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Current Games (Playing)

Large Normal Games:

Mafia 75: Return of the Mafia!

Large Theme Games

Diablo III: The Black Fang

Enigma Mi

Hot Potato Mafia

Mushroom Kingdom Mafia

Pikmin Mafia

Mini Theme Games

Mini 603: Unorthodox Venture

Mini 613: Ferris Wheel Mafia

Mini 625: Essential Liberties Mafia

Mini 629: Reality Mafia

Newbie Games

Newbie 606

Mish Mash Games


Elect the Executioner

Fantasy Big Brother League (also Modding)

Haunted Mansion: The Island

Hero's Quest: Melar's Maze

Nomic: Using White Rabbit's Rules (also Modding)

Realistic Roleplaying Game

Requiem Mass - HM

Rock Canyon

Roll to Dodge

Russian Roulette

Stock Ticker Elimination

The Labyrinth

Walk on the Beach

Current Games (Modding)

Mish Mash Games

Elect the Executioner 2

Haunted Mansion 5: The Death in Hallows

Kelly Chen's Deterministic Big Brother

Finished Games (Playing)

Large Normal Games

Mafia 71: The Corsican Syndicate (Townie, Lost) - This game was fun, I voted for the right player and got lynched for it... The game had an Arsonist and a Mafia Poisoner.

Mafia 76: Desperate Mafia (Mafia, Lost) - I played kinda stupid. I don't know what more to say.

Open 53: Near-Vanilla (Mafia, game still in progression)

Large Theme Games

Dynamite Stick Mafia (Townie, Won) - This game was fun! I love how the town won with one townie left.

Food Fight Mafia (Nola Gran, Lost) - DrippingGoofball put a new spin on voting. Sadly it didn't work out for me, or the town...

Random Mafia 3 (Paranoid Townie, Won) - I liked this game. It turns out if I had been targetted four times, I would have become a Serial Killer...and I was already treading in deep water...

Realistic Mafia (Townie, game still in progression)

Mini Normal Games

Mini 499: Just Your Typical Mafia Game (Backup, Won) - I was lynched first, but the town won anyway.

Mini 512: Mafia Sans Vanille (Mafia, Won) - This was my biggest mistake EVER. I didn't know what 'sans' meant, so when we massclaimed, I claimed vanilla townie. Still, Aegor was able to win it.

Open 45: Baby Too Much Scum (Serial Killer, Lost) - I was practically dead by the time I replaced in. I did a decent readthrough too...

Open 46: Strawberry (Mafia, Won) - I was lynched day 2, but the scum still won it for us.

Mini Theme Games

Mini 503: Dead People have Powers (Townie, ???) - This game was weird...I don't even know who won.

Mini 514: Emperor Mafia (Serial Killer, Abandoned) - I really liked this game, I wish it hadn't been abandoned...this was my first time as Serial Killer...too bad I didn't get to kill anyone...

Mini 520: Triumvirate Mafia (Mafia, Abandoned) - This game was hard. I wouldn't want to be town in this game.

Mini 524: Short and Sweet Mafia 2 (Hedgewitch, Won) - Lynched early in game. Some confusing posts.

Mini 535: Pick your Poison 2 (Cop, Won) - This game frustrated me. I only dug myself a deeper hole by claiming Cop.

Mini 540: Nightmare (Star Dancer, Lost) - This game was really weird. I really messed things up for myself on Day 1. The players in this game were a really good bunch though.

Mini 544: Keyboard Mafia (?, Abandoned) - There were a lot of confusing roles in this game. Sad it was abandoned.

Mini 557: Contagion (Research Scientist, Lost) - Almost everyone in this game disliked me, but I somehow made it to the last 5. Sadly, believed the Mafia's false mason claim and I infected the wrong person.

MIni 561: R-1000 Mafia (Charles Darwin, Researcher/Townie, Lost) Eh, we got a lot of false suspicions. It turns out the mafia were lurking, and they were on my suspect list too!

Newbie Games

Newbie 443 (Townie, Lost): First game. Bad things happened to town: two newbie scummy players (me and True Serf) and d3sisted fake-claimed cop as town...yeah, scum won easily...

Newbie 527 (Mafia, Lost): This was weird. I thought I was lynched, but for some reason I claimed town. I hadn't been lynched, and I didn't get lynched Day 1, but the town came to their senses and lynched me Day 2.

Newbie 543 (Townie, Won): 100 newbie games after my first game...I IC'd in this one. Town one flawlessly.

Mish Mash Games

All-American Survivor (Lost) - I </3 Alliances.

Conspiracy (Won?) - The game had weird rules. I guess we won...

Dark Opera (Game still in progression)

Deadly Game Show (Lost, game still in progression) - I wouldn't have lost yet if it wasn't for the random tiebreakers...

Endurance 2: Asshat Island (Lost, game still in progression) - Me and Wizardcat may have played the game a little heavily. Anyway, we were out first.

Ferris Wheel 2: Merry-Go-BOOM (Lost) - killed for being a lurker. Oh boo.

Haunted Mansion 2: Dark Carnival (Abandoned) - Oh Occult, you still exist, so where are you?

Haunted Mansion 3 (Abandoned) - Had potential. I died (yay). Might ask for setup from Grek.

Hot Consonants (Abandoned) - Some people didn't understand the rules. Like me.

Mole: Saboteur Strikes! (Abandoned) - From this small experience, I don't think I'm cut out for mole games.

Pass The Bomb (Abandoned) - This game had a good premise. Might try to revive it.

Playground Bullies (Abandoned) - Interesting game, too bad it was abandoned.

Prisoners' Dilemma (Abandoned) - this time we had "cellmates". Odd.

Ready Aim Fire! (Lost) - It's ready aim fire. What more can I say?

Ready Aim Fire! (Lost) - No, it's another game.

Screw The Players (Mafia, Lost) - I thought I could spam my way to winning. Sadly, I got caught up in a lynch, and players soon knew I was /in.

Screw The Players-Bad Idea (Town, Lost) - This game is similar to Dynamite Stick Mafia, in essence that the Mafia will always win Bad Idea games if there is no organization.

Supernova 2 (Abandoned) - It just couldn't make it. Kind of sad.

Survivor: Shadow Swamps (Lost) - Made it to Final Four, just didn't have the guts to betray people. Meh.

Survivor: Tundra of Thunder (Abandoned) - I was blindsided. I felt it coming too. (OOH OXYMORON)

Tactical Voting Competition (Abandoned) - This one had potential...might bring it back.

The Hunt (Won) - YAY! But I must admit, this was an auto win for anyone who got a big lead on the others.

Walk in the Park (Semi-Abandoned) - JDodge just gave it a happy ending. Would like to see a sequel.

Waving Guns Around 2 (Abandoned) - Grek didn't quite understand the rules. They were pretty confusing.

Finished Games (Modding)

Mini Normal Games

Open 70: Two of Four (b9) (Completed, town win)

Mish Mash Games

Haunted Mansion: Create-A-Mansion (Completed) - Yes! Success! I guess people really liked it. I put lots of twists in it.

How to Randomly Throw Stuff At Other People-The Game (Abandoned) - It would have been really awkward.

Image Editing Battle Game (Abandoned) - Two submissions...but I'll always remember Oman's phallic submission. (Yucky!)

Just Shoot Me! (Abandoned) - I thought the game was a good idea...

Works in Progress

Large Normal - Status: I'm in Stage 1 of reviewing. If all goes well, this game should be up by the end of August.

Mini Theme - Status: Thinking. I don't have any good ideas for a theme. Don't have a time set for this game yet.

Haunted Mansion: Reality Dawns - Status: Putting Together. I have a lot of confidence in this setup. Expect it after Haunted Mansion 5: A Death in Hallows ends. Hopefully, by October.

Information on the "What is Skitzer Thinking?" Club

Some people are confused by my playstyle (I don't exactly blame them)

So far, the club consists of:




curiouskarmadog (Pending - I don't know if I want him in this club yet.)