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I'm quickly writing up my games so that I have some meta to link to. I'll try to do up comments and thoughts when I get some more time.

I've made comments because some people have asked me to but I don't actually like them very much. The games are much more complex than the comments indicate - they are purely some thoughts about my play and my perspective. Most of the games I've listed have had strong input from other players that goes uncredited or unchallenged, but that's just the nature of the beast. I haven't forgotten you, everyone :P.

Overall completed games (8/3)

Town games (6/2)

Newbie 766 Townie win

This was my first newbie game. I pushed a big case on scum on D1 and got him lynched. Next day I pushed a big case on the doc and got her lynched, and ended up dead N2. The town went on to win in lylo, which was a bit close for comfort. Strongly influential, reasonably good reads.

Newbie 769 Townie win

My first replacement game. I came in on the second day after an effective policy lynch. I broke up a big argument between what turned out to be two townies and pushed the lynch onto two other players, one of which was scum (Hockey). His scumpartner (kiku) forced that lynch onto the town of the two, but outed herself marginally in the process. Hockey was lynched and kiku soon followed, despite a doc claim at lylo. Solidly influential, solid reads (although I did read kiku as town for most of the day.)

Beard Mafia Townie win

I was considered scummy for most of this game, which was new to me, lucky to avoid a lynch. Defended the SK D1, pushed a lynch on the miller D2. On D3 I looked certain to be the lynch but made a solid case against one scum and he was the lynch. There was a 4 man lylo, it was decided early on that I was likely town. The two suspects cross voted. I voted for the wrong one, but the replacement coming in voted for the right one and convinced me to as well. Not that influential, not that good with the reads.

Commie mafia. Vanilla win.

Hectic game. I replaced in trying a totally new tactic of looking for townies. I had one scum in my townie group, one scum as my top scumread and the D1 lynch scum as a wishy washy in the middle. He self-destructed and I got on the wagon, although it was more by default than by planning. A bad town lynch folloed that I followed pretty mindlessly. D3 started very slowly and two anti-town players looked like they'd fight it out for the lynch, but a few rteplacements came in and I started to really push my thoughts about the group as a whole. I came up with a pretty bizarre theory filled with loads of assumptions that narrowed the scum down to 2 out of the 3 most universally considered protown players. I happened to be right, but the process by which I got to there would never convince a soul and I was lynched. In the end, a series of mass claims exposed the scum pretty easily but I'd like to think that my theory made their suspicion easier in lylo. I was not particularly influential but had quite solid reads.

/invitational 4, Bodyguard win.

I lurked for the entirety of D1 due to a lack of engagement and buying an apartment at the time. When I came into the game on D2 I was considered scummy for lurking. I challenged roflcopter's softclaim and was accused of rolefishing by scum and town. I got behind a case on VP Baltar (scum) and defended Xyl (town). After Xyl was lynched, I kept pushing the VP case before switching to rofl who claimed and had iam counter claim as jailkeeper. This further led to tajo claiming hider to verify rofl's story. I decided that it was all a lie and pushed very hard to lynch tajo. I mainly argued that even if I was wrong it would work out OK, but also tried to show how he was scum. The lynch came in by 1 vote, with all but one of the scum team opposing me. After that, we lynched 4 more scum with one townie and won the game. I was NKed at some point. I also called for a massclaim early in this game and thought it was quite important development as it eased suspicion off of ekim and charter. Very influential, excellent reads.

No Frills mafia Vanilla win.

I only made it through one day of this game. I picked up a scum tell from three people, 2 of which were town. I pushed heavily on a wagon on scum that didn't get up D1 but definitely did in D2. My reads afterwards from the afterlife topic were pretty rubbish, but I'll take result I had on the game from my brief playing stint. Fairly influential, strong read.


Welcome to Hambargarville Townie lost

Ugh. By far my worst on MS. Posted huge PBPAs against two town targets in a row, getting the first lynched and allowing myself to be lynched for the second. Was a major factor for losing the game for my team. Strongly influential, terrible reads.

Quick and Dirty Mafia 1-shot Vig loss.

Unfortunately for this game I didn't realise I had the role I had been given. The role PM was a little vague and sounded like a VT's for the first 2/3rds of the note. This coupled with a reshuffle at the start of the day led to me thinking I was vanilla. I defended the major wagon of D1 and pushed a counter wagon on scum. It never got up, I was killed N1 and the scum went on to win a perfect game. Not influential, strong read.

Scum (2/1)

Welcome to Foggylondontown Scum goon win - perfect game.

My first completed scum game. Came in at a difficult position, my partner looked to be dead for all money. I pushed heavily on a counter wagon in an effort to save him. That caused a doc claim from him, which I still tried to push him through, but also caused a counter wagon on a different player who claimed hider. The hider was lynched, the doctor was NKed by the SK and we killed one of the two town lovers. The next day the SK was found by a town member and I helped push his lynch (he was not NKable). In lylo, iam came up with a fantastic case that made one wrong initial premise and so nailed my partner but not me. I tried to bus him but when the other town member didn't show it became easier to switch to him. Perfect game, with a lot of nuance to it. Strongly influential, rarely suspected.

Mafia 96, Emerald city mafia. Scum godfather win

Good fun game. My scum mate claimed miller on D1 unprompted, amazingly dodging the N0 guilty that a cop got on him. He rode that to victory, with thanks to another buddy attacking him all day then getting NKed and flipping scum. My real contribution came on about the 4th day where I was heavily suspected by Xyl, Kmd and Spyrex. I managed to convince Xyl and Spyrex that I was likely town as well as create the impression that my scum buddy was CKD, not Faraday. The lynch on CKD almost went through until he claimed, then we switched to another tonwie just before deadline. The next day I pushed heaviy on Faraday but CKD couldn't escape suspicion and three townies were on his wagon even before I could get on it. I quick hammered for a very solid win.


Webcomic Wars mafia scum 2-shot roleblocker loss.

A game heavily marred by inactivity of both the players and the mod. We had a NK-immune member of our team who never posted and a replacement that didn't do much either. Rofl and I put up a very spirited fight, including deliberately aiming at players with low activity, but in the end his claim had him painted into a corner and I was killed by an astute tubby who won for the competing scumteam. A good learning experience, a mediocre game, to be honest.

Ongoing games

Amished mafia, killed N2 flipped town.

Dark Goma Mafia, killed N3 flipped town.

Webcomic Wars mafia, killed N4 flipped scum.

Cult of Darkness and Shadow

Mayor Mafia


Lynched/NKed/Endgamed as town: 2/7/1

Lynched/NKed/Endgamed as scum: 0/1/2

Overall lynched percentage: 15%

Overall Nked percentage: 61%

Overall endgamed percentage: 23%