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Flavor Cop

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Flavor Cop
  • Thief
  • Role Cop
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Informative
  • Night

A Flavor Cop is an investigative role that is returned a piece of information (often taking the form of an object) pertaining to the flavor of its target's role. The types of objects and the form of information vary substantially based on the theme of the game. These results tend to force players to deduce what the target's role is likely to be and are often used for verifying claims.

Flavor Cop is distinguished from Thief in that it does not TAKE anything from its target (though in practice many moderators use Thief and Flavor Cop interchangeably).

Flavor Cop is distinguished from Gunsmith and its ilk in that it does not receive a binary "Guilty/Not Guilty" (or equivalent) result.

Flavor Cop is distinguished from Role Cop in that its result is ambiguous.

Flavor Cops are usually pro-Town.


In practice, Flavor Cop is a broad umbrella that could encompass all manner of invented investigative roles.

Use and Power

Because it only gives results in accordance to the target's flavor, Flavor Cop is in practice weaker than Role Cop. This is not necessarily a drawback for purposes of balance, especially in games that feature a heavy emphasis on flavor.