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Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

VasudeVa the Person

I found out about this site in by chance and by boredom in another forum. Little did I know that I would be constantly checking in and arguing with people over the internet. Over the few months I have been on the site, I have noticed that I have greatly improved my real life debating skills.

About me, well what can I say. I'm the dude in the pic in my avatar circa 2007. You can't see it but I'm actually holding a human brain there. Muhahaha. I just like this pic alot, even if it is horribly outdated.

I'm from a faraway country no one cares about. I mean, even I don't care about it.

I'm an ESL player, which sorta kinda affects my game. Sorta.

I'm an aspiring theatre actor which is a nice way of saying I don't get cast into roles. I can sing act and dance but it's a work in progress. I do enjoy being part of the chorus though.

I'm an avid gamer who likes to play original games. The type of game doesn't matter, as long as it's fun, fresh and innovative. Off the top of my head: ANYTHING SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI. I ADORE THIS SERIES. Spirit Engine 1 & 2(An Indie RPG game for the PC. You really should try them, they're free and amazing. Google works.) The Ace Attorney series Penumbra

I'm a musician. I play the bass guitar and the drums, and I know a little guitar and piano. I'm in hiatus though because my band members are lazy. We were going for an Arctic Monkeys-esque type of music.

Hmmm...what else. Ah well, ask away, maybe I'll add them

VasudeVa the Player

Completed Games
Name Role Fate Decision /in Comments
(Link) Mafia Goon Lynched D6 Town Victory, D6 Replaced in. First game.
(Link) Vanilla Townie Survived Town Victory, D5. Replaced in.
(Link) Aphrodite (Cop) Lynched D1. Scum Victory, D6. /inned Role had lyncher/killer role name reveal.
(Link) Jealous Princeling (Mafia Color Cop). Malfunctioned and Died D3 (Miraculous) Scum Victory! /pre-inned
(Link) Vanilla Townie. Lynched D2. Scum Victory. Replaced in
(Link) Vanilla Townie. Survived Town Win. /inned.
(Link) Eagle: Empowerer Endgamed. Mafia Victory. /inned.
(Link) Strawberry Fields Forever (VT) Killed N3 Mafia Victory. /inned.
(Link) Townie Lynched D1 Town Victory. none
(Link) Mafia Goon Lynched D2 Mafia Win. replaced hohum
(Link) Theadora Lye (Mafia) Survived Mafia Win. /inned.
Of Gods and Men Zelda Survived Town Victory, D7 Replaced in Role protected self and target per a certain condition.
Mini 1004 Class President (Mafia Goon) Survived Mafia Victory, D6 Replaced in
Mini 1020 Stanley (Troll Tracker) Lynched D1 Mafia Victory, D5 /inned Played as Calcifer (hydra)
Mini 1034 Medusa (Mafia Goon) Survived Mafia Victory, D3 /inned
Open 251 Town Doctor (Hobbit) Killed N1 Town Victory N3 /inned.
Mini 1023 Commander Sam Vimes (Townie) Killed N4 Town Win D5 /inned
Mini 1066 ? Survived Abandoned /inned
DEFCON Mafia Radar, NATO Endgamed Warsaw Mafia Win /inned Played as Calcifer.
Newbie 1020 Mafia Goon Lynched D2 Town Win D5 /inned
Lord of the Rings Legolas (Tracker) Survived Town+Surv Win D5 /inned
Objection! Mafia ? (Town) Survived Abandoned /inned
Newbie 1020 Mafia Goon Survived Mafia Win D3 /inned First Game ICing
Objection Redux Phoenix Wright (VT) Lynched D1 Mafia Win D6 /preinned
Stars Aligned III Investigator Killed N8 Town Win D10 /inned
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Boxxy Brown (Town Telepathic) Lynched D6 Town Win D7 /inned
Picking Simplicity Vanilla Townie Survived Replaced Out /inned
Defcon 2.0 Russian Nuked D3 Replaced Out /preinned
Mafia Holographica Mafia Survived Mafia Win D15 /inned
No Exit Mafia Super-Spy Killed N5 Spy Win D7 Replaced in
Mafia of the Chosen Ones Righteous (Town) Sniped D6 Town+Atheist Win /inned
Newbie 1022 Mafia Goon Survived Mafia Win /inned
The Might of Mordor Mordor Bodyguard Lynched D5 Heroes of Light Win D6 /preinned
Resurgence Mafia Leonas (Lithuanian Soldati) Lynched D5 Replaced Out /preinned
Cults VS Masons Vanilla Townie Survived Town Win D3 /inned

Marathon Games
Name Role Fate Decision /in Comments
Lucid Dreamer IX Dreamer Died from Consuming Moldy Cupcake N2 Dreamer Win /inned
Full Moon Coven Timothy Slight (Cop) Survived Town Win /inned
Lucid Dreamers XV Jester Dreamer Lynched Solo Win /inned
Bad Idea Mafia Day Vig Shot Night 2 Mafia Win /inned
Poke Marathon! Nidoking (Town Lover) Died of Broken Heart N1 Town Win D2 /inned
Lucid Dreamers XIV Dreamer Died of Broken Heart N0 Dreamer Win N0 /inned
Lat's Bastard Adaptive Survivor Survived Town+Surv Win /inned
Circus Mafia Town Role Cop Survived Town Win /inned

Ongoing Games
Name Fate /in
WWF Road to Wrestlemania Still Alive /inned

VasudeVa's Social Links

Persona fans should get that part. *snicker* Anyway. Spam away here. Leave a link etc. Furthermore, offer to help me with my wiki. D:<

VasudeVa Apparently, I suck at editing wikis. Hmmm....

Andrius: I suck too. I just stole formatting from other people and made it look nice. :D

Vi: Too many people I've run across are obsessed with SMT/Persona. Should I join them?

VasudeVa: YESSSS. YOU SHOULD. BEST RPG UNIVERSE EVER. Play SMT: Digital Devil Saga, if you have a PS2. Or SMT: Devil Survivor on the DS(which I'm sure you have.). You'll thank me later. :P

PS. RayFrostWikiManager is FUCKING awesome. Thank thee for teh spiffy-fied wiki.

AurorusVox: Ohai VV sexual mafia partner beast of destiny!