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2017 Scummies

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Overview of the 2017 Scummies Awards


Name: Reason: Winner: Games & Links:
Kodak Moment Most Memorable Event Nachomamma8, mastina and TheRealGin-N-Tonic for Town Jam Session
Mad Scientist Best Mechanic/Mutation Something_Smart for Mini 1953: XP Mafia
Paperback Writer Best Flavour Zaphkael as inspectorscout for world.createNew
Rube Goldberg Best Setup Nahdia for Civilization Mafia
Modfather Best Moderator Alisae
Rising Star Best Up-And-Comer Alisae
Hannibal Lecter Best Third Party MariaR as Mary Saotome for Large Normal 206: World Record Mafia
Don Corleone Cunning Manipulator Tie Between Magnaofillusion and Alisae MagnaIllusion for The Thing Mafia and Alisae for Night And Day Mafia
Paragon of Mafia Hunters Best Scum Catcher Ellibereth
Game of the Year Most Enjoyable Game camn for camn's revenge
Mashtermind Best Mish Mash/LSG Player (Mashie) pablito
Best Large Social Game Best Social Game (Mashie) hiplop, CuddlyCaucasian and Flameaxe for Ned's Declassified
Smash Mouth Best Mish Mash Game (Mashie) TwoInAMillion and inspiratieloos for Formula De league
Best Newbie Best Newbie in Large Social Games and Mish Mash (Mashie) bippy for Ned's Declassified