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Underworld Guy

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Player Profile

The Underworld Guy Is Death_Omen.

Regular player on who is so far playing a huge amount of games.

He (I) also has just gotten his modding powers and has signed up to mod a Little Italy game. However this will take a long time as the waiting list for mods is huge.

Death_Omen is a mysterious character and his name can be arranged in many different and weird smilies.




Games currently completed:

Newbie 375 -Role: Scum (Won), Mini Farkle Mafia -Role: Scum (lynched day 3), Mini Normal 475 -Role: Vig (Mod Abandonned), Mini Normal 474 -Role: Cop (Scums Won), Newbie 408 -Role: Townie (Townies Won). Mini Theme- Evil Genius Mafia -Role: Mafia Alligned RoleBlocker (Mafia Wins) Mini 510 Town Alligned - Day Mason (Mafia Wins)

Games currently in:

Mini 576 High School Mafia Modding: Mini 545 - The Last Stand Mafia