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2019 Scummies

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Overview of the 2019 Scummies Awards
Name: Reason: Winner: Games & Links:
Kodak Moment Most Memorable Moment jjh927, Dr Easy Bake, Flavor Leaf, OSTENTATIOUS (the worst), and Dannflor for Dead Thread in Vengeful Ghosts
Paperback Writer Best Flavour Ether and RadiantCowbells for moderating in Undertale Mafia
Hannibal Lecter Best Third Party Creature for Calendar Mafia
Rising Star Best Up-And-Comer Menalque
Best New Player Best New Mish Mash Player (Mashie) Awoo
Rube Goldberg Best Setup Northsidegal for The Newsroom
Mad scientist Best Mutation Something_Smart for Undertale Semi-Open
Mashtermind Best General Mish Mash Game (Mashie) Plotinus for Sequence
Paragon of Mafia Hunters Best Scum Catcher RadiantCowbells
Don Corelone Most Cunning Manipulator Flavor Leaf
Smash Mouth Best Overall Mish Mash Player (Mashie) Ariel
Modfather Best Moderator Northsidegal
Game of the Year Most Enjoyable Game Boonskiies for BooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROW
Best Social Game Best Large Social Game (Mashie) CuddlyCaucasian and Cephrir for Disney Domination
Master Strategist Best Mechanical Play Northsidegal (as Brown Eyes) for Undertale Mafia
Moment of Brilliance Best Town Performance Creature, Saudade, and Skitter30 for Jazz Mafia
Goodfellas Best Mafia Team Creature, RadiantCowbells, chennisden, and Fuscosco for Gameshow Mafia
White Knight Best Replacement jjh927 for Vengeful Ghosts
Post of the Year Best Post Formerfish and Enter Formerfish for this in Codenames and Enter for this in we need a five
Community Contributor Best Site Contributor Alisae
Speedrunner Best Marathon the worst for Half Mast Nightless