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Prefer to be a Vigilante. J vigilante opt16.gif

About CSL

First off, you all are wondering what CSL stands for right? Well, all you got to do is PM him about it. No harm done. He likes speaking in 3rd person when talking about himself, in which he is doing now, might he add. He enjoys the hell out of mafia games, although he gets too hot-headed sometimes, and must be taken in consideration before jumping on his bandwagon. He has a really unique way of finding Town, but can only focus on one person when scumhunting, therefore, his target just HAS to be lynched, before he moves to the next one.

When he is not playing Mafia, he enjoys playing video games, and the computer (duh). He is VERY, and he means VERY impatient a lot.

He is now trying to up his playing. If you see him slacking off in a game, tell him about it. Do whatever it takes to get him back into playing.



Newbie 824[1] -Town Victory- Lynched D1. He sucked, but he did indeed tell the truth. First game, first win. Woo! (Vanilla Townie)

Newbie 830[2] -Scum Victory- Ok, WHAT THE HELL? At endgame, moose called Maemuki a bad name, which is mean. He should've just shut his mouth. He will get bandwagoned if this Shifty sees his face in a game I'm playing in. The scum had this Shifty fooled. He did not expect Mae and Afro to sneak up on the town like that. Oh well, He's just mad at moose, which he still is. (Vanilla Townie)

Newbie 806[3] -Scum Victory- What. The. Hell. Why couldn't they let me explain why I was a cop. Replaced into it, and was lynched in a page. (Cop)

Newbie 873[4] -Town Victory- Did splendid, but sealed own lynch by telling Jackabomb to hammer. Should've kept my mouth shut. (Vanilla Townie)

Mafia 105 - Caught in the Crossfire[5] -Scum Victory- Lynched Day 1. I sucked bad. Maybe large games aren't my thing after all... (Backup Jailkeeper)

Mini 883 - Krazy Mafia Disaster[6] -Serial Killer Victory- Wanted to get lynched. Got daykilled instead. (Town Jester)

Mini 808 - Rabbit Doubt Mafia[7] -Scum Victory- I did not like how it turned out. I had no internet access when they hammered me. Not cool. Scum did well. (Rabbit)

Mini 185 - Version 2.0[8] -Scum Victory- Made a fatal mistake that cost us the game. Shit happens. I'd love to see the people who blacklisted me for making a newbish mistake like that. (Vanilla Townie)

Newbie 852[9] -Town Victory- I only posted 8 times. That's funny, since I should've been lynched for lurking. (Vanilla Townie)

Open 187 - Silence of the Yams[10] -Town Win- Plan was to have myself and Starbuck off the map, and scum was trodden on. Good work town! (Doctor)

Open 198 - 1-shot Micro - Town Win - I got lynched, but we won. (Townie)

Open 200 - SCIENCE mafia - Scum Win - Why were Haylen and Nikanor scum? They should've killed Pulindar, not me. (Daymason)

Newbie 873 - Town Win - I played fine, except telling Jackabomb to hammer. Pfft. (Townie)

Mafia 109 - A Glitch in Time - Town win - LOL. semi-led Nikscum wagon and got killed for it. (Townie)

Open 237 - Vengeful Mafia - Scum Win - Remind me never to mention this shitty-ass game again. (Townie)

Earth's Struggle - Serial Killer won - Town was doooooooomed from the start. (Townie)

Mini 1041 ~ Wheel of Fortune Mafia ~ Town win ~ Wait. I survived lylo? Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!(Red Contestant's Podium)

Town Record (8-9-0) (Win-Loss-Abandoned/Draw)


Newbie 825[11] -Scum Victory- Well, my first game I survived past the day I entered the game. We first sent Padilla to the gallows after joining. Dizzle was our night target. (Thanks, Haylen!). Sanjay, the cop, pegged me Day 3, and I volunteered myself for the gallows that day, after making humorous outbursts. Sanjay didn't live any further. Maemuki was the last one, as Rayfrost was endgamed by Haylen, securing us the win. We also tried to let Mae survive until endgame, but Rayfrost tipped over that plan. Oh well. (Roleblocker)(Partner In Crime: Haylen)

Newbie 839[12] -Town Victory- Votecount failures suck. And why the hell did I vote Maemuki in the first place? Not cool. Not fun. One game I should've read a lot. (Goon)(Partner In Crime: Maemuki)

Mini 832 - Antartic Winter-Over Mafia -Mod Error- Thank you, setup, for disappearing (Goon with extra lynch threshold) (Partner in Crime: yellowbunny)

SWN II: The Curse of the Nekomata -Town Victory- That was fun to watch. First game I forgot my role. Kairyuu got screwed...badly. As for Maemuki, she basically dodged almost all the bullets. If only she killed SpyreX, making animorpherv1 useless. Oh well. She deserves a scummy for this! (American Mafia Goon) (Partner[s] in crime: Kairyuu, Maemuki)

Open 234[13] -Scum Victory- Woah. Talk about fast. nopoint strung up, I was shot, then Zaj was quicklynched. 3 hours and 49 minutes. 60 posts. [Partner in Crime: XScorpion]

M&L:BIS Mafia ~ SCUM FLAWLESS VICTORY ~ Day 2, we went after the claimed cop. The town was so super easy to direct, and we move on to win Day 3. (Fawful - Godfather)[Partners in crime: jimfinn, Dramonic]

(Scum Record: 3-2-1)

Third Party

Choose Your Side: A Comedy of Whims ~ Cult/Jester Joint-win ~ This game was a mindfuck. I was supposed to humiliate people 4 times. I could only submit actions in the Day Phase. Honestly, I was so nervous...that I was going to be killed before I won the game. But, Andrius forbade people killing me by Day 6. I exited the game later, and Andrius and AlmasterGM went on to secure the Cult half of the win. (Modified Jester)

(3rd Party Record: 1-0-0)


[14] Open 201 v2.0 ~ F&I Mafia ~ Game Over

Modding notes

The town got screwed big time. Sando and DTMaster were phenomonal as ice mafia, and as luck would have it, TQO posted his role PM. If Chronopie would have just stopped after claiming, town might have won.

Sando and DTMaster won. They were Ice Mafia.

[15] Newbie 961 - Game Over - Town Victory

Modding Notes

Me=Weird hammers himself, and Karma offs himself in surrender. The town got lucky off of that alone. They would've won anyway.

The Town won.

[16] Newbie 980 ~ Game Over

Haylen - Townie - D1 lynch - Defeated

a2rudeboy - Townie - N1 kill - Defeated

Mr. Flay - RoleBlocker - D2 lynch - Victory

Zajnet - Doctor - N2 kill - Defeated

Nikanor - Neutral Survivor - D3 smite - Defeated

jmurph - Cop - N3 kill - Defeated

Beefster - Townie - D4 lynch - Defeated

Nexus - Townie - Endgamed - Defeated

singersigner - Mafiate - Survived - Victory


There were a lot of replacements to be had here. One slot, singer's, had to be dealt with twice. Mr. Flay got guilty'd to death, so he self-hammered to keep singer within the cloud of confusion. Singer ,as you can see above, went on to clutch it for the Mafia.

Overview of CSL's Blacklists

I do not like to blacklist people. However, if they disrupt a game, badmouth another player, or break any rule that modkills them, I need to make sure they don't do it again, and this is the only way I know how. Blacklists, like time, are endless, and forever. They will not be retracted for any reason. I will try to have no more than 10 blacklisted players, but if they deserve it, it shall be more than 10.

Also, I go by this statement: "You mess with my best friends (Haylie and Mae), you will get the hatred from me."

The Forbidden

Saberwolf (and his alts) for disrupting Friends JK9 v 1.0.

moose200x for badmouthing Maemuki in Newbie 830

SIR CYANIDE for blatant and unapologetic misogyny

millar13 for blatant bashing and bad attitude in mafia games [REVOKED]

hohum for the overuse of swear words, and continuing breakage of General Rule 1.

Stuff that other scummers may post here (No talking of ongoing games)