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Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

Maemuki is a fairly new member of MafiaScum, she has participated in quite a few games and I think she's won at least one of them as well. She needs to be more confident in her abilities, I know she has the potential to be a good player, she just needs to use it. This coming from her IC. - ~Haylen~

Mmm, yeah. What she said. I'm Maemuki, confidence isn't my best trait, and I have a disease known as chronic lurking. And I know she's lying. Anyways, I, unlike most people that have a wiki page, dislike talking on third person. I like bunnies, chocolates, ranting about useless things and being incredibly boring. I'm also really lazy, which is a side effect from my chronic disease. So, this page won't be finished before I feel like it.