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Trumpet of Doom

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Joined in December 2008.


"I had really thought ToD was town, too." - RestFermata, Mini 709

"Nice work Trumpet, especially." - Percy, Mini 751 postgame

"Basically if I could choose endgame, I'd prefer to have me, Sajin, ToD, and you, Vaya." - UncertainKitten/forbiddanlight, Legacy of the Ancients

"Good thinking by Trumpet of Doom..." - bird1111, Legacy of the Ancients (Green Room)

danakillsu: "Tarhalindur has always voted with either Empking/Trumpet of Doom or MonkeyMan." Tarhalindur: "You're accusing me of being scum for voting with a living player whose alignment is unrevealed and whose player slot I am fairly sure is town. Do I even need to explain why that's complete and total bullshit?" - Mafia 104

"ToD is probably the best among town." - Charlie, Newbie 889 Mafia QT

"ToD: You really did a great game, I really am sorry for voting you. The more I thought about it, the more guilty I felt..." - Thian, Newbie 1089 postgame

"First off, I really have to applaud Trumpet of Doom. I wish he could've seen my face when he noticed something scummy in (scumpartner)'s first post. I was just astonished." - SigmaEXE003, Newbie 1089 postgame


Completed (oldest first)

  1. Newbie 709 (mod: Vel-Rahn Koon)
    • Role: Mafia Goon (replaced Al Cappacino N1)
    • Lynched D3
    • Town Win D4 - loss
    • Participated Dec 24 2008 - Jan 12 2009 (19 days)
    • Notes: My first game. Replaced an obvscum lurker, but two vanilla townies fakeclaimed doc against each other D1, so I thought the game was in the bag. Somehow I got lynched D3, and then my scumpartner was lynched D4. Props to armlx, Pads and Pablo Molinero, the surviving town at the start of D3 - they saved town's asses.
  2. Mini 709 - Musical Mafia (mod: Riceballtail)
    • Role: French Horn (Mafia Roleblocker) (replaced JordanA24 N1)
    • Lynched D3
    • Town Win D4 - loss
    • Participated Jan 12 2009 - Feb 14 2009 (33 days)
    • Notes: Here I tried to bus my scumpartners for the win. It would have worked, too (I was being called obvtown most of D2; my first page quote comes from this game), except that N2, my scumpartner targeted the vig for the kill to spite me (I'd said that the vig would be docblocked), the vig tried to kill me, and I RB'ed him. Memo to self: Don't try that again without running it by my scumpartners first. My fakeclaim of miller couldn't save me.
  3. Mini 722: Neapolitan Mafia (mod: UnofficialRulerOfEveryone)
    • Role: Scarred (neutral? town? it wasn't exactly clear...) (replaced tyhess N2)
    • Survived
    • Town Win D4 - win, and I think this goes on my town record.
    • Participated Feb 20 2009 - Mar 18 2009 (27 days)
    • Notes: This game verged on bastard modding. My role was... interesting, to say the least. N1, my predecessor got a role change from back-up vig to what I got, which had 1-shots of: hide, dayrolecop, and anytime vig. Technically, I didn't have to win with the town, but that was the only way it was going to work. I daykilled the last mafia on D3 (after thinking I was going to get an inspection result), then helped lynch the SK D4.
  4. Mini 741 - Killing Verse (mod: Korts)
    • Role: Vanilla Townie (original player)
    • Lynched D1
    • Mafia Win D3 - loss
    • Participated Feb 2 2009 - Feb 8 2009 (7 days)
    • Notes: Post restrictions all around - everyone was assigned a different form of poetry to write in. First game I was in from the beginning, and I got quicklynched. vollkan-scum drove the wagon. Flawless mafia victory, though the game was heavily scum-sided.
  5. Open 120 - Rebels in the Palace (mod: sekinj)
    • Role: Rebel (original player)
    • Survived
    • Rebels Win D7 - win
    • Participated Feb 27 2009 - Mar 31 2009 (33 days)
    • Notes: Most of my D1 was spent trying to work the numbers on the game the really long way, and we randomlynched through D4. Surprisingly, nobody suggested policy lynches of either zwets or Empking; zwets turned out to be king when we finally lynched him.
  6. Mini 756: La Cosa Nostra (mod: Knight of Cydonia)
    • Role: Vanilla Townie (original player)
    • Killed N1
    • Town Win N3 - win
    • Participated Mar 7 2009 - Mar 15 2009 (8 days)
    • Notes: Declared obvtown by the neutral PGO. Did my best to stop a quicklynch on the guy, who was then lynched anyway. MVP of the game was definitely Porkens - replaced in, claimed as compulsive vig, singlehandedly killed two scum and shot at them every night (was RB'd N2), and was on the wagon of the third.
  7. Mini 751: Suzumiya Haruhi Mafia (mod: Tarhalindur. Yes, that Tarhalindur.)
    • Role: Kyon, Presumably Vanilla Townie (actually Vanilla Townie) (original player)
    • Trapped in Crystallized Spacetime D2, Returned to the Game D4; Survived
    • Town Win D6 - win
    • Participated Feb 24 2009 - Mar 16 2009 AND Mar 26 2009 - Apr 12 2009 (38 days, not counting V/LA)
    • Notes: Tar game... and I get a VT role? Not quite what I signed up for. I lurked for most of D1, and I didn't do a whole lot D2. D3 and D4 I was removed from the game through someone else's ability, but when I came back, I managed to get both scum lynched. This game must be seen to be believed - it was a 7:2:2:1 setup, and we still won.
  8. Mini 739 ~ Mafia Jailbreak (mod: Vi)
    • Role: Vanilla Townie (replaced OhGodMyLife D2)
    • Killed N2
    • Town Win D6 - personal no-decision
    • Participated Mar 11 2009 - Mar 16 2009 (5 days - headed out on V/LA through deadline, came back to find myself NK'd)
    • Notes: This has to be the least I've participated in any game - I couldn't even get through a read of the game before leaving. This game was full of wall-o-texters. Jahudo serial-killed me N2 because he thought OGML might have had a power role... tough luck.
  9. Mini 767: Cubic Mafia (mod: Kairyuu)
    • Role: Vanilla Townie (original player)
    • Replaced (for all practical purposes) by Mastin D5; Mastin survived
    • Town Win D5 - win
    • Participated Mar 26 2009 - June 13 2009 (79 days)
    • Notes: The only time I've ever been replaced, and it happened due to a very long V/LA that I knew about before the game even started. D1 was another lurkfest from me (high school band in Texas... yeah), but D2 onwards I was on the ball (although Beyond_Birthday's claim D2 made that day go by quickly). D4 I tried to lay down as much of my thoughts as I could before leaving. I'm counting this as a personal win even though I wasn't an actual participant at endgame.
  10. Mini 813 - Korlash Town (mod: Korlash)
    • Role: Vanilla Townie (replaced Jack of Bombs D3)
    • Killed N5
    • Mafia Win D6 - loss
    • Participated Aug 16 2009 - Oct 2 2009 (48 days)
    • Notes: First loss I wasn't lynched in. Replaced in for a guy who hadn't posted since D1 and very quickly pegged a VT as scum (having dead scum from days 1 and 2 helped). kravhen's tracker claim put an end to that nonsense; I then joined town lynchwagons D3 and D4 before a no-lynch D5. dramonic had claimed to see breadcrumbs from me D4, leading him to think that I was bulletproof; no such luck - I suspect that was what got me killed. (Update: Apparently the supposed breadcrumbs didn't have anything to do with it.) The last scum stayed pretty well under my radar until the end.
  11. Open 180: Out in the Wilde / 3 of 5 (mod: Nikanor)
    • Role: Cop (original player)
    • Lynched D4
    • Mafia Win D4 - loss
    • Participated Oct 28 2009 - Dec 2 2009 (36 days)
    • Notes: I have to agree with the mod: town deserved to lose this one. Our doc refused to claim and so got lynched on page 6 (!), my own claim at the start of D3 was less than fully believed, and one of the other townies in four-player endgame hammered me because he misread the setup (in his defense, it could have been phrased a bit more clearly).
  12. Legacy of the Ancients Mafia (mod: Tarhalindur)
    • Role: Observer (Town) (replaced Seraphim D3)
    • Killed D4
    • Town Win D5 - win
    • Participated Dec 2 2009 - Dec 9 2009 (7 days)
    • Notes: This was the setup that inspired Mind Screw 3. Crazy game, great playerlist (well, mostly). My role got to see what ability/abilities a player used on any given day, which let me nail the last scum in spectacularly quick fashion - from my first vote of D4 to the hammer took under half an hour. (Said player then was Not Quite Dead and killed me that night in revenge, but we won anyway.)
  13. Mafia 102: No-Frills (mod: Scigatt)
    • Role: Mafia Goon (replaced EtherealCookie D1)
    • Lynched D4
    • Town Win D5 - loss
    • Participated Oct 28 2009 - Dec 14 2009 (48 days)
    • Notes: Apparently I need to be scum much more. I absolutely sucked this game, partly due to letting myself get behind (HUGE lurking from me - a grand total of 10 posts while alive) and partly because I hadn't played as scum for close to nine months and was out of practice. If I were going to try to defend my abysmal showing here, I'd bring up the point that it was a pretty town-sided setup: 13:3, and the only power roles were a jailkeeper and a sane cop - scum had nothing. Even so, I played horribly.
  14. Mafia 104: Revenge of the Crimson King (mod: Seraphim => Xylthixlm => SpyreX)
    • Role: Town Villager (replaced Empking D4)
    • Died of blood loss N5 (mafia kill)
    • Serial Killer Win N7 - loss
    • Participated Dec 31 2009 - Jan 23 2010 (24 days)
    • Notes: This game almost certainly should not have been classed as normal. The mafia GF and the SK had differing varieties of investigation immunity, leading to us regarding the SK as confirmed town, and while the mafia kill flavor wasn't the same from person to person, not every scum had the same kill flavor, either. Overall, I think I did a decent-minus job at identifying scum - while I managed to pick scummy townies to try to drive lynches on, I did correctly suspect some of the scum.
  15. Newbie 889 (mod: Elmo)
    • Role: Doctor (original player (IC))
    • Killed N3
    • Mafia Win D4 - loss
    • Participated Jan 2 2010 - Feb 6 2010 (35 days)
    • Notes: My first time as an IC. I successfully picked scum out on page 2 and successfully blocked the N1 kill. The scum I found then claimed cop and bussed his partner hard, leading to his being more or less unchallenged for the rest of the game.
  16. Mini 912 - Little Golden Mafia (mod: Riceballtail)
    • Role: Little Red Hen, Vanilla Townie (original player)
    • Put to Sleep (serial-killed) N3
    • Mafia win N3 - loss
    • Participated Jan 18 2010 - Mar 12 2010 (53 days)
    • Notes: Oh God, there were a ton of scummy townies this game - the only time scum died was when the SK got endgamed. Mafia played decently, but town was abysmal.
  17. Newbie #915 (mod: iamausername)
    • Role: Vanilla Townie (original player (IC))
    • Lynched D2
    • Town Win D4 - win
    • Participated Feb 16 2010 - Mar 30 2010 (42 days)
    • Notes: I'm not proud of this game, given that my two main targets all game were both town. One of them managed to help town pull out the win, though, so I'll take it.
  18. Mini 937 - Mafia on Death Row (mod: DeathRowKitty)
    • Role Vanilla Townie (replaced pickemgenius D3)
    • Lynched D4
    • Mafia Win D4 - loss
    • Participated Apr 19 2010 - Apr 29 2010 (10 days)
    • Notes: So I replaced into LyLo the night after the gunsmith was killed, and scum was trying to suggest that his N1 result had been that I'd had a gun - given that we'd already had a vig die, this would have implied that I was scum. One of the scum trapped himself with his claim, so we lynched him that day, but I was unable to work my way out of a more or less scum-driven lynch the next day. (Granted, I wasn't doing myself too many favors, though I was about to try to pull a fake-daykill gambit when I was lynched.)
  19. Mini 954 ~ Mafia at the 11th Hour (mod: Vi)
    • Role: Lucca (from Chrono Trigger), Townie (replaced Pomegranate D3)
    • Replaced by DTMaster N4, who was promptly killed off
    • Mafia Win D5 - personal no-decision, though I feel like I contributed to the town loss
    • Participated May 17 2010 - Jun 4 2010 (18 days)
    • Notes: Every player this game had a different one-shot ability they could use when certain conditions were met, but we were not informed of what our abilities were until then; mine was that if I reached L-1 while there were at least six players alive, I could nullify the votes of all the players on my wagon. I didn't get a chance to use it. When I replaced in, the game was starting to drag; Vi later observed that the game had mechanics that could have been interesting, but weren't used to their full potential. I once again learned that I can't judge how long to expect a game to go, especially if I have hard V/LA coming up.
  20. Newbie 1089 (mod: Sotty7)
    • Role: Vanilla Townie (original player (SE))
    • Lynched D1
    • Mafia Win D3 - loss
    • Participated Apr 6 2011 - Apr 27 2011 (21 days)
    • Notes: There are a couple of players who shall remain nameless whose heads I'd like to tear off for this game. Town was heavily fractured, and an early-D2 modkill on town didn't help matters any.
  21. Any Band U-Pick (mod: Slaxx)
    • Role: Foreigner, Townie (replaced animorpherv1 D1)
    • Survived
    • Town Win D6 - win
    • Participated Jun 30 2011 - Aug 21 2011 (53 days)
    • Notes: Being near-confirmed town and wrong on close to half my initial reads (notably, every player my catch-up post listed as scummier than "null" was town) massively sapped my motivation to contribute to this game. I eventually decided that the most effective course of action was for me to shamelessly sheep Regfan's reads. If that's what it takes for me to get a win, whatever, but I'd rather care for the entire game, and I don't know if I can do that any more.


  • Mafia: 0-3
  • Town: 8-8
  • Overall: 8-11

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It seems like you're going to be gone for a while. Hope you're having fun out there in the offline world! ~Vi
Thanks! I had a blast in Colorado... greenest I've ever seen it. Unusually rainy, but you get used to it. -Trumpet