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  • 2 of 4
Setup Size:
  • 9
Setup Type:
  • Anonymous

2of4 was an experimental Newbie Setup, trying to address flaws in F11, which was determined to produce an inordinate number of mafia wins, and is being phased out as a result. The first game to utilize the new 2of4 setup was Newbie 1097. The setup was superseded by Matrix6 with Newbie 1370.

Setup name

The name of the setup derived from the possible roles in the setup, where seven roles were predetermined, and 2 of 4 possible roles are chosen at random to fill the last two setup slots. The seven predetermined roles are 1 Mafia Goon, 1 Mafia Role Cop (originally a Roleblocker), and 5 Vanilla Townies. The 4 possible roles out of which 2 are chosen are: Sane Cop, Doctor, Jailkeeper, or a sixth Vanilla Townie. There is no chance of duplication in these last two roles.


There are six possible variations to this setup:

Balance Discussion

As of Newbie 1102 (May 2011), the Mafia Roleblocker in the setup was changed to a Mafia Role Cop, to prevent "Roleblocker vs. Roleblocker" interactions, which were a common cause of dissent in the discussion involved in the creation of this Newbie Setup.

The Mafia Role Cop is allowed to both submit the nightkill and perform his Role Cop action, no matter whether the Goon is dead or not; see this thread, among others, for discussion on the matter. Most of this discussion took place when the Roleblocker was still present in the setup.

Eventually the setup was replaced by Matrix6.


Most games run with this setup were Newbie games. Here are the known games from outside the Newbie queue:

Open 328 - (Town Win)