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Large Theme

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An administrative category for the purposes of moderator waiting lists, a Large Theme is defined as a Theme game which has 14 or more players.

Large Theme games are played in Theme Park.

See also List of Large Themes.


Signups for large games take place in their own individual threads. To join a Large Theme game, players should post in the appropriate thread in the Queue ("/in" or "/in to play", for example). When the game is full, the players will be contacted by the game's moderator.


Large Theme games require the following:

  1. A moderator must have been onsite for six months.
  2. A moderator must demonstrate that they have moderated two games on in the Mini-Normal, Open, Mini-Theme, or Large Normal Queues. Alternatively, the second game of experience may be fulfilled by successfully moderating three (3) Micro games, at least one of which must have been designed by the moderator.
  3. The moderator must have familiarity with Large Theme games. Usually this will require having played in a significant portion of at least one Large Theme game.
  4. First time Large Theme Game moderators are limited to having no more than 21 players in their game, and they are required to have a qualified reviewer (i.e. someone who has moderated at least one Large Theme Game) sign off on their game.
  5. The game must be approved by the listmod before sign ups begin, and the listmod may impose additional restrictions.
  6. Moderators may only run or be in line to run one Large game at a time.

Moderators with experience on other sites may request that their body of work elsewhere count as one game of experience (PM mith); if approved, such moderators must still have completed one other game, on

There is often no waiting list for Large Theme games. However, moderators are still required to get approval in the Large Theme Game List thread. Once the List Mod has approved the game, the moderator can start a signup thread in Queue.