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Haylen's Modded Games

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These are the games that Haylen has or currently is modding. She decided that her wiki was going to eventually look a little bit cluttered with games she is playing and games she is modding, so she put a summary of her modded games on her primary wiki page and is going to do a more detailed version of her modded games here :)

Open 177 Monks and Masons (Mafia Win) - Played in Italy, Ended 30 Dec. 09

Player Role Notes
Nikanor Mafia Goon Survived Won
Nachomamma8 Protown Mason Replaced Hewitt Day 3. Endgamed
Maemuki Werewolf Nk'd Night 2
Riceballtail Vanilla Townie Replaced YankCrane151 Day One. lynched Day 1
Scien Vanilla Townie NK'd Night 2
ElectricBadger Protown Monk NK'd Night 3
Benmage Werewolf Rep. Canada Rep. YamiJoey Day One. NK'd Night 3.
Wulfy Vanilla Townie NK'd Night 1
Farside22 Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 3
Fuzzyman Protown Mason NK Night 1
ODDin Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 2
SaintKerrigan Mafia Monk Rep. XofElf Rep. CSL D1 Rep. ZazieR D1. Won. Survived.

Newbie 892 Played in Rome (Mafia Win) - Ended 2nd Feb. '10

Player Role Notes
LordChronos Vanilla Townie Endgamed. Lost.
easjo682 Doctor Lynched D3
The Tracker Vanilla Townie Killed N2
cdubs Vanilla Townie Lynched D1
Doctor Cop Endgamed. Lost.
Dimaba Vanilla Townie Lynched D2
RayFrost (SE) Mafia Goon Endgamed. Won.
Jackabomb (SE) Vanilla Townie Killed N1
Yosarian2 (IC) Mafia Role Blocker Endgamed. Won.

Newbie 907 - Played in Road to Rome (Mafia WIn) - Ended March 4th '10

Player Role Notes
Regfan Vanilla Townie NK N2
Kishime Vanilla Townie L D4
SaintKerrigan Vanilla Townie NK N1. Rep. Lightwolfj
Easjo682 Mafia Goon Survived. Won
SinSpawn9000 Vanilla Townie Endgamed.
LordChronos Mafia Goon L. D3
Kyle99 (SE) Cop L. D1
pwnman (SE) Vanilla Townie L. D2 Rep. AGar
McGriddle (IC) Vanilla Townie NK N3 Rep. Papa Zito

Mafia 109, A Glitch in Time (Town Win) - Played in New York - Ended. 4th April '10

Player Role Notes
Parama Vanilla Townie NK N6
Nachomamma8 Mafia Goon L D3
Starbuck Vanilla Townie Rep. McZombie L D5
Maemuki Jailkeeper L D4
Ythan Vanilla Townie NK N3
Pulindar Vanilla Townie Rep. Miserable at best. Survived Won
Dramonic Gunsmith NK N4
camn Town Godfather NK N3
SpyreX Mafia Tracker L D9
Clergyman with a Hoop Neutral Survivor (VT) Smited D2
Drippereth Supersaint NK N5
Yosarian2 Miller L D6
Anon Vanilla Townie Survived Won
Kmd4390 Mafia Godfather L D7
xReckonerx Vanilla Townie Survived Won
CSL Vanilla Townie NK. N1
Nikanor Mafia Goon L. D1

Hydra Information
A Clergyman with a Hoop = SerialClergyman and Hoopla
Drippereth = Ellibereth and DrippingGoofball
Weaboo = Kise and xRECKONERx

Newbie 931 Played in Road to Rome (Town Win) - Ended 26th April '10

Player Role Notes
Fakegod Doctor Survived Won
Pulindar Vanilla Townie Rep. Kanman D1 Survived Won
Dr Glunk Vanilla Townie Survived Won
Red Star Vanilla Townie Rep. Chrissi D1 Survived Won
Stephoscope Cop Survived Won
Deer Vanilla Townie Survived Won
Startransmission Mafia Goon L. D2
Coyote Mafia Roleblocker L. D1
JoshTheStampede Vanilla Townie K. N1

Newbie 944 Played in Road to Rome (Mafia Win) Ended 6th July '10

Player Role Notes
Palmertrou Doctor NK N.3
Espeonage Vanilla Townie - Killed N.2 Rep. Hades NK N.2
AClockworkMelon Vanilla Townie Lynched D.3
Raber Mafia Goon Rep. Koewoe. Survived. Won.
Adrien C Mafia Roleblocker Lynched D.2. Won
Nessarae56 Vanilla Townie Lynched D.1
El Simo Vanilla Townie Endgamed
ZazieR Vanilla Townie Rep. Elias_the-thief Endgamed.
Debonair Danny DiPietro Cop NK N.1

Newbie 949 Played in Road to Rome (Mafia Win) Ended 19th July '10

Player Role Notes
Adrien C Vanilla Townie Rep. Ragan. Lynched D.4
Ademisk Mafia Goon Survived. Won
heladocasero Vanilla Townie Endgamed
Fakegod Vanilla Townie Lynched D.3
Memnon Mafia Goon Survived. Won
Katsuki Vanilla Townie Endgamed
0x1de Vanilla Townie Rep. Johnny Rotten NK N.2
Wacka Alpaca Vanilla Townie Rep. SweenyTodd Lynched D.2
Seraphim Doctor NK N.3

Haylen Backup Modded Games

Newbie Games

Newbie 925 - Main Mod: Sudo_Nym.
Newbie 926 - Main Mod: Maemuki.
Newbie 927 - Main Mod: My Milked Eek.
Newbie 941 - Main Mod: Sarag.
Newbie 966 - Main Mod: Nachomamma.
Newbie ? - Main Mod: McGriddle.
Newbie 1016 - Main Mod: JmJ3000
Newbie 1023 - Main Mod: Nobody Special
Newbie 1030 - Main Mod: Nocmen
Newbie ? - Main Mod: Parama

Open Games

Open 209 - Main Mod: SaintKerrigan.
Open 210 - Main Mod: CSL.
Open 238 - Main Mod: Jmj3000

Mini Theme Games

Thrillville Mafia - Main Mod: Animorpherv
Donkey Kong Mafia - Main Mod: CSL

Large Theme Games

Scummers Mafia - Main Mod: Dramonic.
Of Gods and Men - Main Mod: Kinetic.