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About Startransmission

Joined Mafiascum on November 8, 2008

Prefers "Start" "Star" or even "ST" as short cut handles

Lives in Portland, Oregon

Was introduced to Mafia through the Simply Syndicated forums before joining Mafiascum. Used to play and mod several themed games at Simply Syndicated, but now plays only at Mafiascum.

Prefers Newbie games, but usually has an open or mini theme game or two going at any given time.

Has a strange feeling Vel-Rahn Koon hates him.

Speaks about himself in the third person when writing wiki entries.

Is an alcoholic.

Is one hell of a lover.

Mafiascum Stats

Town W-L-A 5 4 0

Scum W-L-A 1 0 0

Current Games

Newbie 885 [1]

Newbie 876 [2]

Cults of Darkness and Shadow- The Fourth Ritual [3]

Open 190 Trendy and Subversive C9 [4]