini, it's my first real game.

Mini 447: Killed Night 0. Town. Moderated by blahgo.

Thoughts: Worst game EVER! [/comicbookguy]

Mini Theme 446, Voting Madness: Alive, TownOrAtLeastThat'sWhatHeWantsYouToThink. Moderated by Machiavellian-Mafia

Thoughts: Amazing theme idea.

Mini 449: Alive, TownOrAtLeastThat'sWhatHeWantsYouToThink. Moderated by ~N9V~.

Thoughts: I had forgotten I was in this game, lol.

Newbie 375: Alive, TOALTWHWYTT. Moderated by Mr Stoofer.

Thoughts: Jack confused me.

Mafia 64 (the new C9): Alive, TOALTWHWYTT. Moderated by LoudmouthLee.

Thoughts: Great idea, makes me want to make a C9 for mini games.

Fun Facts

Beanbagboy is frequently referred to as BBB because his name is long and hard to type.

BBB's counterpart is Coppelia, and they both joined on the same days (both times). They are currently working on a top secret game to be moderated around July, maybe later, at which point they will have been players for three months and then eligible for moderating.

BBB is not from mars. He is not a flying cow, although he plays one on TV.

He isn't secretly Dudley Do-Right, either. He's just the Narrator.

BBB also does not have a secret stash of chocolates under his bed. The monsters would eat them, anyway.

BBB takes pride in the fact that he is very, very, weird in MeatWorld.

BBB learned a few weeks ago that Crappie is a type of fish.

He frequently wonders what it would be like to be a number. Their cellphone contacts would be very interesting, right? Like, there's factors, multiple, pythagorean triples, powers and roots, etc. Maybe their phone number is their name...

He thinks the idea of Pythagorean triples like 3, 4, and 6 running through a meadow holding hands is hysterically funny. It's so funny because it's the wrong triple! It's 3, 4, and 5!

His friends think his "number humor" is strange, saying: "Number humor? Oh, two is funnier than three! Hah, ha!"

Even though he wrote the whole page himself, he refers to himself continually in the third person as to make it encyclopedia-y.

Beanbagboy also smells. Really bad. So, I would keep away from him if I were you.

Beanbagboy would like to point out that Aimee smells more. She wrote that.

Aimee would like to point out she does smell more. More wonderful, that is.

BBB thinks Aimee is thinking about this because she wants Captain Underpants to like her.

That's just because BBB is Captain Underpants. At least in disguise.

BBB thinks that Aimee is "O.O"