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He is a new player at any form of mafia. He is known as a newblet. This creature comes out at night to feast on his newly acquired addiction for the game and join the many others in this online community. He is very timid and will approach only when handed treats. This makes the newblet susceptible to traps set up by fellow scummies for hilarious, yet embarrassing, results. The newblet is a growing community and will need to gain experience before he evolves into the regular player.

Tips on being the newblet:

  • Even the toughest fights require you to fight those little mini mobs to gain some EXP.
    • Grinding is annoying, but you win most RPGS that way. Err. Wrong game.
  • Learning from experienced players will give a great boost to your posting abilities.
  • A good strategy goes a long way.
    • A false strategy goes a short way.
      • The anti-strategy explodes on impact to the strategy creating a black hole.
        • This usually results in lynch, nks, mod kills or time warps in the fourm.
          • SPONTANEOUSLY AND RANDOMLY. Like the digits in phi or pi.

Current Games


Game Stats

Game Stats (See Game list for more information)
Role Win Loss Other Total Games Win Percentage
Town 3 7 1 11 NA
Mafia 3 1 0 3 NA
Neutral/Other Faction 0 0 0 0 NA

Finished Games

Newbie Games - The Road to Rome

Game Role End Game Status Win/Loss/Other Date Finished Comments
Newbie 795 - Game Over Vanilla Townie Endgamed Loss 14/08/09 It came down to a gut choice (and two fellow townies really botched it up for us). It could have gone either way.
Newbie 853 - Mafia Win Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 4 Loss 14/12/09 UGH. Don't ever play like me in this game, I was so busy. I caught the IC, Zorblag as scum in day 3. But I was so away and Sir had to prod me that I couldn't make up for the "lurking scum theory" and got hammered just to end the game. Hammered in mid case FTL.
Newbie 895 - Nikanortown (Game Over!) Vanilla Townie Endgamed Day 3 Loss 28/01/10 UGH. Town autolost as soon as Radical voted Agar instead of cross voting Wddjat. Wddjat was scum and Agar/Radical were town. I did end game voting analysis, based on who would quick hammer to try and solve this. This is why you should cross vote and narrow scum to a 50/50 chance. Radical fit as scum in too many ways with this analysis that I voted him.

Mini Normal/Open Games - Little Italy

Game Role End Game Status Win/Loss/Other Date Finished Comments

Mini 811: Foggy Londontown Mafia - Werewolves win!

Vanilla Townie Torn to Shreds Night 3 Loss 29/08/09 Replaced in when all town power roles died in the first day. Really poor play on my behalf followed by confirmation bias. Overall town gave scum an easy victory with general poor play.
Mini 829 - Internal Struggle Mafia (Game has ended) Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 4 Loss 25/09/09 One of my better games I thought. Though I shouldn't have allowed the town to self kill me just due to VT claim on day 4 but I was certain Paradox was scum based on his claim. Oh well, lesson learned scum-power role exists and are deadly. Watch out for them.
Mini 847 Murder in Zachtown (Game over! Mafia wins!) Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 2 Loss 5/11/09 Ew one of my worst games. Highlights go to Mafia for their perfect win and Haylen for being lurker double voter who screwed with the town. I'm going to take on less games now so I can focus hard while in school. :<. Inactivity plus day one gambit play killlllllleeed me.
Open 163 (Jungle Republic)- Game Over before 835 Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 4 Win 21/11/09 Played until the end until I got lynched. I was pretty inexperienced back then and lynched Saberwolf for the wrong reasons and killed Hohum too late. His gambit didn't work properly either and has set off my scumdar with the "I was afraid hohum would self hammer" statement. Oh well, lesson learned and noted that scum likes to aggravate the slightest thing against me. Grrr at them! Plus the Toro gambit bus by Nikanor/TheAdmiral was untimely. I must thank Shotty/Scott for carrying town to victory here (and has for cooperating with the town).
Open 180 - 3 of 5 / Out in the Wilde (Game Over!) before 873 Mafia Goon Lynched Day 3 Win 04/12/09 This was fun. I replaced into a game where my replace was outting my partner subtly so I did some early busing. The game mechanics causes town to gain claiming advantages: via Sabre's miller claiming confirming his alignment day 1. In a twist of fate Trumpet (who I look up to) auto cleared the remaining town and caught me and my partner. This shows you that: cops are broken, but you can still win even though the cop nailed you. I managed to convince town that my scum buddy was Trumpet and got him lynched in the final day. The flavor was very funny though. Quicktopic

Mini Themed Games - Coney Island

Game Role End Game Status Win/Loss/Other Date Finished Comments
Mini 862 ~ Mafia of Order (Game Over!) Mia, Berserk Mafia Duelist (Townie) (Treated as Mafia Goon) Survived to the Endgame Mafia Win 13/11/09 Hurray my first perfect win as mafia. I played confusion role (abet helped by the lurking townies) and just coasted to victory. What was shocking was LL's role as mafia traitor. Fire Emblem flavor made this game enjoyable, but mafia were pretty much outed from day two. Hurray for very scummy townies. Quicktopic
mini 883-Krazy Mafia Disaster- Game Over. Who won? Mafia Day Vigilante Lynched by the Doublevoter Day 3 Loss 20/01/10 I was lynched because my mafia partner liked me, even though we didn't know who were our partners. Also Haylen, obv-SK wasn't lynched even though she clearly claimed bullet proof townie and admitted she wanted us to cross attack each other. I still don't get how I lost when everything I did pointed to pro-town vig. Oh well, insperation to do better next time. No quick topics here since scum didn't know who eachother were.
Mini 933: LRCM - Broken, restart running in new thread Townie Lover (to smashbro_of_the_SSS) Alive Mod Restart 27/02/10 Town got rid of lynchers day 1. But with 3 mafia scum players left, and two townie lovers, I thought I'd outguess the mod since it'll be too imbalanced to have two townie lovers and 3 scum. Right? Right??!. Oh oops. This is a game where scum auto wins when town didn't mislynch. Oh well, version two will be below.

Normal/Open Games - New York

Game Role End Game Status Win/Loss/Other Date Finished Comments
Mafia 97 - Day Night Mafia, Game Over Day Mafia Goon Lynched Day 5 Mafia Win 07/10/09 My first Mafia victory, Yay! I played the day-miller gambit card but died from mirrored setups. I also replaced into Empking with obv-scum SSK as my partner, which made my gambit good till day five with the mass claim. My partner Bekk was never there but Kise came in to save the day. An enjoyable game with both Day and Night mechanics. <3 Quick Topic.

Themed/Large Games - Theme Park

Game Role End Game Status Win/Loss/Other Date Finished Comments

834 - Grimm's Pokemon Madness Mafia - day 2 - deadline 9-21

Pigeotto: Town "Every Other Day" Doctor Fainted in the Endgame Loss 13/10/09 Ffffff. Perish song mechanic resulted in scum win. I was on the nose on the two mafia where vote mechanics killed us. Siiiiiigggghhhhhhhhh! Sticky voted for the loss. But the flavour was fun. T'is a shame because Kise pretty much role claimed scum when he recovered from the role block.
Battle Mafia Vanilla Townie Survived to the Endgame Win 15/11/09 Lol. Even if I wasn't the "very scummy townie" I still was. Somehow I narrowly escaped getting lynch by trying to role confirm Spyrex's fake claim which resulted in his lynch. <3 Charter. Then town apathy left me till the endgame. <3 Loosing my vote. I hated it. Towards the end the unexpected twist: Day mafia was the vig and we were all townies in the last day. Props go to Vi, Tajo and Charter for breaking the game.
Kingdom Hearts Mafia - Game Over! Cobusdriver/Coward - Dale Exploded Night 9 Win NA This was amazingly fun and makes you respect the awesomeness of DGB
Teleportation Mafia Universe ONE (MAFIA A WINS!) Universe B Townie Endgamed Loss 07/04/10 This was a tough game. Originally I replaced a person from Universe Two, but since I did not get teleported back I did not count it towards my win. (sniff). However this game was very, very close with massive cross killing and Mafia A auto clearing multiple Universe B townies. Unfortunately, my most town read was based on a bussing movement (curse you Phate and Gayle), and we had a mess in 5 person lylo with the votes. Stick with gut reads, and lynch them hard.

Marathon Games

Game Role End Game Status Win/Loss/Other Date Finished Comments

Modded Games

Mini Normal/Open Games - Little Italy


Open 188 - Tweed Mafia
An Open with: 2 Sane Cops, 2 Mafia Goons, 1 Mafia Tailor (who flips Mafia Goon intial reveal) and 7 Townies. The Mafia Tailor acts as a Mafia Framer to add to the level of WIFOM when discussion cop reveals.
Player Slot Role Status Endgame Result
Yabbaguy Vanilla Townie Frozen and turned into mango sorbet night one. Town Loss
farside22 Mafia Goon Lynched Day 2
Jazzmyn Light Assassin Purged Inc. II Dark Win Inc. II N/A Jan 24 2010 - Feb 24 2010 (31)
HerodotusJuls Dark Eminence Killed Inc. I Dark Win Inc. II 1/1 Feb 02 2010 - Feb 18 2010 (16)
Mighty Orbots Light Assassin Killed Inc. I Dark Win Inc. II N/A Jan 24 2010 - Feb 24 2010 (31)
Porkens Dark Eminence Survived Inc. II Dark Win Inc. II 2/2 Jan 24 2010 - Feb 24 2010 (31)
Rhinox Light Assassin Purged Inc. I Dark Win Inc. II N/A Jan 24 2010 - Feb 18 2010 (25)
SerialClergyman Dark Eminence Purged Inc. I Dark Win Inc. II 0/1 Jan 24 2010 - Feb 18 2010 (25)
Sotty7 Dark Eminence Purged Inc. I Dark Win Inc. II 1/1 Jan 24 2010 - Feb 18 2010 (25)
SpyreX Dark Eminence Survived Inc. II Dark Win Inc. II 1/2 Jan 24 2010 - Feb 24 2010 (31)
VP Baltar Dark Eminence Survived Inc. II Dark Win Inc. II 0/1 Jan 24 2010 - Feb 24 2010 (31)
Gammagooeyzoraster Tarhalindur, Garo Master over Mafia Survived Inc. II Dark Win Inc. II 1/2 Feb 15 2010 - Feb 24 2010 (9)

Favourite Threads

Mafia Games

Game Comments
Mini 751: Suzumiya Haruhi Mafia - Town Win One of Tar's game and absolutely brilliant. The flavour and town play was amazing. I strive to play at that level. The deduction from the phase counters were brilliant.
Mini 793: Scrubs Mafia - Brain Trust Win <3 The flavour.


You may comment about me here, or deface this wiki, but only in this sub-heading. - DTM

  • You know, I should read more of your games to find out why you have that quote in your sig. I mean, "Mastin alt" with quotes and with repeated results not omitted, twenty pages into Google search will still show you. Maybe I should be in a game you mod/play in, just to prove how, no, you are NOT my alt. :P -Mastin.
    • Edit: You know what? Screw that. I don't need to read more of your games. 35 pages in, it's still you. Considering I got 1630 results on my search and how many are already yours, with how many games you've played? Yeah, I can tell why people could think you're a Mastin Alt. Serious, that's a freakin' huge amount of posts. :P

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