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Baby Spice

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Game GM Type team/role Win/loss
Earth's Struggle Haylen Large Theme Angel (Town) Town loss/ Serial Killer win
BBM's Large Normal Mafia (NY118) Flameaxe Large Normal Vanilla town Town win. Replaced in (hiphop)
The Wrath of Sudo/Newbie1009 Sudo_Nym Newbie Vanilla Town Town Win, replaced in (DerbieBolts)
Newbie1012 Excedrin Newbie Vanilla Townie town Loss, replaced in (raymondkurayami)
Strangercoug's Worst Nightmare IIIs StrangerCoug Large Theme Post restrcted (random) cop, town Town win
Stars Aligned III Percy Large Theme Cultist (scum) Town win/cult loss
Zachtown in the Mountains Zachrulez Large Theme Mafia Town win, scum loss
SMBM 1: IoBC Bowser(CSL) Large Theme Town Mason town Win/Replaced out (Depression)
Defcon 2.0 AlamasterGM Large Theme Mafia (Russian) Town Win/Mafia Loss. Replaced out (Depression)
Rivertown Mafia (Mini 1102 diddin Mini Normal Vanilla town Town loss
Mafia of the Chose One Vi Large Theme Righteous(town) Town Win
Lovers Mafia (Mafia 126) SensFan Large Normal Mafia Mafia Loss/Warewolf win
Road to Wrestlemania Locke Lamora Large Theme The Rock (Vanilla) town win
Reckamonic’s World of Warcraft Mafia! Reckamonic Large Theme Blood Elf Unholy Death Knight, Magic Aware Alliance Cop Mod ended/Draw
Metropolis Revisited ReaperCharlie Large Theme Mafia goon Mafia loss/Serial Killer Win
The battle for Olympus Andrius Large Theme Iris, Greek Goddess of Rainbows, town Town win
Super Hero Revoloution jasonT1981>/td> Large Theme Red scum (Goon) Red Scum win/ town loss
Strangercoug's Favorite roles return Strangercoug Large Theme Cop Town win
Wizards at the Sorceror's Den Snow_Bunny Large Theme Ongoing Ongoing
Mafia Invictus Vi Large Theme Vanilla Town Town loss
Venomous Intentions Kunkstar7 Open Ongoing Ongoing
Atomic Mafia Dramonic Large Theme Ongoing Ongoing

Town: 13/8/4/1

Scum: 6/1/5/0

3rd party: 0/0/0/0