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2008 Scummies

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Overview of the 2008 Scummies Awards


Name: Reason: Winner: Games & Links:
Paperback Writer Tastiest Flavor destructor for Mini 568: Nubigena
Professor Mafia Contribution to Mafia Discussion Adel
Rookie of the Year Most Outstanding New Player LlamaFluff
Rube Goldberg Best Setup Guardian for Mini 567: iPick
Flying Pumpkin that Shoots Lasers out of its Ass Best Role Tarhalindur for Haruhi Suzimiya
Goodfellas Best Performance by a Team Town of Mushroom Kingdom for Mushroom Kingdom
George W. Bush Funniest Claim Awesome Pants for Newbie 516
Johnny Cochrane Best Claim Claus for Mini 612: Akatsuki
Don Corleone Best Manipulator Kison
Coffee on the Monitor Funniest Player Scruffs
Paragon of Mafia Hunters Best Mafia Catcher Kinetic
Hannibal Lecter Best Serial Killer mikeburnfire for Mini 532: Yaw's Split Open
Cassandra Best Performance in a Losing Cause Elmo for Mini 664: The Adeventure of a Drunken Alchemist
White Knight Best Replacement Kinetic for Read Your Role
Jedi Master Best IC Mirth
Name Should be in Orange Behind the Scenes Contribution Vel-Rahn Koon
Oscar Most Enjoyable Large Game shaft.ed for Monty Python's Mafia Circus
Oscar Best Performance by an Individual (Pro-Town) Glork for California Trilogy 2: Going to San Francisco
Oscar Most Enjoyable Mini Game gorkcat for Mini 659: The Neighborhood
Oscar Best Performance by an Individual (Mafia) Adel for Mature Mafia