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Born: October 24th 1991

Joined MafiaScum: April 29th 2007

Game Record (Completed Games)

As town: Played 14 Won 7 Lost 7 Abandoned 1

As Mafia: Played 4 Won 2 Lost 2 Abandoned 0

Lynches (as town): Town 15 Scum 16 Neutral 2

Lynches (as scum): Town 5 Scum 1 Neutral 0

Survived 6 NK 8 Lynched 3 Endgamed 2

Game History

Newbie 324: Mafia, Survived (Mafia Won) (Replaced XReyoX) Modded by Zindaras/Mr. Stoofer

Replaced XReyoX on Day 1, who did a very good job of convincing the town that he was pro-town. On Day 2, the Cop outed himself as well as my scumbuddy, so we distanced ourselves, which ended up working as the two remaining townies quickly voted eachother on Day 3, which left me free to hammer one of them to win the game.

MVP: Me and NAR Teamwork ftw!

Mini 437: Hacker Mafia: Linked User (Mason) , Endgamed (SK Won) (Replaced blahgo) Modded by Yellowbounder

Replaced Blahgo on Day 1, who inexplicably outed himself and his partner under no pressure at all, my partner was subsequently nightkilled. On Day 2, Albert.B Rampage (Scum), cleverly claimed SK to stop himself being lynched (we were in lylo), we managed to lynch another scum instead. Day 3, the real SK outed himself, we still believed Albert was real SK, but we ended up lynching the other mafia. SK targetted Albert, but for some reason, Albert went for the backup doc, ending with the SK winning. Town was unlucky to lose as doc got himself modkilled early Day 1, and all power roles, barring Backup doc, were dead by Day 2.

MVP: ABR The only thing that got between him and a well deserved victory was some poor decision on the final night. An otherwise flawless game.

Mini 445: Double Mafia Double Townie, Killed Night 2 (Town Won) Modded by Bird1111/Spectrumvoid

Town were lucky to win this, BOTH our doctors were killed Night 0, when we accidently quicklynched a townie Day 1, I thought town had had it. Luckily, SK killed a mafiate that night, we got a second one the next day and on Night 2, the backup mod forgot about the SK's NK immunity, which was very lucky for town, otherwise we were doomed to lose, the last mafiate was lynched Day 3 thanks to our tracker and watcher.

MVP: HackerHuck Played a good town game as SK (he pinpointed the remaining 2 scum at the start of Day 2) and was cheated out of an almost certain victory by mod error.

Open 24: Texas Justice Mafia One Shot Vig, Survived (Town Won) Modded by IH/CrashTextDummy

Very short game, lasted 9 pages (but what do you expect with Texas Justice?), lynched WhoMe? scum Day 1 (Who I really thought wasn't mafia) And the other 2 mafiates were vigged Night 1. I was pretty much a passenger in this game, I didn't even get to use my vig kill (which was a shame), as I was saving it for later. Simenon pretty much won it for the town, leading the WhoMe? bandwagon Day 1 (though admittedly randomly), and vigging another scum Night 1. Good, if short, game.

MVP: Simenon See above analysis for reasons, great game as town.

Open 23: Masons & Monks Townie, Torn Apart by Werewolves Night 0 (Werewolves Won) Modded by JDodge

Got killed Night 0, so, unfortunatly, I didn't get to do anything in this game. Town was very unlucky, there weren't ANY Mafia-Werewolf cross-kills, and we lynched townies on Days 1 & 2. By Day 3, with 5 alive, there was a Mason, 2 Mafia and 2 Werewolves left, it was left to the Mason to decide the game, and chose to side with the Werewolves in the end.

MVP: Sir Tornado A close call between him and LSU Tiger Josh, but managing to start a successful quick lynch on Ojpower and convincing Sweenytodd to hand the game to the Werewolves rather than the Mafia swings it in his favour.

Mini 477: Supersaint Nightless Supersaint, Lynched Day 5 (Town won) Modded by NAR/Mr. Stoofer

This was a pretty good game for me, until I got to Day 5, I was generally regarded as the most pro-town player. Then disaster, as a combination of replacing into games and getting a bit lazy let my play get sloppy, and I ended up lynched, taking a townie with me, oops. I think Battle Mage was unlucky to lose this as scum, he'd played a pretty good game and had been stuck with 2 poor partners. But yay for the town.

MVP: distad The fact he was never voted for during the entire game, not even a random vote, speaks for itself, a truly brilliant protown performance from him.

Mini 478: Siminon's too much scum Townie, Killed Night 2 (SK won) Modded by Simenon/CPE

A very enjoyable game, and a very deserving win for Sir Wario as SK, though slightly lucky as we lynched an awful SK Cop Day 1 (though he was lynched before he got a chance to claim). We lycnhed scum Day 2 and the other one was killed by the SK Night 3 (Who was actually the most protown player at the time in my opinion). One of the most enjoyable games I've played in, kudos to the mods.

MVP: Sir Wario A 100% merited win for Sir Wario, he picked his NK targets perfectly, and seemed reasonably protown throughout the game.

Mafia 459: /Cows Mafia Cult of Losing (Mafia), Lynched Day 2 (Town won). LESSON LEARNT, DON'T GIVE UP SO EASILY AS SCUM! Modded by Yellowbounder/Aimee

Argh! This didn't go nearly as well as my previous game as scum, did well enough on Day 1 (though there were a few people who suspeced me), and we were helped by some very bizarre play by Panzerjager, which got him lynched very quickly. Then on Day 2, MOS completely and utterly owned me. I was, of course, lynched. After this, the town lynched my two buddies in consecutive days in a very good performance from them. This game was one to forget from my viewpoint, and a very embarresing one to look back on, but once again, congrats to the town, who was only held back from a perfect game by Panzers actions on Day 1.

MVP: MOS Pretty much single-handedly destroyed the scumteam, enough said.

Mafia 63: Wolves! Orphaned Sibling (Mason), Survived (Town Won) (Replaced Bird1111) Modded by Phoebus/Mr.Flay

Quite a result this one, by Day 3, 6 were dead, only one of which were anti-town, and they only wanted the scum to win, she didn't know who any of them were. And then, to quote the game title "1, 2, 3, 4, down they go!" we lynched and vigged the 4 scum all in a row, without suffering any more town casualties. I was quite pleased, since Skruffs, who I'd been going after all game, turned out to be scum, but Pooky, the doc, pretty much stole the show, after the mass-claim (he claimed townie), he led the town towards the 4 scum lynches/viggings, while on both the nights after the claim, protecting the person the scum tried to kill. Brilliance. Also, props to Flay for saving the game when it looked like it was going to die.

MVP: Pooky See above.

Mini 442: Beast Wars Mafia Scorponok (Roleblocker), Survived (Town Won) Modded by cheotic_diablo

Town was quite overpowered in this game, with a doc, cop, a vig, a RB and 2 Masons, but nevertheless, the town played well, we never lynched a protown player (though we did admittedly come close, we had a townie at -1 when deadline hit on Day 2). Scum were pretty unlucky, having their most protown looking player killed by the SK on Night 2, and the last one trapped by the multitude of power roles. A pretty enjoyable game, but made too easy for the town by the power roles, by the end, we could confirm all the remaining town.

MVP: Sweenytodd An impressive performance for a newbie, he was scum who, up until his death on Night 2, was regarded as protown by most players, if he didn't die on Night 2, I think the scum might have had a decent shot at winning, particularly if he used a good fakeclaim, his death was the turning point for the town IMO.

Open 28: Quack Mafia Quack, Endgamed (Scum won) Modded by Aimee/Thesp

Gah! I was really disappointed with my performance in this game, since I spent most of the time out of touch with it, and a lot of the time, I was suspicious of townies (Indeed, in my longest post in the game, I posted my Top 3 suspects, the top 2 were town). Indeed a fair amount of the town had an awful game. But this takes nothing away from the scum, who deserved their win, never suffering any casualties, after all 3 were replaced at some point, two of them were played by 3 players, and they were never really suspected, and just led the town in circles.

MVP: theopor_COD/Stewie Neither were really suspected at all during the game, and instead managed to confuse the town and lead them to lynching their own.

Mini 486 Townie, Killed Night 2 (Town Won) (Replaced The Deepfried Ninja) Modded by Albert B. Rampage

A very enjoyable game for me, and home to quite possibly my longest ever post. I replaced on Day 1, and nearly completed the lynching of a townie, only for a rival bandwagon (also on a townie who I was convinced was innocent) to beat it at the end. The next day, I was one of the leaders on a pretty quick scum lynch, and was then killed. The town generally did well in this game, lynching 2 townies and day-vigging the other, though scum were admittedly quite poor, Oman falling for a trap which got him day-vigged, and poor old YagamiLight was left in an impossible position after replacing SPAG, and Shanba was pretty unlucky, and was quicklynched because of the fast deadlines that were imposed on the game.

MVP: Setael Did what a townie's supposed to do really well, stay above suspicion, and find the scum. And while I feel I could have given this award to a few people, I felt Setael did this the best and was the strongest town player. Nearly gave this to Vollkan for handing us scum on a plate and then vigging him on Day 1, but Setael just edged him.

Mafia 66: Freelancer Townie, Killed on Night 4 (Nobody wins!) (Replaced Battle Mage) Modded by Yellowbounder/Occult/Aimee

A reasonably good setup which was absolutely killed by lurkers and a mod-replacement, which resulted in loads of replacements and modkills, the latter of which killed the town, as after the modkills, there were 4 townies and 2 SK's. Townie Sir Tornado came up with a plan that could have clawed victory from the jaws of defeat for the town, which involved lynching himself, but unfortunatly, a combination of 2 townies getting NKed that night and SK Jalyn, on the following night decided that if it was impossible for anyone to win outright, nobody should win at all, killing me, caused the 2 SK's to endgame themselves.

MVP: Sir Tornado If it wasn't for Sir Tornado's clever plan that nearly snatched a draw for the town, I wouldn't have awarded this at all, the game was that dire (Sorry to the mods, it wasn't your fault.), but still, Sir T deserves something for his plan, and since he didn't get a partial victory, this goes to him.

Mini 419: Farkle Mafia Townie, Survived (Town wins) (Replaced Mokina who replaced a3maniac who replaced Mojo) Modded by Nai

Yay! My first ever game deciding decision, and I got it right! To be fair, it was a relatively easy choice, but still, I'm pleased I got it right. This game was plagued by replacements and inactivity, and some not too great town performances that nearly pushed us over the edge, but fortunatly for us, the game was quite unbalanced towards the town, even though the mod did make a mistake regarding Night Choices that ended with our cop dead when she shouldn't have been (really sorry Nai if you're reading this, don't worry, you did a fair job of modding, especially considering the replacements). The Farkle aspect didn't really work as well as it could have, but still an enjoyable game, and a milestone for me.

MVP: Thesp For making the end decidion reasonably simple and for general decent town play.

Mini 450: Minion (Vanilla Townie) Smashed into bloody pulp Night 1 (Scum win) Modded by Zindaras/Petroleum Jelly

Bah! I played awfully in this game, it was probably best I was taken out Night 1, otherwise I most likely would have been lynched the next day. What basically happened, another Vanilla Townie was lynched Day 1, and after the last vote, I suddenly changed my mind, and said that I was pretty sure he's town, after calling him scum most of the day, blissfully unaware at the time (I was still an ickle newbie) how scummy announcing so was. So, thanks to the SK for taking me out when he did.

As for the rest of the game, it was an interesting design, with 5 town power roles, all doc variations, and nothing else but Vanilla Townies. Sounds quite unbalanced, but it worked really well, especially since the scum had a Roleblocker and an Unkillable GF (Unkillable meaning if he was lynched or NKed, he was incapitated in a holding cell, couldn't post, vote etc, but still counted towards the amount of living scum). Scum got really lucky though, after the Unkillable GF was "lynched", the roleblocker blocked both himself and his scumbuddy from being electrocuted by the CPR Doc, and survived to win it for the scum.

MVP: Death_Omen Despite the luck involved, he did deserve the win. His posts generally made sense, and he was never really on most people's Scumdar, and playing as the last remaining scum added from Day 2 must have put further pressure on him.

Newbie 491 Mafia, Survived (Scum Win) Modded by JDodge

A very easy win for us, two of the townies self-destructed, one on each day. For a lot of the game, me and my scumbuddy were generally regarded as protown. I was very dissapointed that one of the 3 IC's was the one that just gave up on Day 1, considering an IC's responsibility is to act as a guide and an example to follow for the newbies, I felt giving up like he did was pretty selfish of him. After killing off the most protown looking player Night 1 (we were thankful for the lack of Doctor), I had a couple of moments where I thought I might be bandwagoned, but fortunatly, another townie selfvoted, allowing me to put the lynching vote on him for the win.

MVP's: Death's Door and Petunho Trying to decide one of these to award this to was impossible, so I decided to give it to them both. Death's Door was a fantastic scumbuddy to have, was never suspicious, and gave some good suggestions during the night. Petunho proved himself to be a very promising new player, we were forced to kill him off Night 1 so he didn't see through me and DD, which I thought he could have done at any time.

Open 20: Pie C9 Doctor, Killed Night 1 (Scum Win) Modded by CrashTextDummy/Guardian

I am currently in the process of wiping this game from my memory. If you want to see how shite it was (thanks to me and lurking), you may read it by clicking the above link. But I am not responsible for any nightmares you have related to this game.

MVP: Zindaras Last surviving scum, that managed to fool most people into thinking he was town, mostly because of the scum's successful strategy to distance most of the game (particularly Day 2).

Mafia 67: No Flavour Vanilla Townie, Killed Night 4 (Game Abandoned) Modded by Blahgo/Pie_is_Good

A real shame this died, the town was absolutely dominating (3 scum, including GF, and the SK dead) and another one about to be lynched.The problem with the game, the mods. Blahgo the original disappeared midgame. Then the replacement, Pie_Is_Good's computer stopped working, leaving the game modless and backup modless. With no-one who knew the setup on site, nobody could take over, and the game died. Very sad.

MVP: Tarhalindur He was one of the two guaranteed sane cops (I think the setup may have been unbalanced judging from this, since there was also a doc), he investigated 3 scum and a Jester (Result=Pro-Self!) out of 6 investigations. Pretty impressive methinks.

Stargate SG-1 Mafia Ba'al, Gou'ald (Mafia Goon), Lynched Day 4 (Replaced PBug) (Replicator Scumgroup Win) Modded by ChannelDelibird/Cogito Ergo Sum/Battle Mage

What a game! This was awesome, even if my stay was short-lived. Battle Mage did an awesome job finding about a dozen replacements for a game that looked stone dead and was a good 40 pages long, real credit to him there. Unfortunatly, I was one of the prime lynch candidates from the start, thanks to the guy I replaced, but I gave it my best shot, unfortunatly it didn't work out, but it was great to watch the rest of the game, sadly my remaining buddies brave fight lasted until Day 9, when the GF was lynched. And I doubt Theo will be allowed to forget this howler any time soon, lol (sorry if you're reading Theo, had to include it). In the end, it came to a WIFOM decision for the Bus Driver between vollkan, last remaining scum and the confirmed townie, which the town ultimatly lost, but I'd say vollkan vastly deserved it:

MVP: vollkan His play was the definition of awesome, he had me fooled right up until the end, it'd have been, to be honest, a travesty of fate if he didn't win.

Open 50: The New C9 Mafia Goon, Survived (Game Abandoned) Modded by Gatorguy91/Khelvaster

A pity about this game, it was clunkering along a bit, but seemed to be reviving a bit, then the mod made a couple of errors, that were fatal to the game. I was scum, and I thought I was doing pretty well, but it turned out that I was being investigated that night, so, I was screwed anyway. Fun while it lasted though.

MVP: Justin Playfair Replaced in, and put an unbelievable amount of work and effort into his posts, he was the one I felt most sorry for about the game's abandonment. Hope to meet him again in other games.

Current Games (Alive)

Penalty Box Mafia-Hawks Day 2, Still Alive Modded by Foolster41

Food Fight Mafia Day 4, Still Alive Modded by DrippingGoofball

Mafia 72: Peril in Panama Day 1, Still Alive Modded by Aimee <3

Mafia 73: NEGWLTWWWTKY Day 2, Still Alive Modded by Shanba

Mini 535: Pick Your Poison Mafia Day 2, Still Alive Modded by Patrick

Pirates vs Ninjas! Day 1, Still Alive Modded by Mr. Stoofer

Current Games (Dead)

Open 35 Big Love Day 4, Townie, Lynched Day 2 Modded by Lawrencelot

BM's Mystery Mafia!!!! Day 6, The Shroud, SK, Killed Night 1 (****ing typical!) Modded by Battle Mage/Aimee

Fritz's Fave Fictional Figures Faction Fest Day 3, Aziraphale, Lynched Day 1 Modded by Fritzler

Current Games (Replaced)

Sorry to all the mods who've ever had to replace me

Mafia 72: Peril in Panama Day 3, Replaced by Setael Modded by Aimee <3/Patrick

Open 48 3:3:6 Nightless! Day 2, Requested replacement Replaced Nelly632 Modded by VampanezeHunter/Gorgon

Modded Games

Mini 499: Just your typical Mafia Game Day 2 Co-Mod Aimee

Co-Modded Games

Dr.Who Mafia 2 Day 1 Modded by Battle Mage, also Co-Modded by Zindaras

Mini 532: Yaw's Split Open Mafia Day 1 Modded by bird1111

Quotes Corner

Miztef: This arguement between talitha and BM seems like a married couple bickering to me, it's going no where, and the wife will win anyway.

Pooky: Vote BM Glory to the wife!

Adel: I thought to "Glork" was to perform a particular oral feat with male genitals, or it refers to the sound made when the feat is performed

Nabakov Nabakov: While I can't profess to have any real-life experience. I believe there's a certain point where the tounge becomes more of an obstacle than a tool.

The Gllg (or Glork) Point: The point at which the above mentioned switch occurs. Usually around 6 or 7 inches.

IH: That's just shoddy performance then

Glork: I hate what you've done to my name. :/

Occult: On a side note, I'm a bit drunk so it'll take me a bit longer (Wait until I'm not drunk) than expected to send out role PM's.

Gameshark1313: So what is the new date that the game starts?

SSF: March?

Erg0: Incidentally, Albert being a dayvig is proof that God has a sense of humour.

unclexyzzy: I wish I were Ron Weasley.

distad: I think he's trying to point out that it's page 2. I think the bigger question is why he's drunk at 8:14 am.

JimmyR: He must be the Cop.

The Central Scrutinizer: I think the bigger question is actually why I'm sober at 8:14 am. :\

Xdaamno: /mod Pizza Mafia

CaffieneDiety: "I'd like a pizza with EXTRA scumminess".


The AniX Theory: I heard someone was taking it up the ass from me.