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An administrative category for the purposes of moderator waiting lists, a Micro is defined as a Theme Game, Normal Game, or Open Game which has 9 or fewer players. (Note that games that meet the Micro requirements can usually still be run in the Mini Theme, Mini Normal, or Open Game queues respectively. This happens most often when first-time mods in the Open queue are assigned a 9-or-fewer-player setup in order to earn their mod experience.)

Micros are played in Mayfair Club. See also List of Micro Games.


There is a centralized waiting list for both moderators and players. To join a Micro game, players should post in the Micro Queue thread ("/in to 5p Vengeful" or "/in Marquis' game", for example); two games take signups at any given time, and players specify which they want to join. When the game is full, the players will be contacted by the game's moderator.


First-time moderators may choose to moderate a Micro, but there are restrictions: the game needs to be Normal or Open (meeting the requirements for a first-time moderator), and a backup moderator is required. Experienced moderators may mod up to two Micros concurrently.

To join the waiting list, moderators should post in the Micro Queue thread and fill out the form given in the first post.

When a new game fills up, the List Mod will inform the new moderator and grant them the requisite privileges, and the moderator can then start the game.

Moderators should make sure to read the guidelines for Theme Games, Normal Games, or Open Games, depending on which they wish to run.