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This is the wiki page for the scummer Kinetic. The format was blatantly stolen from Guardian, and originally made by ssf.


Kinetic is rather reclusive scummer as of recent times due to his attendance at law school, but this long time player and mod. Currently Kinetic is taking a more back seat approach with the site, working as the List Mod for Large Theme and generally smacking newbs with the moderation bat. (But he is even and fair with the moderation bat. Say he isn't, he dares you.) :)

Some notable accomplishments for Kinetic include an impressive sophomore year on the site where he won the "Paragon of Mafia Hunters" for Best Scum Catcher and "White Knight" for Best Replacement for the 2008 year.


Kinetic's first year on the site.I'm sure newbie things happened, more here when I get more time.


Kinetic's breakout year on the site. Freaktown and other games helped him get a reputation for strong play in Large Theme games.


Can't remember exactly what occurred here, but I believe I took a break after 2008.


Entered law school in the Fall, became Large Theme List Mod in the summer.


Was thinking of modding, but dropped that idea. Currently playing in one game with Flay as the mod.

Proceeded by Thesp "Paragon of Mafia Hunters" Best Mafia Catcher 2008 Succeeded by Vi
N/A (First White Knight award in 2008) "White Knight" for Best Replacement 2008 Succeeded by Ether

Old Profile (Saved for future edits)

Forum Game Stats

Record: 8 Win :: 9 Games Finished, I think I played another game, but I'm not sure. I don't remember it.

Pro-Town Games

Record: 6 Wins :: 7 Games Finished.

Game Mod Setup Role Death? Result
Mini 487 - Open Countdown PookytheMagicalBear Open Vanilla Town Survived Town Win
Wow. What an exciting game. The game was set up with a Daykilling SK that killed once every 7 real days and after every lynch. There was also a 4 person mafia team with no kill. That left only 7 townies! The town faltered allowing the SK to get a quick time advantage, but the first SK kill was one of the mafia. Lucky for town. After much deliberation (and some nudging from the SK), the town lynched, and hit a mafia! After another week, right before the next SK kill the town lynched another mafia, and the SK finished off the mafia! (This was the SK's biggest mistake in my opinion. Should have gone for a safe Townie kill) Left the game down to 4 townies and the SK. I tried to lead a lynch on the SK, but the town (and SK) out voted me and lynched MGM (Town). In the end game, the SK left me, trying to push me as the SK. This backfired as I convinced the other townie to vote him too and Stewie, the SK, was lynched, ending the game.
Mini 481 - Speed 1: Romeo and Juliet Mafia LoudmouthLee/AutumnEvenings Open/Limited Reveal on Death Vanilla Town Lynched D1 Mafia Win
I got quick-lynched, by the cop. Hammered by scum. All because in my first post I said "Good Luck Everyone". Wouldn't have been sooo bad if half the town wasn't mod-killed through-out the game for signing up for a game they knew had a strict post restriction of you must post every 24 hours, and then failed to post in time or even say they wouldn't be able to (they would have been given an extension). The town gave this game away and the Mafia took it.
Mini 489: Short and Sweet Mafia Ibaesha/petroleumjelly Closed Vanilla Town Survived Town Win
Replaced into the game Day 2. Told them not to lynch me. They didn't. Mislynched a townie Xdaamno, but help direct the vig on to the last scum.
Mafia 64: The New c9 LoudmouthLee Semi-Open Vanilla Town Chainsawed Night 5 Town Win
I really played little to no part in this game. I replaced in and was killed rather quickly. I can't remember the exact circumstances, but I do remember replacing BattleMage who looked very scummy and near to lynch, and somehow getting my way out of said lynch. It looks like the SK thought I was too much trouble though. (I correctly guessed that he was the SK, or scum, but it was conveniently forgotten/pushed aside)
Mafia 68: Ork Mafia ShadowLurker Open Governor Lynched D6 Town Win
Pretty good game. Guardian came up with a good strategy to help town get a strong start, and in the endgame I put all the pieces together and delivered a 100% win strategy that won the town the game. Unfortunately I was lynched because my strategy did not mean I needed to survive and MOS wanted to lynch a power role. I'm pretty sure he nutted on my gravestone. Jerk. :P
A War to End All Freaktowns Rajrhcpfreak Closed Emperor Survived Town Win
Best. Game. Ever. I can't even describe how unbelievably awesome this game was. Holy shit. This is the game I'm most proud of playing in, and I stayed in from day one until the final nail-biting conclusion. Amazing. I can't do it justice with a summary, so you'll just have to read the game. Or maybe I'll come back on day and write one.


Babylon 5 Mafia: Severed Dreams Tarhalindur Closed Minbari/Town Survived Minbari Win
Interesting Game. I felt the 'true' town was very underpowered, but after the game was over I found it was possible for them to win, albeit, very difficult. The game ended prematurely, and my race technically won, but all in all I don't feel very good about my actions in the game. I guessed at a lot of game mechanics, and I was right more than I was wrong, but I should have kept my ideas to myself and tried to influence the town a bit more subtly, like I did in Freaktown. If I had, maybe the true town could have won the game. *shrug* Still counts as a win I guess, but not one I felt I deserved.

Kinetic's Personal View of Freaktown's Ending

The dust settled, and the mafia's victory was assured. Nothing could stop them! They pulled it off, the perfect game.

Tar: *evil maniacal laugher* We have won! You sniveling townies must bow to us and our awesome power.

Sniveling Townies: No! How could this be! It can't really be over? Can it?

Tar: I am invincible!

Kinetic: Not so fast! I strip you of your power Tar and remove from you your life!

Tar: What!? No, Impossible! How could this happen!? My allies! To Arms!

Kinetic: Town! To Arms!

  • Kinetic kills Tar, vicious battle ensues, several townies die

Andy: Incredible! How are you so powerful! No matter what we do you keep finding us! Impossible!!!

Kinetic: You were a worthy adversary. Now die!

  • Kinetic kills Andy, vicious battle ensues, several townies die

Farside: No! They promised me eternal life!

Kinetic: Eternity ends now scum!

  • Kinetic kills Farside, vicious battle ensues, several townies die

Anmlx: You killed my father! Now you will die!

Kinetic: I'm sorry Armlx, but I cannot let you win!

  • Kinetic kills Armlx, finishing off the mafia

Kinetic: I may have won... but there is almost no one left... Was it worth it?

End Scene.

Mafia Games

Record: 2 Win :: 2 Games Finished.

Game Mod Setup Role Death? Result
Newbie 418 NanookTheWolf/Mr. Flay Newbie Game/C9 Mafia (with Leech) Lived Mafia Win
Some poor town play, combined with a couple or replacements, and some wildly effective mafia play kept the town off balance long enough for Leech and I to pull a couple bait and switches.
Mini 461: "24" Mafia PookyTheMagicalBear Closed Traitor (Mafia) (with Spambot and Yosarian2) Lived Mafia Win
Came into the game as a replacement/Traitor. Yosarian2 was the Mafia leader and could try and recruit me or Spambot once an hour. Found Spam hour 6, and me in hour 8. Until then he could not night kill, and the town effectively could have up to 5 cops! Yosarian2 played flawlessly, got himself voted to the most powerful town position, and proceeded to place Spambot and myself into the 2 lynch pin town roles. Spam and myself did awesome keeping suspician off ourselves which gave Yos the perfect excuse to place us in those positions. Flawless victory with not a single scum lynched. Guardian didn't like this game, but personally it is my favorite game I've played so far. He thinks the town played bad, but I think it was just the case of despite overwhelming town odds, flawless scum play wins anyway.

Ongoing/Unknown Alignment Games

As of 10/4/08 Alive in 0 games: This scummer took a hiatus after the completion of Raj's Freaktown (OMG what a game), and while he did attempt to play one game his schedule kept him away and he asked to be replaced Day 1.

Game Mod Setup Role Death? Result