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Nikanor is stalking you! Congratulations! Here are some cookies.
Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

This user despises red links. He is also obsessed with grammar and spelling. :P - Haylen
Nikanor is known to not hammer people, because when he tries to hammer a person, his hammer is usually stolen from him. This upsets Nikanor. Do not think badly of Nikanor if he makes a rude comment about hammer-stealers.

In attempting to understand Nikanor, you must understand how he communicates with others. Following is an example of a conversation Nikanor has had with a fellow Scummer.
VoidenBlaze (1:58:14 AM): your welcome?
Nikanor9113 (1:58:26 AM): My welcome?
VoidenBlaze (1:58:37 AM): my thanks?
Nikanor9113 (1:58:52 AM): Thank yours?
VoidenBlaze (1:59:22 AM): god's sweat?
Nikanor9113 (1:59:48 AM): What I don't even.

There is a disturbing trend in the replacements. :S -DTM

Game History

Some links may be out of date after the move to phpBB3. In that case, please refer to the forum archives.


Number Mod Role Result Fate Comments
782 Xtoxm Town Doctor Lose Lynched Day Three My first game. We lost because I waited too long for my counterclaim. Scum claimed doc day one, and I waited until day three to counterclaim. I learned my lesson.
793 farside22 Mafia Roleblocker Win Survived My first game as scum, accompanied by my first win! That said, my scumplay was pretty weak. I replaced a guy who was obvscum day two, and managed to rid myself of suspicion with my replacement halo. However, on day three I cracked a bit and was competing with a townie for the lynch. We almost lost, but I was able to pull off a quickhammer before anyone caught on to me.
800 Vi Townie Lose Endgamed Day Three We had a newbie replace in at the beginning of Day Three lylo when I was V/LA. The townie newbie voted another townie in OMGUS, not realising that it could cost us the game. It did. Enjoyable game, though. It was, I was annoyed though - Haylen
809 inHimshallibe Townie Win Killed Night Three I replaced into a confirmed townie slot, and I played terribly. I also learned that bad grammar is not always a scum tell!
811 Vel-Rahn Koon Town Doctor Lose Killed Night Two I managed to get myself killed by defending a townie and pushing for a scum's lynch at the same. This is the first time I was night killed, so I was kind of happy, but I was a town power role, so I was kind of sad at the same time.
838 hohum Mafia Goon Lose Lynched Day Four I lurked too much in lylo, and succeeded in getting myself lynched by opting to only defend instead of to attack.
867 Vi Townie Lose Lynched Day Four I replaced a scummy townie on day four lylo. I think I did really well against the game's IC, but in the end I was lynched. I gave it my all, though, so no regrets.
870 almightybob Mafia Goon Lose Lynched Day Four I have only one thing to say about my first ICing experience: I'm very disappointed in myself.
893 xRECKONERx Townie Lose Lynched Day Four Another shining example of why nk analysis fails.
927 My Milked Eek Townie Lose Endgamed Day Four None yet.
938 Vi Townie Win Survived None yet.
960 inHimshallibe Townie Lose Lynched Day Three None yet.
980 CSL Townie Lose Modkilled Day Three None yet.
985 Excedrin Mafia Roleblocker Win Lynched Day Two None yet.


Number Setup Mod Role Result Fate Comments
163 Jungle Republic Fuzzylightning Mafia Goon Lose Killed Night Four We did well, until I did some obvious bussing on a partner day three. At least I outed the last opposing scum with my bussing. Too bad the town kept him alive to help beat the mafia (a major flaw in open games with two scumteams, by the way).
167 Pie E7 Sotty7 Mafia Goon Lose Lynched Day Two I claim no responsibility for this loss. I had posted literally two things before someone swooped in with a hammer to nail my scumbuddy. The next day, that same person claimed a guilty on me. My predecessors' lurking had earned me an investigation. Go figure. I'll still count this as a loss in my records, though. I can only hope that the Law of Large Numbers can eventually find some way to forgive me!
172 Mini Love molestargazer Townie Win Survived My best game so far. I'm most proud of this game because I managed to find most of the scum using plain old scumhunting tactics.
175 Picking Simplicity semioldguy Townie Lose Endgamed Day Seven Long game was long. There were tonnes of replacements, too. I'm satisfied with this game, even though I lost. My reads were right on the mark for this game, and the only reason we lost was because I didn't follow my town read of someone from day one.
177 Monks and Masons Haylen Mafia Goon Win Survived Sadly, most of the scum lurked this game, and it was basically a contest to see who could nk the other team first while watching the town lynch themselves. I learn that I'm a lot better at finding scum with kills than I am at finding scum with lynches. @_@
179 Bird 7p yabbaguy Mafia Goon Lose Lynched Day Two I got smacked by an unwinnable scenario day two after bussing my partner on day one. Not much else to say except that I now know to not bus my partner in 7p games.
183 Polygamist Mafia dramonic Polygamist Win Survived This game was only one day long because of a modkill. Easy game, but only due to the modkill of a townie.
188 Bad Tweed DTMaster Mafia Goon Win Survived Yay! As much as I hate to say it, DTM gave scum the advantage by being an inactive mod. Also, lurkers absolutely decimated the town in this game.
209 2:2:9 SaintKerrigan Mafia A Goon Draw Lynched Day Two None yet.
213 Mini Love CJMiller Town Doctor Win Survived None yet.
240 Mayo Clinic TheLoneWolf Town Doctor Draw Killed Night Two None yet.
297 Twofold Chevre Townie Lose Killed Night Two None yet.

Mini Normals

Number Mod Role Result Fate Comments
811 DraketheFake Townie Lose Killed Night Two This game was a slightly disappointing one. Although there were two scumgroups and a pair of lovers, there were also two protection roles to help out the town. Unfortunately, the lovers and the two protection roles were all claimed on day one, leading to an easy scum victory. SerialClergyman played well as scum; I don't think town would have won even if our power roles weren't outed on day one.
813 Korlash Townie Lose Killed Night Four Everyone gave MrSuave the newbcard and let him live until endgame, where he was able to sneak in a quickhammer. A note to others: don't be so willing to play the newbcard on someone!
847 Zachrulez Townie Lose Endgamed Day Three The scum had a doublevoter, making for a very swingy game. We lost in 9p lylo. Siighhhhhh. Not much we could do to win, really.
868 nohandtyper Werewolf Lose Lynched Day Five Got lynched in lylo. I knew I shouldn't have left cruelty alive in lylo. >_> Oh well, at least I got to lynch d3x.
916 Sotty7 Mafia Goon Win Survived Day Three I was kind of lurky this game (although I guess I am usually lurky). The last time I checked the game when it was still ongoing, I was at L-2. When I got back from work on the same day, we had won. I still don't understand how that happened. The town in this game was really reckless with their lylo voting, and it really worked in our favour. Other than my lurking, I feel I played a decent game.
918 sigma Mafia Goon Lose Replaced Out Day One Yeah, this is the first time I've replaced out of a game. I ended up getting overloaded to the point of having to replace out. Hopefully this game is the last time I'll have to replace out of anything.
922 KittyMo Townie Lose Lynched Day Four My play here was baaaaad. My scumdar was completely off. This definitely goes in my top five worst games.
944 MrSuave Townie Lose Endgamed Day Three None yet.
930 sykedoc Town Jailkeeper Lose Killed Night Three None yet.
973 yabbaguy Town Cop Win Killed Night Four None yet.
984 Locke Lamora Mafia Godfather Lose Replaced Out Day Six None yet.
1024 Skill006 Town Mason Lose Replaced Out Day Four None yet.

Large Normals

Number Mod Role Result Fate Comments
109 Haylen Mafia Goon Lose Lynched Day One None yet.
112 dramonic Townie Win Killed Night Four None yet.
114 MichelSablehart Werewolf Win Survived None yet.
121 Nobody Special Town Doctor Win Replaced Out Day Two None yet.

Mini Themes

Theme Mod Role Result Fate Comments
/In-vitational 2 (chosen) Incognito Townie Win Lynched Day Three My first win as town! This game made it painfully clear that I really need to improve my late game play, though.
Pokemon Madness Mafia Grimmy Town Pikachu Lose Endgamed Day Three Bah. Too much scum. We lynched a survivor day one and a serial killer day two. Even though the serial killer killed one of Team Rocket, we still lost when we mislynched for the first time on day three.
And Then There Were None ThAdmiral Mafia Watcher/Tracker Win Survived I replaced in late, and decided the thread was tl;dr. We managed to pull in an easy scum victory due to the number of replacements. A hollow victory, but a victory nonetheless.
Empire Records Mafia Starbuck Townie Lose Endgamed Day Five Town was overpowered and we STILL lost. For the record, I don't think that Godfathers should give a town result when inspected by a rolecop.
Mafia Reverberation Vi Townie Win Survived Day Two I replaced in for a week to cover for someone, and managed to call two of the three scum in my first post. Hooray! Apparently as of this game I'm God Tier, according to Vi.
Linked Role Chaos Kairyuu Town Mason Lose Killed Night Four None yet.
Precision Mafia RedCoyote Townie Lose Endgamed Day Four None yet.
Drum Corps International Trumpet of Doom Town Miller Lose Lynched Day Two None yet.
Mafia at the 11th Hour Vi Plague Goon Win Lynched Day One None yet.
Descent Into Chaos SaintKerrigan Mafia Double Voter Win Survived None yet.
It Got Worse sykedoc Town Flying Pumpkin green|Win}} Lynched Day Two None yet.
Battle of Alcatraz Fate Townie green|Win}} Survived None yet.
Higurashi Mafia Haylen Town Doctor Lose Killed Night Four None yet.
Hair Trigger Mafia LlamaFluff Unknown Alive None yet.

Large Themes

Theme Mod Role Result Fate Comments
Battle Mafia Battle Mage Mafia Jailkeeper Lose Killed Day Three The other scumteam killed me, then got lynched. That's not to mention the mod mistake that cost us a team member. Oh well. I DID learn some things, at least.
Of Gods and Men Kinetic Town Remote Neighborizer Win Survived None yet.
Cross Edge Bastard Mod dramonic Town Male-Cop Win Killed Day One None yet.
Earth's Struggle Haylen Town Double-Voter Lose Killed Night Three None yet.
Hydra Mafia bv310 Mafia Ninja Win Survived None yet.
Zachtown in the Mountains Zachrulez Unknown Replaced Out Day One None yet.
Return to Liten SaintKerrigan Town Doctor Killed Night One None yet.
Ocarina of Time Reckamonic Town Mason Paranoid Gun Owner Lose Killed Night Two None yet.
Return to Liten SaintKerrigan Town Doctor Win Killed Night One None yet.

Modding History

See: Nikanor's Modding History
See also: Nikanor's Rulesets


Good Karma

  • Replaced into Newbie 793
  • Replaced into Newbie 800
  • Replaced into Newbie 809
  • Replaced into Newbie 838
  • Replaced into Newbie 867
  • Replaced into Newbie 927
  • Replaced into Newbie 938
  • Replaced into Newbie 960
  • Replaced into Mini 782 (And Then There Were None)
  • Replaced into Mini 811
  • Replaced into Mini 868
  • Temporarily replaced into Mini 914 (Mafia Reverberation)
  • Replaced into Mini 917 (Precision Mafia)
  • Replaced into Mini 930
  • Replaced into Open 167
  • Replaced into Mafia 112
  • Replaced into Mafia 114

Bad Karma

  • Replaced out of Mini 918


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