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about me

I am awesome

My mafia expierence

I don't really have any expeirence prior to mafiascum. I wouldn't have even found mafia if I haddent been bored one day and found the Mafia article on Wikipedia and I became intrigued. I scrolled down to external links and found a link to mafiascum. I have been playing for almost a year but I am still considered a VI. So far I have completed 17 games, I am dead in 1 game and I am alive in 2. I also finished nodding my first game and I will be modding my first mini theme soon.


Total games- 25

town (W/L)-6/12

mafia (W/L)-5/1

other (W/L)-0/1

total (W/L)-11/14

total win percentage- 44%

Mod abandoned-1

abandoned- 5




Brotherhood of the Wolf Mafia

Status-Lynched day 2

Role-Greoire - Royal Knight, Mafia Roleblocker and Jailkeeper

Outcome-Mafia win day 5

Other PLayers- Havingfitz (Louis - a citizen of Gevadaun, Vanilla Townie), katsuki (Sylvia - Seductress, Town Redirector and Modified Jailkeeper, LynchMePls (Henri Sardis - Head of the Brotherhood of the Wolf, Town Miller), CooLDoG (Jean-Francois - Hunter, Town Tracker and Day Vig, GreyICE (Marianne - Count's Daughter, Mafia Godfather and Mayor), Mina (La Bevarde - a citizen of Gevadaun, Vanilla Townie), UncertainKitten (Laffont - a citizen of Gevadaun, Vanilla Townie), Fate (Jean Chastel - a citizen of Gevadaun, Vanilla Townie), SpyreX (Duc de Moncan - a citizen of Gevadaun, Vanilla Townie), Untrod Tripod (A Gypsy Helera - a citizen of Gevadaun, Vanilla Townie), AlmasterGM (Mani - a Native Warrior, Town Doctor and Vig), Lady Lambadelta (Thomas - Marquis, Mafia Goon), MagnaofIllusion (mod)

Notes- I liked the game but I don't think I played that well.

Hair Trigger Mafia

Status-Matyred myself

Role-Vannila Suicide Bomber

Outcome-Mafia win

Other players- quadz08 (Vanilla Bomber), Jerbs (Vanilla Bomber), AntB (Vanilla Bomber), Leo (Vanilla Bomber), Parama (Vanilla Bomber), Untrod Tripod (Mafia Defuser), nachomamma8 (Vanilla Bomber), Nobody Special (Vanilla Bomber), Jimfinn (Vanilla Bomber), []Albert B. Rampage]] (Vanilla Bomber), Nikanor (Mafia Defuser), RichardGHP (replaced by Jimfinn), Narsis (replaced by Albert B Rampage), llamafluff (mod)

Notes- This was an ok game. I really liked the mechanic of everybody being a suicide bomber

The Prisoner Mafia

Status-Garroted Night 1

Role-Number 69, Village Resident

Outcome-SK win

Other players- EtherealCookie (Number 81, Village Resident), Fate (Number 30, Village Resident Mason), Plum (Rover, Village Administrator Jailkeeper), chesskid3 (Number 143, Village Resident), Sotty7 (The Supervisor, Village Administration Watcher), Nachomamma8 (Number 2, Village Administration Rolecop), Camn (Number 41, Village Resident Mason), populartajo (Number 29, 2-shot Bulletproof Village Resident), Jack (Number 51, Village Resident), SpyreX (Number 29, Village Resident), The Ruffig (Number 33, Paranoid Explosives Setting Serial Killer, Ojanen (Replaced by Sotty7), Hiraki (Replaced by Camn), Zorblag (mod)

notes- None. I don't think I made more than 5 posts in this game.

Fringe Mafia


Role-Olyvia Dunham, Town Traverser of worlds

Outcome-Mafia win day 4

Other Players- Furcolow (Brandon, Vannila Townie), LordChronos (Gene the cow, Vannila Townie), Nocmen (Walter Bishop, Pathologist), HopOnMyJoystick (William Bell, Town Commuter), Smargaret (Alternate Charlie Francis, Mafia Shapeshifter), Bv310 (Peter Bishop, Town Jack of all trades), TonyMontana (Nina Sharp, Shapeshifter Cop), ChannelDelibird (Phillip Broyles, Town neighborizer), Doombunny9 (Astrid Farnswort, Vannila Townie), empking (David Robert Jones, Mafia one-shot ninja), Primate (Thomas Newton, Mafia Roleblocker), Shattered Viewpoint (replaced by ChannelDelibird), DizzyIzzyB13 (replaced by ChannelDelinird), GhostWriter (replaced by primate), Follist13 (replaced by Bv310), Lrdwhyt (replaced by Nocmen), Euriospritus (mod)

Notes- This was an awesome game, I even got confirmed as town day 3. However, my scum reads were completely wrong and the town lost following me.

The Big Game

Status-Lynched day 2

Role-CIA, Town Cop

Role-Mafia wins day 5

Other Players- Uite (Luxembourg, Mafia Godfather), Jack (NATO, Vanilla Townie), Dekes (OPEC, Vanilla Townie), don_Johnson (Town Cop), Cogito Ergo Sum (Al Qaeda, [[Mafia Lightning rod), Fate (Town, role not revealed), Mykonian (mod)

Notes-Awesome game although both me and don_johnson got a guilty on night 1 because CES used his lightning rod which led the town into a series of mislynches.

Spontaneously Bastard Mafia II

Status-Killed day 2

Role-Confused Vanilla Townie

Outcome-Town wins day 3

Other players- SlySly, Singersinger, Tasky, Beefster, Shattered Viewpoint, a2rudeboy, Gandalf5166, chesskid3, CooLDoG, CJMiller, Pomegranate, Fate, Knight of Cydonia, WeaponsOfMassConstruction, curiuskarmadog, Papa Zito, quadz08, vezokpikra, Wraith, Espeonage (replaced by Knight of Cydonia), Kaleidoscope (replaced by Singersinger), zwetschenwasser (mod

Notes-This was my fourth large game but only the second that I completed, the others I replaced out of. This was a great game although not as great as the first. I didn't play good, but it was interesting. In the end it was revealed that everybody had the same role and alignment, which said that they were a vanilla townie but would be modkilled if they claimed. They game ended after a massclaim day 3 and everybody won.

Hospital Madness Mafia

Status-lynched day 2

Role-Old Man, Patient (vanilla townie)

Outcome-Town wins day 4

Other players- The Longing (Athlete, town patient), Nobody Special (Town Security Camera Watcher), Wingless (Town nurse), Tasky (Buissnessman, patient), Exe (Mafia Anesthesiologist Doctor), Uprising (Power Mad Doctor), Enigma (Town Doctor), Lrdwhyt (Little boy, patient), Charnel (Mafia Stalker), Chesskid3 (Naive Doctor), CooLDoG (CPR Doctor), Moospiker (replaced by Charnel), Slaxx (replaced by Lrdwhyt), bv310 (replacedby Slaxx), Parama (mod)

Notes-This was an ok game. The setup was really good although I was a Vannila Townie

The Illusion-Creation


Role-Town Doublevoter

Outcome-Town wins day 5

other players-gandalf5166 (The jaded, Vannila Townie), Ghost Writer (The Tightrope walker, Town Bomb), xvart (The Warrior, Town bomb), Chronopie (The victim, Town Miller), TonyMontana (The Dreamer, Vannila Townie), UncertainKitten (The teacher, Flavor Cop), animorpherv1 (replaced by UncertainKitten), JDodge (mod)

Notes-This was a pretty good game. This game was based on randomly chosen roles (out of a list of 30) and randomly chosen amount of scum/town. Everybody had a 1/3 chance of being scum and despite the odds, there ended up being no scum in the game.

Spontaneously Bastard Mafia

status-Killed night 2

Role-Mr. Hyde, Mafia Census Distributor

Outcome-Mafia and Jester win day 5

Other Players-Parama (Miss Universe, Unlynchability Switch Godfather), Pomegranete (Julia Roberts [[Τown Informant), CooLDoG (Cyanide and Happiness, Neutral survivor, Modposter, Odd night Nexus), tanstalas (Desdemona, town Incompetent Matchmaker), pacman281292 (Lord Voldemort, Town Vigilante), rewq555 (Townie after the mods heart), ZONEACE (Uchiha Madara, Neutral Survivor,Toyer with minds ), Tasky (Falafell, town one-shot roleblocker), Smargaret (King Lear, Town Old Fool), SpyreX (Mal, Neutral Survivor Serial Killer, Fate (Dr. Seuss, Mafia Loner), vezokprika (Replaced by Smargret), brianj (Replaced by Tasky), animorpherv1 (Replaced by SpyreX),Tangien (Replaced by Fate), Reckamonic (Reckamonic, Neutal Ghost Wincon neighbor), [[Magicman, mods alt, Neutral Ghost Wincon Usurper Revivor neighbor, zwetschenwasser (The Ides of March, Neutral Survivor Day Vigilante Even revivor Role Concealer Bastard Mod)

Notes-This is my favorite game so far. I just wish I didn't get killed so early. I also pushed really hard for a fate lynch because I did not know he was scum but I'm glad the town did not listen to me.

Cereal Killers

status-Shot night 1

role-Tony the tiger, One-shot rolecop

Outcome-Mafia win day 5

other players-Charter (Lucky, Town Watcher), Robocopter87 (Snap, One-shot bulletproof), Xvart (Sonny the cuckoo bird, Vannila Townie), Equinox (Capn Crunch, Vannila Townie), hiphop (Pop, Mafia Fruit Vendor), Super Smash Bros. Fan (Buzz Bee, Vannila Townie), Jenniwren (Sugar bear, Vannila Townie), Benmage (Crackle, Vannila Townie), Kirbyyoshi (Toucan Sam, Sane gun owner), SpyreX (DigEm, One shot roleblocker), Xscorpian (Trix rabbit, One shot Bulletproof), Confidanon (replaced by benmage), Sawyer (replaced by Equinox), bouncy.bouncy (mod)

Notes-This might be one of my best games even if I got killed night 1. I got Xscorpian as scum on day 1 and I rolecopped him that night and learned that his claim was fake but he killed me.

Grimms Post Restriction Madness

status-Shot night 1

role-Serial Killer

Outcome-Mafia win day 5

other players- Pitbunny (Town Hypnotist), Col.Cathart (Town Bounty Hunter), Pomegranete (IT), Shattered Viewpoint (Mafia 21C), StrangerCoug (Town Doctor), esuriospiritus (Town Bomb), Tazaro (Town Leader), rewq455 (not revealed), Iecerent (not revealed), ZazieR (not revealed), Locke Lamora (mafia godfather), DocPotter (replaced by Tazaro), Deer (replaced by rewq455), Grimmy (mod)

Notes-I had such a good post restriction! I could just post random words and I could get by without suspicion, I was killed night 1 anyway though.

/in-vitational game 9: Mutually Understood Mafia


role- Vannila Townie

Outcome-Town win day 1

other players- Empking (Mafia goon), Nobody Special (Vannila Townie with serial killer flavor), Mafuyu (Vannila townie with survivor flavor), Budja (Vannila townie with Cult flavor), Sykedoc (mod)

notes-this is currently the smallest game ever with only 36 posts.

Beatles Mafia

Status-Killed night 3

role- "Help!", 1-shot hider

Outcome- Mafia wins Day 3

other players- Starbuck ("Hello, Goodbye", Vannila Townie), ekiM ("Blackbird", Vannila Townie), inhimshallibe ("In spite of all danger", 2-shot [[doctor), muh316 ("Across the Universe", Vannila Townie), Scott Brosius ("Taxman", 2-shot cop), Pie_is_good ("Nowhere Man", Vannila Townie), VasudeVa ("Strawberry fields forever", Vannila Townie), Shadow Dancer ("Maxwell's silver hammer", Town Vigilante), anon ("Yesterday", Mafia goon), havingfitz ("Eleanor Rigby", Mafia 1-shot rolecop), The Skeward ("I'm a loser", Mafia goon), Petroleumjelly (mod)

notes- I completely screwed this game up between my misreading my role and submitting the night action that cost the town the game.

Trader Mafia



outcome-Town wins day 6

roles- 2-shot NightKill, Investigation Immunity, Body Armor, Pickpocket, 2-shot Cop, Double Voter, 2-shot doctor, 1-shot mugger, Banker, Gunsmith, Promotion, World Cup Petty Better, Arsonist, Firefighter, 1-shot Masonizer,1-shot Federal Reserve Chairman, 1-shot Governor, Deadline Setter, Freeze Vote

other players-VasudeVa (town), Jack (town), Nobody Special (town), SpyreX (town), Andrius (Mafia A), Steam-Powered Shovel (Anarcho-Syndicalist Mafia), Fishy the Fish (Anarcho-Syndicalist Mafia), Nopointinactingup (Mafia A), SaintKerrigan (town), Zajnet (town), AlmasterGM (town), Flashstorm (replaced by almaster)

notes- This was a game where you bid on the roles you want (that's why the roles and players are different sections). It was fun but there was a lot of math involved.

Furry Mafia

status-Bombed night 1

role-Jack the Human, Mafia roleblocker

outcome-Town wins day 5

other players-broomhead (Stripey the tiger, Vannila townie), Antiximo (Redflame the lion, town bomb), Espeonage (Naomi the Rabbit, town weak doctor), Parama (Dustin the Human, Mafia goon), Fugitive (Fluorence the house cat, vannila townie)), DocPotter (Jäger the bloodhound, town tracker), NavyCherub (Lucky the German shepard, Vannila townie), Brandi (Bobby the bobcat, vannila townie), InflatablePie (Vivienna the fox/Emily the human, mafia traitor), FakeGod (Rikki the mouse, vannila townie)), Fate (Rupert the wolf, vannila townie), StrangerCoug (mod), Furry (co-mod)

notes-this was an ok game. it also has one of the wierdest nights, Night 1 I roleblocked espionage who protected me and wouldve died if I didn't roleblock him, and I sent in the kill on antiximo who exploded but I wouldve been protected if I didn't roleblock espionage.

Smalltown: stardust mafia


outcome-Mafia wins day 3

role-Freddy the fence, Mafia networker

other players-Faraday (Billy the goat, town tracker, MagnaofIllusion (Ditchwater Sal, Town roleblocker), Jack (Humprey, town CPR doctor), Havingfitz (Tristan thorne, town role absorber), Starbuck (Victoria, Serial killer redirector), Tottalynotmafia (Bernard, Vannila townie), charter (Captain Shakespear, town commuter), CallMeLiam (Wall Guard, town bodyguard), [[[Groupthink]] (Princess una, town one shot sensor), [Kdub]] (Dunstan thorne, town motivator), ReaperCharlie (Yvaine, Mafia revivor), Mr.Bean (replaced by havingfitz), Peanutman (replaced by groupthink), ooba (mod)

notes-once again this is a game I wish got into sooner. This was a great game though and my first perfect game.

Picto Mafia ||


outcome-Mafia win day 4

role-Mafia goon

other players-mindgamer (Town cop), xofelf (Mafia roleblocker), Elscouta (vannila townie), Maemuki (town bodyguard), Snow_Bunny (Town tracker) UncertainKitten (Vannila townie), Zoraster (Vannila townie), My Milked Eek (vannila townie), CryMeARiver (Vannila Townie), Thebuttonmen (Town Poisoner), Nobody Special (Mafia Watcher), rewq445 (replaced by My Milked Eek), Zodiark13 (replaced by maemuki), Haylen (replaced by CryMeARiver), 12Keyblade (replaced by xofelf), Snow White (replaced by me) Pomegranete (mod)

notes- Great game. I just wish I was in it from the begining.

Victorian vampire mafia


outcome-Mafia win day 3

role- Town Weak Vigilante

other players-JoshTheStampede (traitor and mafia doctor), Yosarian2 (town miller and weak vigilante ),VasudeVa (Vannila townie), Nobody Special (Vannila townie), CryMeARiver (Town Spiritualist), TheSkeward (Town roleblocker), cruelty (Town Cop), Darox (Vannila townie)), MagnaofIllusion (Town weak vigilante), Ooba (mafia roleblocker), SpyreX (Mafia Godfather), easjo682 (replaced by VasudeVa), Slaine Hayes (replaced by Nobody Special), Merkabah (Replaced by Ooba)), ElectricBadger (mod)

notes- Good game, I loved the setup but I didn't really get into it until the end.

Pick Your Power III


role-Town Fruit Vendor

other players-Sorasgoof (Mafia Even night Vigilante), SerialClergyman (Town Watcher), Budja (Vannila Townie), Porkens (Mafia odd night Vigilante), Super Awesome Mega Pimp! (Vannila townie), manho (Vannila townie), Dramonic (mafia universal backup, even night vigilante), Zoiaum (Town mason and weak doctor), Hoopla (vannila townie)), Sando (Town Gunsmith), Ellibereth (Mafia Neighborizer, Pomegranete (Town Tracker), Faraday (Vannila Townie), 12Keyblade (Mafia Jailkeeper), DrippingGoofball (Vannila Townie), PranaDevil (Town mason), mb53 (Vannila Townie), Parama (Vannila Townie), Fate (Vannila Townie), Socrates (Town Janitor), CryMeARiver (Vannila Townie), SpyreX (mod)

notes-I loved this game, and it was full of firsts. This was my first large theme and it was the first game I won as town and the first game I survived as town.

The (almost) no rules mafia


Role-mafia Captain Ahab/Framer

other players- ,UncertainKitten (Tree Stumped), (mafia Neutral Macho Selector and Jack-of-all-trades), CallMeLiam (Town Cop Detector ), FishytheFish (Town Neutral Macho Selector and Jack-of-all-trades), Hoopla (Mafia Vote Freezer), xvart (town Word Use Tracker), DeathNote (town Vetoer), Espeonage (Town Sham Tracker), CryMeARiver (Town EMP), animorpherv1 (Town Gunsmith), totallynotmafia (Vannila Townie) Grimmy (Town Vote blocker), DedicatedScribe (replaced by Deathnote), DocPotter (replaced by CryMeARiver), CooLDoG (replaced by Grimmy), zoraster (mod)

notes-Best game I've ever played! I love playing mafia and this game was great, I also singlehandedly won the game for the mafia after UK treestumped and hoopla was lynched day 2. It's also the first game I survived.

Space Quest Mafia

status-endgamed, night 2

role-Cliffy, Town inventor

outcome-Mod abandoned

other players-ortolan (Insurance Salesmen Prototype (ISP), Vohaul Mafia Role Manipulator), Toon Fighter (Madame Thoreen, Town Jailkeeper), MordyS (Astro Chicken, Vanilla townie), Debonair Danny DiPietro (Roger Wilco, 1 shot bulletproof), Kairyuu (alive), TheButtonmen (alive), Doombunny9 (alive), Spambot (alive), ksen (alive), animorpherv1 (replaced by Malthusis), Malthusis (alive), dramonic (alive), horrordude0215 (replaced by pwnman), Pwnman (replaced horrordude and was replaced by Kairyuu), Sajin (mod)

notes- This was a great game, I had a great role and I played with great people (with a possible exception of DDD) and I would have loved to finish this if Sajin didn't abandon it.

The Fountainhead mafia

status-Killed night 3

role-Dominique Francon, Vannila townie

Outcome-Mafia wins day 6

other players-DeathSauce (Peter Keating, town miller), SpyreX (Mrs. Keating, vannila townie), Debonair Danny DiPietro (The Dean, mafia roleblocker), Kthxbye (Alvah Scarret, Vannila Townie), Budja (Guy Francon, Vannila townie), cruelty ( Stephen Mallory, one-shot Vigilante), d3x (Ellsworth Toohey, Mafia godfather), Fate (Mike Donnigan, town watcher), Porkens (alive), horrordude0215 (replaced by deathsauce), AlmasterGM (Henry Cameron, Jack-of-All-Trades), RedCoyote (Gail Wynand, Vannila Townie), HowardRoark (mod)

Also see the Fouintanhead mafia wiki page

notes- This was the first game I ever survived day 2 and if I wasn't vigged by Cruelty, I would have lasted at least until day 4. Day 2 and 3 were also the fastest game days i've ever played, probably because the cop got a guilty result on DDD night 1 and kthxbye self hammered day 3.

newbie 901

status-lynched day 2

role-vannila townie

outcome-Mafia wins day 5

Other players- McGriddle (vannila townie), Dr.Cyanide (vannila townie), Stephoscope (mafia goon), Developer (town doctor) TheLoneWolf (Vannila townie), The Ruffig (vannila townie), Tshoes (vannila townie), inkingdavid (mafia goon), Irish Leprechaun (replaced by dr. Cyanide 2nd version), Dr.Cyanide (replaced by stephoscope, same dr.cyanide as above but replaced Irish after his first self died), Leon Belmont (replaced by dr.cyanide), farside22 (mod)

mafia 913 Wickedestjr's Mafia

status-Lynched day 2

role-town neighbor

outcome-Mafia wins day 3

Other players-TheButtonmen (vannila townie),PaltryExcuse (watcher), The Quintastic One (town neighbor), StrangerCoug (town doctor), Cruelty (vannila townie), Zhero (mafia jailkeeper), Jack (vannila townie), Fat_Tony (vannila townie), leafsnail (Town hider), jazzmyn (mafia godfather), Vivi57 (Mafia tracker), confidanon (replaced by fat_Tony), AGar (replaced by leafsnail), SIR CYANIDE (replaced by jazzmyn), Wickedestjr (mod)

comments-This was a really fun game but if it wasn't for the quintastic one I would have probably been lynched day 1. That's one of the reasons why I was lynched day 2 after SIR CYANIDE got tqo modkilled. (this is why he was blacklisted.)

newbie 881

status-lynched day 2

role-mafia goon

outcome-Mafia Wins day 4

other players-Donuthead6410 (Vannila townie), altilysian (vannila townie), MrScythe (town doctor), quazia (vannila townie), MordyS (vannila townie), Spinach (vannila townie), Mindgamer (mafia goon), Flutter (vannila townie), username (replaced by flutter), Johoohno (mod)

comments-not as bad as my other game, I survived day 1 (barely) but I was able to get to day 2 and was only lynched because of my aggresive play style. My partner mindgamer played great though and we ended up with a win.

newbie 876

status-lynched day 1

role- vanilla townie

outcome-mafia wins day 4

other players- SIR CYANIDE (vannila townie), Sakako (mafia roleblocker), Sanjay (vannila townie), startransmission (vannila townie), Guybrush (vannila townie), Demi Mondaine (vannila townie), Exkirby (replaced by Demi Mondaine), Akaleth (vannila townie), chauchaudotcom (mafia goon), Feeres (replaced chauchaudotcom and was replaced by chauchaudotcom), Entropypr (replaced by me, Zang), bird1111 (mod)

Comments-terrible, I replaced in and I was only able to make 2 posts (neither of which actually game related) before I was lynched, I did learn something though- never say you are lazy.

Games Modded



Fast Food Mafia


Outcome-Town wins day 5

Other Players- AntB (Del Taco, Vanilla Townie), EtherealCookie (Jack in the Box, Vanilla Townie), Purple Orange (Subway, Mafia Goon), Chronopie (Taco Bell, Town Tracker), yabbaguy (Arby's, Town Miller),StrangerCoug (Boston Market, Mafia Doctor),CooLDoG (KFC, Town Poisoner), rajrhcpfreak (Pizza Hut, Town neighbor and cop), Magua (Mcdonalds, Town doublevoter), battousai (Wendy's, Mafia Godfather), Lewarcher82 (Wing Street, Town neighbor), InHimshallibe (Burger King, Town Burger Vendor), Confidanon (replaced by battousai), SnakePlissken (replaced by lewarcher82), ChannelDelibird (replaced by Magua), InHimshallibe (alive), Peanutman (replaced by Purple Orange), Thestatusquo (replaced by yabbaguy), GhostWriter (replaced by InHimshallibe), JasonT1981 (replaced by Confidanon), curseddiplomat (replaced by ChannelDelibird)

notes- A pretty good game even with all of the replacements. I think the town was a little too strong though

Mini 1003 Mafia

status- Finished

Outcome-Town wins day 4

other players-Chevre (Vannila Townie), AClockworkMelon (Vannila Townie), nhammen (Vannila Townie), Tasky (Vannila Townie), Shattered Viewpoint (Mafia Goon), boberz (Vannila Townie), Tazaro (Vannila Townie), redtail896 (Mafia roleblocker), Untrod Tripod (Mafia Godfather), Espeonage (Town Cop), nopointinactingup (Town Vigilante), MagnaofIllusion (Town Jailkeeper), chihuahua0 (replaced by nhammen), Mindgamer (replaced by Redtail896), AWA (replaced by Chevre), RetroAudio (replaced by Quoi), Quoi (replaced RetroAudio and was replaced by boberz), Lemon (replaced by Espeonage), Equinox (Replaced by Tazaro), youngminii (Replaced by Shattered Viewpoint)

Notes-Despite the numerous amount of replacements and Tasky's month long V/LA, this was a pretty good game. I did make a few mistakes which is understandable since it's my first modded game but I was able to keep the game going.

other stuff




I will not play with or allow into any of my modded games any of the above players

Mish Mash games



I Love Money

Eat Poop You Cat

Project Imagery

Real World/Road Rules Challenge

Fluxx tournament

World At War!


Passive-Agressive game