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2016 Scummies

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Overview of the 2016 Scummies and Mashies Awards
Name: Reason: Winner: Games & Links:
Kodak Moment Most Memorable Moment The Cool Cucumbers (Hydra of wgeurts and Cerberus v666) for winning Saga Frontier Mafia
Paperback Writer Best Flavour Andrius for DEFCON Mafia 4.0
Hannibal Lecter Best Third Party Elyse for Borderlands Mafia
Rising Star Best Up-And-Comer Dwlee99
- Best New Mish Mash Player SummerInWonderland
Rube Goldberg Best Setup wgeurts for Evolution Mafia
Mad scientist Best Mutation Varsoon for RPG mechanics in Saga Frontier Mafia
Mashtermind Best General Mish Mash Game KittyMo for Identity
Paragon of Mafia Hunters Best Scum Catcher Spiffeh
Don Corelone Most Cunning Manipulator Plottin Kittehs (Hydra of Plotinus and Malakittens) for ClownTardis Mafia
Smash Mouth Best Overall Mish Mash Player Radja
Modfather Best Moderator Varsoon
Game of the Year Most Enjoyable Game Varsoon for Saga Frontier
- Best Large Social Game xRECKONERx and Drench for Survivor: #2016