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  • Name: Michael Murphy
  • Student

Mafia stuff:
'Commonly Accepted Meta'

  • Very defensive
  • Very suspicious of people
  • Commonly mislyched early on for holding controversial opinions
  • Posts a lot

I am pretty bad at mafia :-(.

Memorable #mafia/scumchat games:
Pie_is_good 5/10/07, mafia with shea and thor, all 3 survived til end, got cop and doc lynched. Winning like 30 ss3's in a row versus two people in scum chat at one point... I think NAR and Justin? All the UPICKs I've modded (10-15 so far, in 2 week timespan).

Forum Game Stats

Record: 14 Wins :: 35 Games Finished.

Pro-Town Games

Record: 9 Wins :: 20 Games Finished.

Game Mod Setup Role Death? Result
Mini 425: Generic Western Mafia Sefer Closed Vanilla Town NKed N1 Mafia Win
I was "obviously town" and my replacement (for like a week or two) was NK'd night one despite his scumminess because of my actions. However, I didn't have great reads on the scum... I don't take much blame or credit for this one, though it is nice to get NK'd as vanilla and have the two power roles survive all game. I would definitely play in a Sefer-modded game again.
Mini 435: Julius Ceasar Mafia PBug Closed Vanilla Town Lynched D1 Abandoned
All's well that ends...?
Mini 416: AM Mafia Skruffs Closed Vanilla Town Lynched D4 Mafia Win
I replaced in, found one scum on my initial re-read, and then found the other scum due to his play at lylo. I represented this to the town, and was lynched for it. I may be a bit stubborn in this, but I blame the town (minus Jingolaw who played quite well), I found both scum and still got lynched, it is hard for me to accept fault for that. Oh -- and I didn't mention -- I had the opportunity to hammer one of the scum at LYLO, and noted this. People still mislynched me, even after I didn't hammer at LYLO. Quite a frustrating endgame for me. The only positive note I draw from this is it give credence and truth to my meta that I am always mislynched when scum hunting, and that I am pretty good at scum hunting. Props to Jack and especially Panzerjager for getting the town to believe that I was scum and winning what should have been an unwinnable endgame.
Mini 462: Just another game of Mafia mnowax Bastard/Closed Mason End-gamed Mafia Win
I replaced in at lylo with 2 NKs having occurred the night before. Neither dead player had a NK, so I assumed both remaining players had to have one. I had read the remaining townsperson as definitely pro-town, but that made zero sense with him not claiming to have a NK, and there being 2 NKs the previous night. I led to him being mislynched, and post-game the mod revealed that the mafia got a 'powerup', that gave them two NKs, and told them who the remaining power roles were. I don't see what I could have done to predict this and win the game, considering that the setup was a Mini "Normal". Oh well.
Mini 478: Simenon's Too Much Scum Simenon Open Vanilla Town NKed Night 1 by SK SK Win
Town got to endgame with SK, Rishi made the wrong choice. Town also quicklynched the confirmable town power role while I was away for three days. Meh.
Mini 461: "24" Mafia PookyTheMagicalBear Closed Vanilla Town Endgamed Mafia Win
This game sucked a lot. Yosarian2 won the game for the scum. Albert B. Rampage was the only one who trusted me in endgame, while petroleumjelly and ibaesha pushed for a mislynch of the last townie, despite Albert and I figuring out the scumgroup. This is the third time I have lost endgame as town despite having figured out the scum group. People really need to trust me more in endgame.
Open 29: C9 + 2 Mert C9 + 2 Vanilla Town Lynched D4 Mafia Win
The town lost the game for themselves, despite (imo) my good play and identifying the last scum at day 4 lylo. somestrangeflea placed someone he found an innocent result on at lynch -1, YogurtBandit refused to defend himself under threat of lynch, Rishi mislynched me day 4... The only props in this game go to Ripley who did well while alive, and Crub who did very well to convince Rishi into voting me... This is the fourth game I found scum at lylo and was mislynched.
Newbie 390 Mastermind_of_Sin C9 Vanilla Town Lynched Day 2 Mafia Win
The mafia didn't know they were mafia due to mod error. It made it kind of hard to find them.
Mini 489: Short and Sweet ibaesha Open Townie Survived Town win
First town win, wooh! Many players played well to get us the win; we played almost flawlessly. Fun game, I enjoyed it, more comments in the thread. Great setup, too.
Mafia 64: The New c9 LoudmouthLee Semi-Open Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 3 Town Win
Comments later.
Open 32: Pick Your Poison Thesp Open Vanilla Townie Survived Town Win
Best game for me as town, ever. I helped in great part to nail 2/3 of the scum, and was on the lynch of the third. People thought I was obvtown too; the scum tried to kill me. If only every game went that way =P.
Open 35: Big Love Lawrencelot Open Townie Replaced Out Mafia Win
Comments later.
Countdown of the Illuminati PookyTheMagicalBear Open Mason Daykilled D4 Town Win
Mini 527: Doom in Valencia Jenter Brolincani Closed Vanilla Townie NKed N1 Mafia Win
Mini 578: Mistery at Montescuro Claus Closed Naive Cop NKed N4 Werewolf Win
Mini 556: The Most Excellent People Ever Rosso Carne Closed  ? Survived Abandoned
Mini 569: Adel's Nightmare Adel Closed Tracker Variant Died N1, Resurrected, Survived Town Win
Enigma Mi Skruffs Closed Cop Survived Town Win
Mini 579: The Plagues of Egypt Undo Closed Townie Killed N1 Mafia Win
Mafia 68: Ork ShadowLurker Open Townie Lynched D5 Town Win
Open 97: Lovers Mafia andersonw Open Townie Lynched D1 Town Win
Mini 554: Mafia in Vollville Vollkan Closed Townie NKed N1 Town Win

Mafia Games

Record: 5 Wins :: 15 Games Finished.

Game Mod Setup Role Death? Result
Open 23: Masons and Monks JDodge Masons and Monks Mafia (with LSU Tiger Josh) Endgamed Werewolf win
Gah. Could easily have gotten a mafia win here, LSU wanted to kill one of the werewolves night one, and I presuaded him to change the kill. Even as scum, my scumdar needs to be fixed. I don't feel that bad for surviving 'til endgame; the town played quite badly and never lynched scum, LSU and I only lost because a townie (Sweenytod) helped the werewolves to lynch my partner just to end the game. Also, in fairness, I replaced in for NAR and didn't get lynched. :D
Open 24: Texas Justice Mafia IH/CrashTextDummie Texas Justice Mafia Mafia (with ThAdmiral and Whome?) N1 NK'd by inHimIshallbe Town win
I replaced into a situation where both my partners were up for lynch/N1 NK, and apparently my post "this game is too easy" reeked for scum to inHimIshallbe -- I mainatin I would have posted that anyways, but oh well. To my credit, I bussed both my partners and got two townies to kill my third "obvious" scum suspect -- who I really thought was scum before I replaced, lol. Town were really proud of their win, but not take anything away from them -- imo the mafia, me included played badly. Only I would have lived to see day 2 potentially, and inHimIshallbe ruined that. :P
Mini 455: Theoville theopor_COD Closed Mafia (with Streeflo and Jalyn(rep. DogMom)) D2 lynched Mafia Win
This game was a blast. See my comments in the game... it was at the time the game I'd had most fun in on mafiascum.
Open 39: Crush Nightless InHimshallibe Crush Nightless Goon with Crub Godfather Endgamed Lyncher Win
Eh, we lost because I wanted to lynch Jdodge, and the case on him was easy. Had he been a bit less of a dick/suspicious of me I'd have hammered Kerplunk, a townie but not the lynchee, and things might have ended differently. Well done Sammich, the lyncher. I was suspicious of Schis early, shouldn't have abandoned that...
Newbie 400 petroleumjelly Pie C9 Mafia with Cyanide Survived Mafia Win
Despite my partner going MIA, I got two townies to vote the third in a 3 person endgame, and hammered. I felt bad, as I won in 2 weeks of replacing and they lost in 4 months of playing, but I did play well and finally got another mafia win.
Open 19: Nightless Simenon Open Mafia with YogurtBandit, Setael, TonyMoonshine Lynched D10 Town Win
Mini 488: Killings in Cliché-town Elias_the_thief Closed Mafia with Bookitty, Kison Lynched D4 Town Win
Pirates vs. Ninjas Mr Stoofer Closed Mafia with Cicero, The Fonz Lynched D2 Town Win
Newbie #576: Danger in Efelven Mr. Flay F11 Mafia with andersonw Survived Mafia Win
Open 59: Daytalk 12 Oman Open Mafia with Incognito, Xtoxm Survived Mafia Win
Open 61: Mountainous Multiball Adel Open Mafia with armlx Killed N2 Town Win
Mini #553 shaka!! Closed Mafia with Coolbot, Destructor Lynched D3 Town Win
Mini 554: Mafia in Vollville Vollkan Closed Mafia with Xylthixlm, Matt_S Lynched D2 Town Win
Packrats Ether Closed Serial Killer Survived Serial Killer win
Mini 574: Portal Mafia Glork Closed Godfather with The Jester, Flameaxe Lynched D3 Town win

Ongoing/Unknown Alignment Games

As of 20th November 2008, alive in 2 games: 1 Mini Theme 1 Large Theme

Game Mod Setup Role Death? Result
Mini 692: Boost Mafia Patrick / Elmo Closed Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
Comments later.
Crackers! Mafia Adel Semi-Open Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing
Comments later.

Modded Games

Game Mod Co-Mod Setup Result
Mini 456: Ultimatum pablito Guardian Mini 456 Conservative Mafia Victory
The conservative Mafia player an excellent game. I nominated The Fonz for a scummy for his efforts. Yosarian2 and Albert B. Rampage also played admirably. VanDamien was a pretty good liberal scum. Mr Stoofer and mneme played pretty well as town... the rest of the town, less so. Good setup, well-deserved win, and I would definitely consider revisiting the setup at some point in the future. Hearty thanks to pablito for having me co-mod, and mucho props to him for great work on the setup and in modding the game.
Mini 453: Insert Title Here superstring91 Guardian Mini 453 Mod Abandoned
I co-modded for a week or two while superstring91 was on vacation. I found a replacement, and everything went smoothly for a bit... Then superstring91 abandoned the game, which is a shame. The setup was a bit OFF though...
Open 30: Fire and Ice Guardian YogurtBandit Open 30 Town Victory
I love the setup. I think I and YB are doing a good job modding, the game has pretty good flavor, and the cast of players is quite excellent -- resulting in a flawless town win!
Mini 469: Self Guided Skruffs Guardian Mini 469 SK Win
Skruffs did most of the work here, and I am happy to be involved with it. I basically contributed vote counts, and was a board for bouncing ideas off of. It is a truly great idea and Schismatised pulled out a nice win.
Newbie 402 EmpTyger Guardian C9 Mafia Win
I pitched in for a week to do vote counts while EmpTyger was out of town. Nothing much to speak of :).
Open 20: Pie E7 CrashTextDummie Guardian Pie E7 Mafia Win.
I modded for two weeks while CTD was on vacation. I did some interesting flavor about how CTD had been too nice a mod and I was bringing change etc., and kept up some banter with the players as I didn't read the PM CTD sent of their alignments, and told the players that, so there was no way I could be giving anything away. I don't think I would consider doing that again unless I again didn't know the players alignment. As such, it was fun, some of them enjoyed the humor, and in that situation I would do it again :).

Mafia lurked their way to a win.

Mini 500: Cult Mafia Guardian n/a Semi-Open Mafia Win
I decided to run a semi-open game with a mafia, cult, and town, due to popular demand. Comments after :).
Open 42: Friends and Enemies Guardian n/a Open Mafia Win
Per managed to look townlike enough to fool the town into not being at all suspicious of his replacement the 3 person endgame, leading to an easy mafia win.
Mini 492: LazyCity Wizardcat Guardian Closed Mafia Win
Wizardcat went MIA and I had to replace for a bit. Comments after :).
Worse Idea Mafia Guardian n/a Open Mafia Win
Newbie 548 - (1)ville Guardian n/a Pie E7 Town Win
Newbie 575: Harry Potter Guardian n/a California Town Win
Newbie 585: James Bond Guardian n/a California Town Win
Newbie 589 Guardian n/a F11 Mafia Win
Cultafia Norinel Guardian Semi-Open Town Win
iPick Guardian n/a Sort-Of-Open Town Win
Mafia 78: Meta Breaking Mafia Guardian n/a Closed Mafia Win
Minvitational 8 Guardian n/a Closed Town Win

Mish Mash Games

Game Mod Setup Role Death? Result
Battle Royale III Blackberry Open No Role 7th Ongoing
Blackberry is a good mod. Fun game. ChaosOmega, who I had an alliance with, made final four and could win the whole thing as of this writing.  :-).

It's over now, you know. Also, you forgot completely about me. =;'_';= - Wizardcat

Toadstool Traitor Blackberry Open Traitor Lost? Hella Fun!
This game was awesome. I was the traitor, and had a lot of creative input, and it was really cool trying to fool people and skirt the edge of 50%, the required stars total. I am not at all disappointed in not winning -- winning was not a priority for me in this game :). Hope it was fun for others, and I'd love to do it all over again.
Drive Blackberry Open Sponsor 2nd  :)
My second choice of who to sponsor got second, while my first choice got out almost immediately. Lol. Fun game :)
HAGGLE IV - Mafia Style Greasy Spot Open n/a 1st  :)