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A MafiaScum player.

Joined: 23 Aug 2009


Newbie 837: Woodstock Mafia (Wiki)GoonMafiaL5Town Wins
Newbie 843TownieTownL2Town Wins
Mini 859 - Cleansing of Falls ChurchTownieTownN4replaced out
Perfectionist MafiaSerial KillerThird-PartySurvivedSerial Killer Wins
Mafia 102: No-FrillsGoonMafiaL4replaced out
Mafia 105 - Caught in the CrossfireTownie (backup Vig)TownN4replaced in then flaked out
Mafia 107 - Christmas Time MafiaJailkeeperTownN3replaced in then flaked out
Mini 1095 - Fast Food MafiaTownieTownN1Town Wins
Mini 1099: The Prisoner MafiaTownieTownL1Serial Killer Wins
NY 141: MafiaTownieTownSurvivedTown Wins


2009 Scummies - Hannibal Lecter (Perfectionist Mafia)