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Zoraster began playing on Mafiascum in June of 2008. He is one of the site administrators.



Team Mafia

  1. Team Mafia 2011 13 teams of 4. Each with a member in 4 games of 13. While I was the overall moderator, I also moderated the PYP game (which was designed by Hoopla and SpyreX). It was fun, and I hope it becomes an annual event with some tweaking. "Screaming Death Clan" won it.
  2. Team Mafia 2012 - Same as above but with a few changes. A fifth game was added, and the scoring system slightly changed. "The Captains" won it with the Kliq coming in a close second.
  3. Team Mafia 2015 - After a 3 year wait, another Team Mafia! This time there were six games of varying sizes, with one game containing a participant from every team. In the end The Young and Beautiful won it all.

Large and Mini Games

From least to most recent.

  1. Mini 842 - Less Flavor than English Food Had a very active, chatty crowd. Town managed to have both their primary investigative roles killed within the first day and night. They were pretty impotent after that, eliminating their only scum after he made a fake cop claim to trade kills (eliminated his claimed target, got eliminated) and put the town on lylo. Which they promptly lost. This game used a Plurality Voting mechanic with a Eliminated + 24 hours variation. xRECKONERx later said he felt the setup was unbalanced, but that seemed to be the minority opinion. It DID become unbalanced after town lost both their investigative power roles by Eliminating one D1 and having the other killed N1, but I'm not sure I see this as a problem with the setup but rather town's poor play and bad luck. Roles.
  2. Mafia 105 - Caught in the Crossfire Mafia won after 3v2 lylo. Originally started out with 25 players. It lasted almost exactly two months, which was my goal for the game. This was a fun game that stayed close throughout.
  3. Mini-Theme: Real Time Mafia. There are no days and nights. Roles have certain recharge times (including scum kills). Ended in a Mafia win. This game would have worked far better with more active players. It was hard to balance, and I'm not sure I achieved it.
  4. Teleportation Mafia (30 players divided into 2 games with teleportation between the two games). Here and Here for the two game universes. The game was won by the town from Universe 2 and Mafia A. This game worked well, but it does have one flaw that's tough to address: when someone gets teleported, it's like they're being force replaced into a game and that can reduce activity. Still, this game proved to be a success, despite having some mod hiccups at the beginning.
  5. The (Almost) No Rules Mafia - Many typical rules such as no quoting the role pm or impersonating the mod are thrown out the window! Mafia won this despite it looking like a clear town win. I thought this game worked out pretty well, all things considered.
  6. Pledge of Allegiance - Scum Win + "Neutral Vigilante Sniper" (Zorblag) win. The idea behind this game was that every player picked whether to be town, scum or other, and then Vi, SpyreX and I made a setup based on those choices. 11 people picked town, 8 picked other, and 5 picked scum. We dealt with the high number of others by making 6 of them into two-player competing teams for points that gave them points for voting for scum and using powers to help town. Zorblag was a Neutral Vigilante Sniper who could only shoot these point earners. He was the first player to win in the game. Overall, this was a successful game. It was really very swingy, but given the nature of the players choosing the sides, this was almost necessary. One other note: This was exhausting to make. It might be my favorite game to have modded though. I think Instant Night makes things MUCH more fun, especially in the later days.
  7. Trader Mafia: Town win. All abilities are sellable, tradable, etc. It works on some very basic market principles. The game was mostly a starting point. The game itself was flawed, but the players still seemed to have fun. A lot of work needs to be done before I take the next step and enlarge this into the large game I think it can be.
  8. White Flag Mafia - Mafia wins a pretty close game. This was sort of a test of this very simple mechanic change, and definitely my most simple game I've ever done (it was pseudo-vanilla... there were power roles that were powerless). I think I may incorporate the mechanic into a future game where I think it fits.
  9. In the Court of the Gods Three Immortal Gods who can't be eliminated or killed, one is scum two are town. 15 mortal priests. This was a pretty fun game that town ended up winning handily. Andrius, the vigilante made some very astute night kills, and scum failed to kill him even when they had identified him. Hitogoroshi tried a late SK claim, but it didn't work and he got eliminated. A fun game overall.
  10. Strategy Mafia - Big game board with a movement mechanic. Town won this one pretty handily.
  11. Outwitted - 13p Night Start where each power has to play cards to have their power work. If they have a conflict (e.g. doc vs. night kill) the higher card played wins and works. There were lots of power roles and some mess ups by town. Scum won a perfect game.
  12. Animal Rescue Mafia Lots of fun. See the last page for a download link to the full game. Everyone sent in photos and descriptions of their pets. hitogoroshi and I made a setup using those pets as the basis for roles. Kublai Khan won as the serial killer in a very well played game.
  13. Always On - 21p Most restrictions on outside of the thread communication with other game members are removed. The idea is that no matter where you are, the mafia game is always there. Ended in a Town Victory.
  14. The Detectives - 13p Mini Theme. Each player had a town investigative role. Each scum had an additional power. Town win.
  15. The Fortnight - 16p. The game lasts 14 days exactly. Town get to try to eliminate one of two mafia lovers in Day 1. If they do, they win. If they don't, the mafia pick one of their members to flee. Then every town member becomes a third party who may accuse one person. If the mafia is unaccused, they win. Whoever correctly accuses a mafia member wins. Oversoul, Kid A and Quilford won.
  16. Scummies Invitational 2012 - 20p. Players had both an alignment independent "Award Role" and a regular role. I thought this was a fun way to integrate the scummies into the scummies invitational (which I moderated because of my win for Always On). Mafia Won.
  17. Event Card Mafia - 25p Each Day a new card is drawn that has different effects on the game. Longest game so far. Town won
  18. The Second Fortnight - The second run of this setup. This time the mafia -- Marquis and T-Bone -- won.
  19. FitzOtter I - The first in four planned bastard games. This one revolved around shifting win conditions. Namely there was a survivor element and some other things. The mafia won pretty easily.
  20. The Third Fortnight - Third run of the setup. This time town eliminated correctly on Day 1, which made the game quite short!
  21. The Fourth Fortnight - Fourth run of the setup. Mafia, Quilford and Ellibereth win.
  22. The Fifth Fortnight - Fifth run of the setup. Mafia, Marquis and Firebringer won as well as Gorkington (who accused Marquis but was bribed). This was the first time there was a split winner from the bribe.

Micro Games

  1. The Cult - 9p Micro Game with a Cult/Recruiting mechanic. It was fun, but a little town sided. I thought the cult mechanic worked nicely, however. Town Victory.
  2. Double Elimination - 5p Micro game with a double elimination mechanic. It did not work particularly well. Scum Victory.
  3. There Must Be Some Way Out of Here - 7p Jester Game. Jester win.
  4. Low Effort Mafia - 9p Micro, 5v4 where each town member started with a guilty on a scum player. Town win.
  5. The Cult 2 - 9p Micro game with Cult/Recruiting mechanic tweaked from the first. Cult win.
  6. Triplicate Mafia - 9p Micro. Game starts with 3 groups of 3, where players can only vote within their group, leading to three elinations. Then it moves to regular mafia. Mafia Win.
  7. Confirmed Guilties Mafia - 9p Micro using the same setup as Low Effort Mafia. Unfortunately, I gave the team a broken example setup and the game was broken

Newbie Games

  1. Newbie 1068 It was a very fast town win. The RB was eliminated D1, the cop got a guilty N1. It was over within a real life day of D2 starting.
  2. Newbie 1172
  3. Newbie 1316

Marathon Games

  1. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 3 person game with 1 scum. Everyone has a one shot day vig power. Town won.
  2. Draw, Partner 6 player game with 1 scum. Each player can challenge other players to duels where they're given a challenge (like a trivia challenge or draw a picture, etc) and the winner lives and the loser dies. Nocmen wins as scum.
  3. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly 2 Same thing as the first game. Town wins.
  4. Draw Partner 2
  5. Draw Partner 3 11 players, 2 scum. A big standoff at the end, but a town victory
  6. No Effort Mafia 34 players in a game roll some stats. The game plays out entirely without their input after that point. Mafia win in 3 person lylo.
  7. No Effort Mafia 2.1 Pretty much the same game as the time before. Town wins on Day 11.


Games I'm currently moderating

In Queue/Planned

Games I'm merely waiting my turn to moderate Team Mafia 2015 - Returning with more games than ever!

In Production

Games I'm actively designing

On the Drawing Board

Games only in the "idea" stage

  • The Hand of Mod - Bastardish game where the moderator takes an active part in shaping and balancing the game as the game goes on.
  • Always On 2
  • Contract Mafia - Players are allowed to enter into contracts. For example, "I'll let you control my vote D1 if you give me your vote D2 and 3" or "I'll hammer Tom if you give me whatever power role you have"
  • Cheaters Mafia - More details to come
  • Murder in the Dark
  • Alternative posting mafia - a mechanic where posting photos of handwritten posts, youtube videos of the player talking, etc. is encouraged... details sketchy, but a few ideas in my head.
  • Player Added Mafia - A game where in addition to players being removed via the normal avenues, players are added at certain intervals. When this happens, the old thread will be deleted, and a new one created.
  • Preordained Mafia: Mafia of the fates - All deaths are preordained, one per day and night. Different abilities change the order, etc.

Back Up Mod Policy

I am willing to back up most games, but after some issues in the past, I do so under the following conditions:

  1. I MUST agree and sign off on the FINAL version of the setup. NO changes may be made from when you send me the setup and role PMs and when you send them out to players. As a back up mod, I put my name on the game as well, so my reputation suffers if your game does not meet certain standards. As a back up mod, I am implicitly a reviewer as well.
  2. You must send all the player to role pairings when you have done so.
  3. You must send to me (or set up a QT I have access to) all night and day actions.

If you will be unable to meet these standards, you must find a different back up mod.

Completed Games

I have removed this section because I wasn't keeping it up to date. While I am not opposed to playing in a game that interests me or helps one of my games, my primary focus is on moderation. I fancy myself a much better moderator than player, despite having some measure of winning success as a player. But to me, success is more about providing a fun experience, and as a player I haven't been able to do that in the way that many others have. I think as a moderator, I've enabled my betters to play the game in a way that makes it as much fun for as many people as possible.