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Adrien C

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Welcome to Adrien C's wiki page. The format is from me, Me=Weird. Adrien has approved the page. Yay! And Adrien greatly appreciates it too. :)


  • Currently in: 0

Game Mod Status Role Death Result (Bold = win)
Newbie 934 ElectricBadger Complete Mafia Goon Survived Mafia Win
Newbie 944 Haylen Complete Mafia Roleblocker Lynched D2 Mafia Win
Newbie 953 Sotty7 Complete Mafia Goon Lynched D4 Town Win
Newbie 949 Haylen Complete Vanilla Townie Lynched D4 Scum Win
New York 115 Wickedestjr Day 7 ??? Alive Ongoing
Earth's Struggle Haylen Day 4 Heavenly Halfling NKed Night 3 Ongoing
Newbie 988 Jackabomb Complete Vanilla Townie NKed Night 3 Mafia Win
Newbie 981 KittyMo Day 3 ??? Alive Ongoing


Faction Win Loss Abandoned Unfinished but Dead
Mafia 2 1 0 0
Town 0 1 0 0
Third Party 0 0 0 0