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AurorusVox is active on MafiaScum. He doesn't quite know why he's talking in the third person, but let's just run with it. Oh, jeez, now he's talking in the second person plural. Abrupt narratorial shift to the second person singular: you can tell that you are with Vox by his vibrant LEMON avatar. It is by no way an orange. The Lemon represents many things...

AV is an English teacher!

Fun "Mafiacts" about AV

Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif
  • He loved making vote count charts.
  • He's never lost a Mini Theme as scum.
  • He has yet to play a large normal game.
  • He played in Stars Aligned III, the largest game (determined by page count) on-site to date.
  • His MafiaScum karma is +8
  • He won the 2011 Scummy for Best Setup for RPG Mafia!
  • His playstyle underwent a massive shift from logic/analysis heavy to short posts and gut reads.
  • He sometimes hydras/alts as Teleporting Speed Hippos.

AurorusVox's game record

Townie W15 / L15 / D1

Mafia W10 / L8

Third Party W0 / L2

Completed Games: 51
Alive in: 5
Stat Total Percentage
As Town 31 61%
As Scum 18 35%
As Third Party 2 4%
Won 25 49%
Lost 25 49%
Drew 1 2%
Newbies 9 16%
Mini Normals 2 4%
Opens 6 11%
Mini Themes 20 36%
Micros 3 5%
Large Themes 20 36%

Quotes from my Scumgames

  • "And here's the truth - if Aurorus is scum, you'll never get better than this. He's a smart player and won't make dumb mistakes."
  • "you were so town it was unbelievable"
  • "AV, I probably never would have suspected you. You are formidable, sir."
  • "Just didn't figure on AV playing a blinder."
  • "If he's scum, he outplayed the fuck out of me and I won't get him lynched anyways."

Quotes from my Towngames

  • "My vote is for the AurorusVox to die. He's an extremely competent player, he's logic-filled, he's painfully townie"
  • "...It's things like this that are the reasons why you will die if I'm scum. =|"
  • "The only person who truly seemed to have his head screwed on properly was AV." (lol)
  • "Everything about the guy was screaming scum, and I stand by my desire to see him dead regardless of his flip." :'(

Mafia Games

Newbie Games

Newbie Game
Game Moderator Join Date Role Faction Death Date Win/Lose
Newbie 929 ShadowLurker Original Player Vanilla Townie Town Killed at Endgame Lost
Comments: My first game. Had really good fun in this game and it enticed me to coming back for more! I had a suspicion on one of the mafia, but our game was trashed by a townie fake-claiming cop (his guilty report was on another townie). Lynch all liars ended the game with a mafia win.
Newbie 940 Vel-Rahn Koon Original Player Vanilla Townie Town NK'd N1 Lost
Comments: This game was over quite quickly for me, being killed early N1. Had a really good game and learnt a lot about scumhunting from Thor665; but in the end, the scum Nachomamma8 made a ballsy PR claim and it paid off. Vote Chart
Newbie 961 CSL Replaced in D1 Vanilla Townie Town NK'd N2 Won
Comments: Alas, the scum seemed to give up in this game, though it was in the face of heavy evidence, collected and acted upon by a solid group of townies. Strangely, almost everyone was a replacement in this game!
Newbie 982: Shadows of Death Haylen Original Player Mafia Goon Mafia Survived Won
Comments: My first time as Mafia in a Newbie Game (my previous try was over quite quickly). Both my partners ooBAZZoo and Hinduragi played solidly, but I think I managed to keep suspicion off me very well throughout the entirety of the game. Despite shovel-loads of paranoia in the QT, there were no PRs in this game, but even if there had been, I think we'd still have won through. A great game. Vote Chart
Newbie 1022 Vel-Rahn Koon Original Player Mafia Roleblocker Mafia Survived Won
Comments: This time the glorious VasudeVa was my partner in crime, and a crime it was. A number of things went in our favour - such as town not PLing Shotty and a doctor self hammering D1 - but I think me and VV distanced from each other very well, and that again I came across as town. I think I was one of the only people to pick up the cop's crumbing, and swiftly killed him off that night. We quickhammered at LYLO, and it was good night town, good game mafia!
Newbie 1114 Robocopter87 Replaced in D2 Vanilla Townie Town Survived Won
Comments: Replaced into this game as an SE to get some Newbie Experience before I request IC status. Scum was nailed by the newbie townies while I pursued a VI-ish mislynch, and after that, I had to battle the formidably handsome Thor665 in a paranoid game of cat and mouse as he tried to convince us all he was town. He surfed through one mislynch, almost clinching the second and taking it to three way LYLO but we stayed (apathetically) strong and lynched him for the win in a truly :tinfoil: situation! I hate endgames.
Newbie 1130 iamausername Original Player Mafia Goon Mafia Lynched D2 Lost
Comments: Signed up for this as an SE to get some more experience with 2of4 before /inning as an IC. I ended up substituting for the IC for most of the game, despite the fact I was scum and had no obligation to. Then I got a cop investigate right to the face on N1 and that was game over for me. We had the victory for eight minutes at LYLO, but my scumbuddy missed his chance at quickhammering and ended up getting lynched himself.
Newbie 1106 Mr. Flay Replaced in N3 Vanilla Townie Town Killed at Endgame Lost
Comments: Flay was going to have to modkill the slot if he didn't get a replacement in time, so I decided to /in...45 page catch-up mode: ENGAGE! -- Then at LYLO, there were two scummy town players and one townie scum player, who ended up becoming confirmed town by not quickhammering, and so...yeah, he got the win. /sadface
Newbie 1150 Robocopter87 Original Player (IC) Vanilla Townie Town Killed at Endgame Lost
Comments: My first game as an IC! Pirate themed! Can it get any better than this?! (well...yes. I lost the game, so could)

Mini Normal Games

Mini Normal Game
Game Moderator Join Date Role Faction Death Date Win/Lose
Mini 1146: Don't Get Slapped by a Fish Chesskid3 Original Player Roleblocker Mafia Lynched D3 Lost
Comments: Goddamn. We were doing really well right up until the end of D1, when a mad scramble for deadline wagons + not knowing what my buddy's role was = obvScumVox >_> The glorious VV knew I was scum anyway due to being a sexy beast, and RC fakeclaimed with finesse and class. This game had a lot of my favourite players in, though! :D
Mini 1341 Jackal711 Original Player Vanilla Townie Town Shot N2 Lost
Comments: Blast! I had a pretty good scumdar this game, picking out one scum based on RVS again, and getting another lynched D2. Things went a bit downhill after I got killed though - although I'm not saying I'd have been able to stop it!

Open Games

Mini Normal Games
Game Moderator Join Date Role Faction Death Date Win/Lose
Open 230: Bird7 Phaen Original Player Mafia Goon Mafia Survived Won
Comments: My very first scumgame was over quite quickly, after a fast hammer from my scumbuddy don_johnson and a believed fake-claim from him too. The victory hinged on the confirmed townie hammering the real cop (with a guilty report on me) because he believed I was town! Good times. Vote Chart
Open 231: My Name is Earl Scott Brosius Original Player Vanilla Townie Town Lynched D2 Won
Comments: Though it was set up later than Bird7, this game actually began before it, making it my first non-newbie game. It wasn't what I was used to, and in the end I got myself lynched D2, ruining an otherwise flawless victory. But a good game nonetheless! Vote Chart
Open 246: Vengeance7 inHimshallibe Original Player Mafia Godfather Mafia Survived Won
Comments: Whew! This game had a pretty shaky start with me putting someone at L-1 pretty much from the off-set, but after some stellar D1 confusion by my goon CSL, the remaining goon and I made the most of the situation and won through. Our victory was probably helped by a VI, but we nevertheless had a large part in the win!
Open 284: Tit for Tat jmj3000 Original Player Mafia Deputy Mafia Survived Won
Comments: This victory was overshadowed a little by a very strict mod-kill and some pretty poor VI play by a townie, though it took us three days to get him lynched. No one really suspected us that much until later in the game, my partners especially were very good.
Open 376: Masons and Mafia Maruchan Original Player Mafia Goon Mafia Suicided D4 Lost
Comments: A very interesting setup where there were no Night Kills, only lynches and mafia daykills. The mafia could not talk to each other, and our kills only worked on Masons - otherwise we suicided. I was doing really well, having shot one mason and my partner shooting another, but then rushed a kill which suicided me. The game was lost in the crash, but I think we lost.
Open 246: Robo's PyP Robocopter87 Replaced in D2 Vigilante Town Shot N3 On-going Game
Comments: I vigged, I counter-claimed scum, I died. Actually it's kinda my fault because I pulled a lynch off scum on replacing in. But then I waited for him to claim my shot and BAM the cc laid him flat out. It took a while to convince people I was the real deal, and I came close to getting lynched instead. We'll see how this one pans out!

Mini Theme Games

Mini Theme Games
Game Moderator Join Date Role Faction Death Date Win/Lose
Mini Theme 1036: DEFCON Mafia AlmasterGM Original Player Air-Base NATO Stealth Bombed N2 Lost
Comments: Mafia could not kill N1, but they killed me as soon as they could (QQ). I (perhaps controversially) chose a scum-suited ability to prevent scum getting their hands on it, confident in my ability to prove my innocence through discussion; not to mention that I was wary of being killed off early! But it made no impact on the game at all, and town eventually lost in 3-way LYLO :( Well played scum! Vote Chart
Mini Theme 1080: txtMafia NobodySpecial Original Player Vigilante Town Killed at Endgame Lost
Comments: I don't even want to think about this game any more. It was my first time as PR and I got roleblocked every single night. I played awfully. I got my reads wrong and looked scummy throughout. I think (or I hope) this was all because of the mod-imposed post restriction of 160-character limit to each post. I wall a lot so...but no excuses. We didn't even let the scum bus. Oh, god.
Mini Theme 1108: Mutiny on the High Seas PranaDevil Original Player Mutineer Goon Mutineer Survived Won
Comments: PIRATE THEMED! Yarr! I love pirates. This is probably one of the best and most enjoyable games that I've played as scum. I bussed my partner hardcore until his lynch D3, which was at the hands of my other partner's fake-claim. A townie followed us in LYLO and I hammered for a win. YARR!! Vote Chart
Mini Theme 1116: Literally Anything uPick VasudeVa Original Player VasudeVa: Mafia JOAT Mafia Survived Won
Comments: A game where the mod, the sexy VV, created a role based on whatever you decided to send in! I picked VausdeVa himself and went on to claw a scum win back from behind. It was an intentionally swingy game, with some confirmable townies that we didn't really kill off. Luckily one of my scumbuddies absorbed a vigilante role and that gained us the win.
Mini Theme 1127: Cults vs Masons Kmd4390 Original Player Vanilla Townie Town Killed N1 Won
Comments: Cults? Masons? VV? YES PLEASE. And then I got killed N1. Sadface.
Mini 1144: Advance Wars; Mafia Strikes AlmasterGM Original Player Hachi Ally Killed D4 Draw
Comments: AGM invited me to this game. I've never played Advance Wars, but if it's an AGM game you know its guaranteed to be great. It took me a while but I finally used my power to discover that Fate was a dirty little liar. Despite this, he didn't get lynched and after I got killed, he had heaps of towncred from bussing his partners. It looked like we'd accidentally won - that town had hammered Fate unknowingly - but it turned out they'd hammered another townie beforehand. Game ended with a scorched earth draw. I got Town MVP for this at least <3
Mini 1150: There Goes the Neighbourhood LynchMePls Original Player One-shot QT Position Bus Driver Mafia Survived Won
Comments: A game with a wonderful QT mechanic. Each night, every player could talk to the people either side of them on the playerlist in private QTs. It was SUCH A GREAT ADDITION! And I used that to my wily advantage to get on the good side of my neighbours; towncred gained from bussing both my partners allowed me to see off two mislynches and clinch the victory! Give a guy his due, though; Nachomamma8 rode me HARD like a bitch and I was sure he was going to convince the others I was scum!
Mini 1158: A Gentleman's Game of Guile, Subterfuge, and Intrigue Wraith Replaced in D2 Most Proper but Unspectacular Man of Class Gentleman Survived Won
Comments: The theme of this parlour-game is of a most Gentlemanly nature; as such, most player responded with a touch of class in their communications. I ruthlessly built a very fine case...on the Detective. Eventually, however, I aligned my reading glasses correctly, and proceeded to partake of back-to-back lynches on rapscallions! (though I believe I made of it a tense and paranoid MYLO...)
Mini 1172: Calculus Mafia Parama Original Player 8x2 – 5 2nd Degree Polynomial Differentiated at Endgame Lost
Comments: Players had degrees, with different powers at different degrees, and could get both differentiated (lowered) and integrated (raised) through voting during the day. My role was a PGO style, and I made it right through to endgame, taking one mafia player out along the way. However, I banked on it not being game-over if I went 1v1 with the last scum, since I figured he couldn't kill me and it would be a case of quickdraw on the lynchings (due to how the game worked). Turned out 1v1 was a scumwin anyway, so my "backup" plan was useless, and we ended up losing since the other town player couldn't vote :(
Mini 1212: Picto Mafia III Nobody Special Original Player Mafia Goon Mafia Survived Won
Comments: This game disallowed the use of any form of text; players had to communicate using only pictures! I started off using Flash to draw and animate my posts, but the programme went rogue and I had to later resort to MS Paint or Google images. The necessity of words was pretty clear here: I was copped AND tracked to a night kill but still managed to shrug off two lynches. Whether it was that town didn't believe the PR claims or whether my own fakeclaim of Friendly Neighbour was believed, I'm not sure, but there we go.
Mini 1226: Post-Apocalyptic Mafia Slaxx Original Player Vanilla Townie/Lyncher's Target Town Lynched D2 Won
Comments: Slaxx brought us some delicious flavour with which to serve us up for dinner to the cannibals that stalked us in PA Mafia! The obvTown alliance of Hinduragi, Fate and myself was somehow shaken apart and scum looked to be in a good position; especially since there was a lyncher who faked a guilty on me and left the game on D2. I had both of the scum as townreads, though, so its probably a good thing that I was lynched >_> Then they got narrowed down towards the end as Masons were gifted with vig shots and it came to 3p LYLO where the right hammer was dropped. A very good game, even if I played awfully.
Mini 1235: Memento Mafia AlmasterGM Original Player Leonard Shelby Town Survived Won
Comments: We just kinda steamrollered scum in this one. Four players were killed N0 and came back to life one at a time from D2 onwards, and the final player didn't even get a chance to post before we'd won! Scum had only a single Day Kill, since they'd picked their kills from the start. A quickwagon on town D1 was the only lynching flaw, as we then proceeded to lynch scum three times in a row. It was one of the first games where I've tried a more "cavalier" approach to playing and it seems to have netted me a couple of scum so it's something to try out more in the future!
Mini 1239: Double Vote Mafia ThAdmiral Original Player Vanilla Townie Town Killed N2 Lost
Comments: Everyone has two votes! Enforced double voting! I had the entire scumteam on D1, but then quivered on it D2 when I was still alive. Eventually, one of those scumbags made it to LYLO and escaped death. *double angry fist!*
Mini 1240: TV Tropes Mafia Fate Replaced in D1 Guile Hero Good Killed N5 Won
Comments: Game based on the popular website TV Tropes! I was basically a town redirector, and throughout the game I redirected town players to the NK THREE TIMES! I almost had a perfect record but scum chose a different NK on N1 :p We quicklynched a couple of scumbags one after another, and basically PoE'd scum out of the game by the end.
Mini 1273: Metal Gear Solid Mafia Faraday Original Player Light Infantry Genome Soldier FOXHOUND Neck-Snapped N4 Lost
Comments: Half of this game was lost in the crash and I can't really remember how it went down. I seem to remember us not doing too well, and me being overly confident of incorrect reads. I got some decent town reads, but only one good scumread that I didn't push enough :(
Mini 1277: The West Wing Mafia ChannelDelibird Original Player Arnold Vinick Town Killed N1 Lost
Comments: Most of this game was lost in the crash. I had one scum absolutely nailed, and the other as obvTown. Then I got killed N1. So much for that.
Mini 1303: Mole Mafia Ortolan Original Player Vanilla Town Town Lynched D2 Won
Comments: All of this game was lost in the crash. I caught one scum in RVS, but then got sidetracked by a derpy TvT with LLD, entered into a 1v1 with her and got lynched D2 when she flipped town. The game had interesting mechanics whereby you had to answer quizzes to determine who got killed (the person with the least correct answers). It's a shame I had to bow out so soon. I believe we won this game, but I'm not entirely sure.
Mini 1327: Create-Your-Own-Role Mafia julienvonwolfe Original Player Rotating Roles Mafia Survived Won
Comments: A game where players all submitted roles which rotated each night - kind of like a rotating uPick. My chosen role was the Necromancer, which could revive a dead role to use at night. Despite my partner PranaDevil being obvScum from D2 onwards, we managed to keep him alive until endgame! I had somehow become confTown to enough players that I was able to take the Town Leader role, and concoct a number of night action plans that SEEMED to help town but actually allowed us to guarantee the win!
Mini 1349: Words with Scum Quilford Original Player LC Town Endgamed Lost
Comments: Town and scum alike had to flip, collect and piece together letter combinations to make roles! A very elegantly modded game, town's failure to co-ordinate effectively ultimately cost us the game.
Mini 1367: Literal Music Video Mafia Debonair Danny DiPietro Original Player Literal Jingle Bell Rock Town Noticed N5 Won
Comments: Roles all based on the various "Literal Music Videos" on YouTube! I could roleblock a player and confirm myself as town to them, which I used to good effect. As seems to be usual at the moment, my early game was ace: I was consistently on two of the scum in the early game. I fucked up my role at one point by visiting the wrong player, which meant it had to go to a tense LYLO -- which MagnaofIllusion won for the town with cool collection. A very fun game!

Micro Games

Mini Normal Game
Game Moderator Join Date Role Faction Death Date Win/Lose
Micro 12: Chain of Command 9p Timeater Original Player Captain Town Endgamed Lost
Comments: One player directs all PRs; they can either obey or no action! I was that player! THE POWER!! (went to my head -- I done got fucked. D1 I submitted too early, D2 too late!) I eventually mishammered in LYLO. THE LOSS STILL HAUNTS ME!!
Micro 20: Clueless Mafia Empking Original Player Mel Gibson Town Endgamed Lost
Comments: Nailed every player's alignment within the first page. Still lost. FFFFFFUUUU-
Micro 30: Ruthless Betrayal Parama Original Player Gunsmith Mafia Killed N2 Won
Comments: Trust no one! The mafia has been infiltrated by betrayers! But we got them, we did! After tunnelling extensively on scum, I finally got the nail I needed in the coffin - "just that gunsmith saved us"!

Large Theme Games

Large Theme Games
Game Moderator Join Date Role Faction Death Date Win/Lose
Large Theme: Gorrad's Favourite Fictional Characters Mafia Gorrad Original Player Axel (VT) Town Mind Controlled N1 Won
Comments: I got killed off N1 after leading a lynch on a lying VI :( I didn't keep up with the chart after my death so here it is: Vote Chart I can't really claim any credit for this win lol. This was my first large game, and I think its the one where I kept track of all my reads the best. Ah the good old days.
Large Theme: Stars Aligned III Percy Original Player Investigator Town Murdered N6 Won
Comments: Ah this game. An utterly fantastic setup, brilliant theme and excellently modded. I spent a lot of time doing mechanicsy things which was fun but I probably should have scum hunted more. I ended up dying to a town-kill to clear another person despite hardly anyone thinking I was actually scum. POE finally caught the last of the scum out. D1's VC: Vote Chart
Large Theme: SMBM: Invasion of Bowser's Castle Bowser Original Player Smithy (Mafia Godfather) Smithy Gang Killed N1 Lost
Comments: My first Bastard-Mod game! I got killed N1 along with a whole bunch of other kills and modkills. We were down to 2/6 on our scumteam on D2 (two of us were killed, two of us were modkilled) and so predictably lost the game.
Large Theme: DEFCON Mafia 2.0 AlmasterGM Original Player Espionage USSR Nuked D4 Lost
Comments: From the ashes of DEFCON Mafia 1, was born DEFCON Mafia 2.0 - a reinvention of the first themed game with many more players and the promise of much more destruction. This was my first loss as scum QQ. Irritatingly, the reason I got caught was based quite a bit on some leaked QT messages dropped by one of my scum parters Fate. Damn those Yankee bastards!
Large Theme: Bomb Mafia RedCoyote Original Player Terrorist Goon Terrorist Lynched D4 Lost
Comments: A game with a timebomb mechanic that RedCoyote personally invited me to :) Possibly the worst I've played as scum, I got caught out role-fishing, but still somehow managed to survive to LYLO. We almost won but my scumbuddy got caught in a snowstorm and couldn't get online - and so blew up from the bomb that I passed to him. Oops.
Large Theme: WWF Road to Wrestlemania Locke Lamora Original Player Stone Cold Steve Austin Million Dollar Corporation Lynched D6 Lost
Comments: I swore to never play a large game again. But then I smelled what the Locke was cookin'. This was the most fun I've ever had losing a game. We got really unlucky with our first 2 NKs failed. The town were incredible in this game, though, and between failed fakeclaims, bodyguards and trackers, we were taken out piece by piece. Very well done town!
Large Theme: The Battle for Olympus Charon Original Player Bastet Egyptian Lynched D2 Lost
Comments: I hate large games. I'm noticing a pattern here. But I can't stop joining them! When Andrius invited me to this Greek god themed game I was over the moon...until I was hit by a string of inactivity, ended up getting on just enough to not get replaced, but then got a cop investigate to the face N1. /sigh We came -THIS- close to winning with only one scum member left due to the foresight of placing a Death Curse on the Hated Townie, but alas, no joy.
Large Theme: DEFCON 3.0 AlmasterGM Original Player Missile Silo American Lynched D2 Won
Comments: I repeat. I hate large games. But when DEFCON 3.0 begins, there is NO WAY IN HELL I'm missing out. But then I got lynched before I could fire a nuke anyway. So I still have never fired a nuke in a DEFCON game, and this is a sad state of affairs indeed. Town went on to nuke 5/6 of the scum in the first day of DEFCON, but we almost lost to the last scum; he ended up getting modkilled due to faking a nuke. A fantastic start for town but a hollow victory in the end :(
Large Theme: Bastardmind of Sin Mastermind of Sin Original Player Swedish Chef Cult Killed D3 by SPLAT! Lost
Comments: This game was pretty fun while I was still alive :( I got recruited into the cult, despite starting as town. To quote MoS, "Town won after a severe case of mega clusterfuck in which the town handed it to the scum who handed it back."
Large Theme: Destiny Mafia - Game of Hearts Fate Original Player Luck Heart Aligned Shuffled N2 Lost
Comments: Eh, I fucked up pretty bad by not using my role to become BP or lynch-proof. But then again ALL OF MY READS were wrong so. Probably for the best.
Large Theme: Worst Role Mafia izakthegoomba As TSH Hipster Third Party Mauled N1 Lost
Comments: I had a fiendishly difficult role (well, duh) that wasn't made easier by my death N1. I was only allowed to vote for people before they had any votes on them, and my win condition was to be on two lynching wagons. Considering I was only alive for one day phase, even if I had succeeded D1 (my first voted player eventually ended up lynched, but I couldn't revote them!) this was an unwinnable first game for the Hippo of Love.
Large Theme: Good vs Evil, Law vs Chaos Seacore Original Player Commoner Chaotic Good Survived Won
Comments: Two separate towns with two separate opposing factions! I was a VT on the Chaotic Good side, and bumbled my way to confTown status. When it became clear that we would win no matter what, there was an interesting moral dilemma regarding how to handle the "other" town!
Large Theme: Experimental Role Mafia Twin Swords of Destiny Original Player JoAT Town Killed N3 Won
Comments: Faced two scumteams, and fucked up my PR -again-. I accidentally cop'd someone when there was no cop part to my JoAT lol...anyway, I managed to crumb the Inno result well enough that it was relied on later to clear that player. Might have been what got me killed later...
Large Theme: Politics Mafia JordanA24 Original Player On-going Game On-going Game On-going Game On-going Game
Comments: A 35p game with experimental voting systems and a political theme. More comments post-game.
Large Theme: Mafia Behind the Maiden Vi TSH (with PeregrineV) Sigrun Begnion Endgamed Lost
Comments: My first hydra game! We were central to a couple of important game moments - counterclaiming the main scum member, confirming the existence of a really important role. Unfortunately, scum had an alternative wincon, and despite outnumbering the final scum by 12 players, we still lost.
Large Theme: Judge, Jury & Executioner IceGuy TSH (with PeregrineV) VT Town Endgamed Lost
Comments: Second hydra game with special lynching mechanics. I replaced TSH with my main eventually. Um. We got whitewashed. Setup was scumsided imo, since we lynched in threes, and one of any lynch the town got could be voided by teh scum -- i.e. we had to lynch at least two scum to get any scumflips. We were close imo but it never happened.
Large Theme: Disney Villains Mafia Guy_Named_Riggs Original Player Hades - Jailkeeper Town Killed N1 On-going Game
Comments: I counter-claimed, I died, I slumbered. It didn't help that the person I cc'd was a VT...More comments post-game.
Name of the Wind Mastermind Of Sin Replaced in D1 On-going Game On-going Game On-going Game On-going Game
Comments: Flavour looked interesting and I've had a bout of replacing-in conscience recently.
Author Mafia Untrod Tripod Original Player On-going Game On-going Game On-going Game On-going Game
Comments: Every player is masquerading as an author, and posting in their style!
A Dance with Dragons Eddard Stark Replaced in D4 On-going Game On-going Game On-going Game On-going Game
Comments: ASOIAF themed game! I've always wanted to be in one of these and always miss the signups. BUT LOOK! No one else wanted to replace into it at 100+ pages, and so I capitalised on their lollygagging!

Modded Games

Modded Games
Game Type Number of Players Winning Faction
AurorusVox Mafia Marathon 10 Town
Comments: Wow, Marathon modding is HARD. I made a role for every letter in my name~ The setup wasn't meant to be balanced, though I think the scum got the worst of it. Did teach me things to look out for when I eventually get around to modding my first non-marathon game, though.
Mini 1207 - LIPD Mafia Mini Normal 13 Town
Comments: Yes! Modding this was a lot of fun. I had a couple of D1 replacements, but after that was out of the way, it was a pretty smooth game. Town played very well D1 and D2, netting two scum lynches in a row. The final scum member made it to D5 before PoE kicked his ass and he lost. I was very pleased with how this game ran, and look forwards to modding more in the future!

Town (10): 6x Vanilla Townie, Jail Keeper, Cop, Even Night Vigilante, Miller

Mafia (3): 2x Goon, Role Cop

Mini 1259 - RPG Mafia Mini Theme 13 King's Heroes (Scum)
Comments: This is my flavour heavy open setup using a player-class and skill tree system that won the 2011 Scummies for Best Setup. The game went really well for scum, with a bus D1 that made town overconfident. There was a controversial end to the game, where a player thought he broke his PR and lost his vote, but hadn't, which led to an accidental hammer on town to secure the end. See the game-thread for all roles.
Mini 1259 - RPG Mafia II: Battle for Maluria Mini Theme 13 Abandoned
Comments: This was the second instalment of RPG Mafia, featuring a new skill tree system for roles to evolve as the game progressed. Unfortunately the game was 70 pages in and on D4 when the crash hit, and finding replacements proved too hard. RPG may yet return.
Mini 1374 - Steam Library Madness Mafia Mini Theme 13 Non-Steam Games
Comments: All roles and flavour based on Steam - with non-Steam aligned games trying to commandeer the library! This ended in a perfect win for the scum, helped a little bit by actions not getting submitted and some expert killing-of-people-who-were-investigating-them. I had a blast modding this as well, with as much of my posting getting done with Steam flavour as possible!
Micro 39 - Wildly Unbalanced Potentially Bastard Build-Your-Own Randomly Generated Role Madness Mafia!!! Micro 8 Town
Comments: A game with 4x8 role components that got divided between players with no attempt at balance. Quite an interesting little game - the roles fell nicely, with a Macho Bulletproof cop and a miller in the mafia!
Micro 56 - Lucid Dreamers!!! Micro 8 Dreamers
Comments: Town figured out a variety of ways to guarantee a win, and the Nightmares managed to avoid it for a short while, including a fake death. But when the mafia returned, he picked a power that ended up killing him.

Other Such Shizzle

Prisoner's Dilemma Reloaded - Replaced in [1]

Roll to Dodge: Zombie Apocalypse [2]

Haunted Mansion [3]


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