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Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif

Newbie player on Mafiascum. Will be here for a while. Retired. Thanks for the games, Mafiascum.

Games Played

  • (Link)
    • Role: Vanilla Townie (Replaced Spadille)
    • Result: Lynched Day 1
      • Loss.
  • Newbie 1019
    • Role: Vanilla Townie
    • Result: Nightkilled Night 1
      • Win.
  • New Designer Mafia
    • Role: Yosarianite (Created by populartajo -- picks one player per night. That player can't vote for you for the following day)
    • Result: Nightkilled Night 4
      • Loss.

Game Moderator Faction Role How Joined How Died Result Comments
Newbie 1010 bird1111 Town Vanilla Townie Replaced Spadille Day 1 Lynched Day 1 Scum Won, Day 3 Overall not pleased with how my first game went. A couple of my points were moot, but we did face a pretty solid scumteam of neil1113 and Yoenit, who had me bamboozled for the entire game.
Newbie 1019 JeffCole1 Town Vanilla Townie Started Died Night 1 Town Won, Day 4 My favorite (Sorry, people reading this in 1010 and 1018) game I played. Even now, months later, looking back at the way I played I'm pretty proud. My nightkill served to teach me the importance of PR tells and how they can get you killed -- thankfully, I was a Vanilla Townie, so no huge harm done.
Newbie 1018 CallMeLiam Town Vanilla Townie Replaced Timmer Night 1 Survived Town Won, Day 4 A bit rocky at first for me, Timmer had attracted a bit of suspicion early on but, with the help of Zorblag as our leader and DavidParker's 3 successful Doc protections in a row, we managed to get our win.
Mini 1102 diddin Town Town Gunsmith Started Lynched Day 4 Scum Won, Day 4 Following SHM5 I joined this game with others from ScoreHero. I pride myself on my play in this game mostly because I had stayed transparently town to everyone. What I DIDN'T like was hitting the Godfather with my role, causing Furcolow to retaliate when I'd narrowed the LyLo suspects to him and ortiz1193. He voted me as Fugitive and ortiz1193 quickhammered me for the loss. Moral of the story: Don't fuck around in LyLo. Still had a lot of fun, though.
New Designer Mafia Fashion Llama (hydra of LlamaFluff and Seraphim) Town Town Yosarianite Started Nightkilled Night 4 Mafia C Won, Night 7 Gimmick of the game was simple -- send in roles, the mods make a setup with them. I had an extremely rough early game when ender241 (Town Post Bomber) blew up a Loverized chesskid3 and CooLDoG and the townies grabbed their pitchforks after falsely assuming I blew them up right in their faces (>_>) Not overall that pleased with my play... it wasn't terrible, and I guess I became pretty evidently Town after the fiasco, but I didn't catch anyone outside of Tasky, and only because he tunnelled me too much. Eh. First experience with a Theme game.
Newbie 1076 Nachomamma8 Town Vanilla Townie Replaced Sondanaa Day 1 Survived Town Won, Day 4 Replaced in since a buddy from off-site (DarkFlashlight) was in it. Had a rough transition in, GreyICE attacked me a bit during his short stay, etc. I ended up in LyLo and threw a pretty hasty vote at Hoppster, who had replaced into a fairly lurky spot courtesy of DarlaBlueEyes. Without a quickhammer, I found scum, and Otolia and Glass managed to help lynch the scumbaggo. D4 shows up, I'm alive, and draft a monster case against MrBump for Otolia to hammer and win the game for us. I was right on my reads for once! Who knew?
Fringe Season 3 Mafia Zang Third Party turned Town] Neutral Selector turned Vanilla Townie Started Survived Town Won, Day 3 Bastard game. Never have watched an episode of Fringe in my life -- done as a favor for evilpacman18. I could choose to become either Town or Mafia. Chose Town and I was glad I did -- Ghostlin outed the scumteam in an effort to fulfill his wincon -- it didn't, since his buddy esuriospiritus shot Empking (who Ghostlin needed to keep alive) in spite. Town eventually lynched esurio for the win. Zang admits flaw in the setup but I'm not the type who takes self-advertised "bastard" games seriously, I guess.

Off-Site Games

  • Werewolf X
    • Role: Stampede (Town leader -- if I died, the next lynch would be anonymous and done through PMs)
    • Result: Nightkilled Night 8
      • Win.

Game Moderator Faction Role How Joined How Died Result Comments
Scorehero Mafia 5 Fugitive and OpenYourEyes Third Party Odd-Night Serial Killer Started Died Night 5 Scum Won, Day 10 I LOVED this game. It was my first taste of being anything but a Townie and, although my heart fluttered when I saw the words "Serial Killer" staring back at me when I first opened my PM, this was my exposure to large games with different roles, and although I fell victim to a nasty Rolecop and a series of Roleblocks on even nights (phew), I managed to dupe nearly everyone in the game, which I think means I did a pretty good job.
Werewolf X LifeAgainstDeath Town Stampede (If I died, the next lynch would be anonymous) Replaced thisdinner Night 2 Died Night 8 Town Won, Day 10 Oh, God. So much to say about this game. Easily the most lax of all games I've played before, as evidenced by a certain period entitled "RAEGFEST '10" involving some huge bolded red allcaps ending in catching a Wolf who duped everyone. MrBump played a great game as the last remaining Wolf, taking cover behind me and using me at his disposal, as a good Wolf should. Taught me the importance of watching out for Mafia buddying, or they'll getchya.
Expected Bastard Modding MitchMan Town Bodyguard turned Mason Night 2 Replaced augthebomb Night 1 Survived to endgame Town won, Day 3 Bastardness of the setup came from the massive amounts of PRs. After lynching the mod D1 (I helped lynch him and I wasn't in the game at the time... awesome, eh?) we had a nice vig shoot their Janitor, their Yakuza tried to recruit someone but the Recruiting Mason got to him first, and scum killed the Cult Leader N2 as we lynched Hiraki for the D3 sweep. Look for MitchMan's "Absolute Mindfuck" on EpicMafia to see the setup.
Werewolf XI MementoVivere Town Rhyme (Post-Restricted Flavor Cop) Started Died Night 3 Town Won, Day 5 Post. Restrictions. Suck. We lynched the scum Roleblocker D1 so we played a bit of Follow-The-Cop but scum killed the Bodyguard and Doctor in succession... ugh. We hit a slump D3 and my post restriction prevented me from making coherent ISOs so I kinda skirted it by uploading the walls to Megaupload and having others post it. Massclaim screwed the Wolves since the mod forgot to provide fakeclaims and the number of confirmed PRs eventually let the vig go to town on everyone without a confirmable role until we finally lynched the Godfather. Moral of the story: Do not request post restrictions, no matter how funny you think they may be. The novelty wears off quickly.

Modded Games

  • Open 288
    • Setup: Mayo Clinic
    • Result: Town Victory, D5
      • The game was extremely rough early. The Town was basically seeded with VIs -- wasamasas, aaah400, and wizrak, and the Mafia and SK pretty much stayed under the radar -- especially, in particular, Rain. After the aaah400/wizrak purge, GreyICE came in and Empking replaced a lurker and took complete control. D3 was particularly brutal -- 8 alive; all 3 Mafia, the SK, 1 Vig, and 3 Doctors. GreyICE led a lynch on the Mafia Doctor as Empking shot the extremely pro-town Goon Rain and the Mafia cleared out Chocolate Cake, the only remaining SK red herring. The Town lynched the final Mafia member, Empking shot the bulletproof SK, and they led the lynch on the SK in about 10 minutes. Completely amazing finish. Extremely strong play from the Town replacements.

What Do People Think Of Olinea?

Civil Scum in Newbie 1010 wrote:

-I'm frustrated that Olinea hasn't been lynched.

-Also I'm frustrated that Olinea hasn't been lynched yet.

-Also I'm frustrated that Olinea hasn't been lynched yet.

-Also I'm frustrated that Olinea hasn't been lynched yet.

EggyLv999 in Newbie 1019 wrote:

Olinea is a good target, because the rest aren't nearly as helpful scum-hunters.

Zorblag in Newbie 1018 wrote:

I took a bit of a look through Newbie Game 1010 where Olinea was town and it seems to me like he does the same sort of sudden position changing there as well. It was a bit less detailed but at this point I wouldn't be surprised if that was just how he plays.

ortiz1193 in Scorehero Mafia 5 wrote:

How is olinea sk... I don't get it. :| he's played a good game so far though.

TheLonging in Scorehero Mafia 5 wrote:

Oli is not scum, period

LifeAgainstDeath in Werewolf X wrote:

I'd say Olinea wins MVP for this game. Too bad no one will listen to him.

LifeAgainstDeath in Werewolf X wrote:

Olinea had a clue when he started playing, but now not so much.

BigMac713 in Werewolf X wrote:

The only reason Oli is still alive is because he has literally blown off any suspicion Marill has ever had.

And with the worst logic ever to boot.

drfreshey in Werewolf X wrote:

@ Darkie: They won't call out Marill. Why? As much as Olinea thinks he is playing smart, he is playing this fucktardedly. He just happens to argue better. This is how any claim against Marill would work:

A1: "I think that it may be possible that MrBump is a werewolf."

Olinea: "No, he's not. He has a good claim."

A1: "What did he claim?"

Olinea: "Something good."

A1: "OK. Never mind."

MrBump in Werewolf X wrote:

Olinea has joined and is the only one seemingly playing with a brain. He WILL get us. Simple as that. We need to kill him either tonight or tomorrow.

Outlaw454 in Werewolf X wrote:


Outlaw454 in Werewolf X wrote:


MrBump in Werewolf X wrote:

Olinea is so town he shits community support groups.

Furcolow in Rivertown Mafia wrote:

Fugitive in Rivertown Mafia wrote:

@Everyone that's called Olinea town: Why? He's like my most null-read, but he seems to be called town by most. I'd just like a few reasons why, and for anyone that thinks he's more scum than town to speak up as well.

because olinea posts like a champion

DarkFlashlight in Werewolf XI wrote:

I don't get how anyone could not think Olinea is town.

SnowmanXIV in Werewolf XI wrote:

I don't know if we should kill Olinea. Just like Marill did last game, if we can convince him to lynch someone, he can make it happen.

silverbullet999 in Fringe Season 3 Mafia wrote:

WTH is with oli's hard on for me... I'm going to slit his throat i swear...

silverbullet999 in Fringe Season 3 Mafia wrote:

Half of me wants to get killed with oli alive (assuming my oli power isn't a lie) and having fun with that, he reads as town to me but he's a good player so eh.

Quilford in Newbie 1088 wrote:

Honestly, I typed out that big summary of Olinea's posts and I couldn't find one little bit wrong with it. A lot of care obviously goes into his posts.

Favorite Quotes From Games

Hey Robot you misspelled "Goon" in my PM.

The funny English of your mouth fall like ineffective wave against my manly chest.

Hey guys, I'm the doc.
And by doc, I mean vanilla townie whose player is CPR certified.

@nazgul, probably need to put my balls where my mouth is VOTE: Nazgul

English. Do you speak it?
explain 670 in englihs
Say What Again!
I Dare you!
Do they speak "englihs" in Wat?

if umbrage wasn't scum, the dude needs some barbituates prescribed

You're a serious contender for the Not-Reading-The-Game LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Award.

Internet Stranger
Fuck a massclaim. Tasky is SCUM.
Look at his ISO yourself. 16 posts the entire game? REALLY? Now all of a sudden you come out of the race like a doped up racehorse on this day ready to lead the town to victory? Do you seriously think we are that stupid, Tasky?
Tasky tunnels on Olinea like a fat man on a donut then disappears for days on end, reappears to put in an EXTREMELY opportunistic vote on Zajnet in order to get him lynched and now you want to hop on the white knight horse, ready to lead us to victory?

Favorite Mafia-Relevant Quotes

  • Newbie 1018
  • Zorblag: Everyone should remember that odd behavior is not the same as scummy behavior. Unless there's a clear scum motivation you should expect behavior that you're not expecting to come from town at least as often (and probably more often) as it comes from scum. Scum have an inherent motivation not to draw attention to themselves and unusual behavior does exactly that.
  • Newbie 1055
  • DavidParker: Fight back, argue as to why you are town. DO BETTER IN THIS GAME. NOT YOUR NEXT GAME.
  • Bastard Mod Games (Mafia Discussion)
Jester: So you bankrupt a player. And he jumps up and goes "haha, I'm the secret piece that wins when it's bankrupt, I win, y'all lose! SUCK IT!"
Cult: You're playing monopoly, when all of a sudden someone grabs the gameboard and throws it across the room. Then plops down a risk board. And then tells you you were playing risk all along. And that you now have 5 armies left, and control two countries in the middle of Africa.
  • Leading The Town (Mafia Discussion)
leading the town is easy

  • Mini 1140
I just posted a picture of an elephant. My doing so did nothing to benefit the town. Does that mean my elephant is a scumtell?

Fun Facts

When given the chance, I always choose Town.

People Who You Should Play With


The guy knows his stuff. He's devoted to the game, he makes rational and logical assertions, he's the ultimate townie. He took camn's "PJ Harvey" crumb and noticed that, while "PJ" was a Cop softclaim, "Harvey" doubled as a Doc claim, proceeded to lynch her in MyLo, and flip our last scum. I recommend him without haste.


TOWN. In-game or in the general forums, Troll be analytical and spewing the words of a true townie. Troll make large walls which are surprisingly readable and pin down his target.


If you need a clairvoyant Doctor.

People I've Played With

~~Newbie 1010

Civil Scum
Vinicius Chaim

~~Newbie 1019


~~Newbie 1018

Dean Harper

~~Rivertown Mafia

Baby Spice
el simo

~~New Designer Mafia

Internet Stranger

Grudgekill List

Bounties are placed on these heads for killing me:

EggyLv999 for killing me in Newbie 1019

ManfredvonKarma for killing me in ScoreHero Mafia 5

MrBump for killing me in Werewolf X

SnowmanXIV for killing me in Werewolf XI

Tasky for killing me in New Designer Mafia


Got something to say? Say it here. Preferably leave your name or whatever. I'd like to know who's visiting this thing.

Hey I enjoied playing with you in Marathon Day LD!! Damn good scumhunter! - mist7676