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"/in" - Xdaamno

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7006.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)


Scummer since April 11, 2007.

You Might Remember Me From

  • Successfully modding at least 1 game of mafia.
  • That Spreading The Love thread in which I complimented every player who posted, apparently making everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside. Later revealed to be an entry in a 'Thread which gets most posts within a week' contest, splitting the opinion of the fanbase. Hence I ended up with the slightly creepy 'I Love You' title.
  • A few inventive mish mash setups in my youth: Programmed Prisoner's Dilemma, Programmed Texas Hold'em, Haggle, PokeRumble 1/2/3

No? Nevermind Then

Average Temperature

37.0 °C


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Antarctic Bank Account Assets


Vigg/Vidge Pronounciation Survey

  • Vigg: 10001
  • Vidge: -5i

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