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2007 Scummies

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Overview of the 2007 Scummies Awards


Name: Reason: Winner: Games & Links:
This Award's Name Needs Improvement Most Improved Player Battle Mage
Johnny Cochrane Best Role Claim Gaspar for "Auguste Maquet" in California Trilogy - Dantès in Fresno
George W Bush Funniest Role Claim DrippingGoofball for "Loser" in Bastard Mod Mafia
Oscar Best Performance: Pro-Town Team Crub, LoudmouthLee, mneme, somestrangeflea, Stewie, Sefer, Glork, MrBuddyLee for Open 30: Fire and Ice!
Oscar Best Performance: Mafia petroleumjelly for Kingmaker II
Oscar Best Performance: Newbie Sudo_Nym for Newbie 328
National Organization Of Beginners Most Outstanding New Player vollkan for his flash tutorial
Professor Mafia Best Contribution to Mafia Discussion Kelly Chen
Paragon of Mafia Hunters Best Mafia Catcher Thesp
Don Corleone Most Cunning Manipulation Yosarian2
Hannibal Lecter Best SK al_kohaulec for Committee Mafia and Mini 463: Blandville 2
Name Should be in Orange Behind the Scenes Contribution Mr. Flay
Most Enjoyable Game Regular Best Large Game Mr Stoofer for Mafia 60: Face-to-Face
Most Enjoyable Game Mini Best Mini Game Maz Medias for Mini 470: Some Guys Are Trying To Kill You!
House of Cards Best Setup Kelly Chen for Assassin in the Palace
Paperback Writer "Tastiest Flavor" PookyTheMagicalBear for Mini 461: 24 Mafia